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Snippet of Character Creation Cast: Character Evolution Cast E20: Gaming at a Distance

Last Played: February 04, 2021
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Now that we don't leave our houses anymore, it can be hard to get a group together for an in-person game night. Thankfully, there are ways to play safely online, and this snippet dives into what an online gaming experience is like.

Game industry professionals discuss the pros and cons of online tabletop gaming. They share their tips to help you get the most out of the online experience, from overcoming your initial trepidation to protecting your privacy during a game.
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about playing online when I first started, because I had always played with an in person group and I just was not sure like how it would translate or how it would work. And I was like, I only want to roll physical dice and I you know, all that kind of stuff and I have very quickly turned around on this. I think there's a lot out there that makes it a full. It's a different experience than playing in person, certainly, but it's still a very full experience. Yeah, absolutely. On DWhite kind of cool is you can you can play with your friends if you want to set that up. But there's a There's a whole bunch of stuff out there for finding groups as well. Like a no role. 20 has a forum system that you can go to and find a group to play with. Um, and if you're comfortable with playing with strangers, uh, feel free to do that, you just need to, of course, keep in mind Ah, bunch of safety stuff at that point because you're playing with people that don't know you and you don't know. So having those types of conversations. Maybe a session zero session zero would be fantastic for stuff like that. Um, I will say for finding a game right now. If you're not listening to this in 2023 I'll put a link in the show notes to But I did create a spreadsheet for people to kind of signed up to run games or play games right now. There's not very many people signed up in there, but I would love if more people would take advantage of this of kind of finding groups. Um, and I put links in their Thio session zero document and then to one that I have created to kind of edit a little bit to make specifically for one shots. Um, but I think this is a really good chance to meet some new people that are interested in gaming. I've posted it, um, on my twitter and then the one shot discord. Um, just to kind of help people find groups to play online, too, because I know sometimes it's hard to find a group of people and hopefully this is a way you can kind of find new games. New people. Um, but we can put a link to that in the show. Notes to be really cool if people found some new friends. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, real plane is ah, great way to build those bonds. And here's the great thing about playing online. I got to say, is that if you're not into it and you want out, just turn it off. If you need to leave, you could just You don't have to worry about like that social pressure of like, Well, do I just walk away? I don't want everybody to see me leave. Here's the thing. You could just disconnect and be like Oops, sorry, my internet. You can just blame it on the Internet. Yeah, you could Or just say, this isn't working for me. And then I mean, you could say that. But if you're in a situation where you're, like, really uncomfortable with that and you don't want to be the person that leaves like if you're, you know, socially awkward or you know, whatever, really not feeling it, you could just leave that X. Yeah, it's very easy. Thio. Get out of those situations. Absolutely, especially a safety is a concern. Uh, better to just leave and and let them worry about it if they're the ones not being safe. Totally, totally. I think you know, there's always some. There's some worry about playing with a group you don't know, and I think that doing it online is like the best way to do.
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