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Snippet of Circuits of Time - 80s Movie Reviews: Why Don't You Make Like a Tree and Get Out of Here?

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The Best Podcasts About 80s Blockbusters Ah yes, the 1980s. . . the decade where box office records were broken every single summer, the Brat Pack was still together, and the concept of "PG-13" just wasn't a thing. The 80s brought us Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark— movies that we now define as "high-concept films" (aka those with cinematic plots that were both broadly marketable and easily understandable) and "cult classics." So throw on a Member's Only jacket, hop in your DeLorean, and listen to this most excellent playlist of the best podcasts about 80s blockbusters! Vurbl Entertainment: Movies, TV & Events
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It's trivia time! In this round, JD and J-Dog discuss the original name for Back to the Future and ponder what the first time travel device might have been before the famous DeLorean was chosen.
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you know, you have those conversations about films where you're just talking with the friends and things come up and you go Did you know Did you know? And even in this day and age of the Internet and everything's available straight away, there's still some things, and especially with this film that just come up these little fax and you just think, Oh wow, I didn't know that. So if you got anything yeah, that I know many factories go back to the future that you may not have ordered, you know? So did you know J Dog that the original title for this film was spaceman from Fluto? I didn't I could say at least see why yet. But you know, it's funny because we look at that and we think God isn't that terrible. How could they have possibly considered it? But at the time I think went back to the future would have came out. It's only now, in hindsight, we could look back and say That's a great catchy title, but back to the future and it came up would have just been a bit of a throwaway title for the film. We wouldn't have thought anything, Governor, I think one of the reasons why it might have actually being originally titled. That is because, of course, it's set in that 19 fifties Americana on During that time there is it tails, weird tales the magazine Georges into science fiction writing. And, of course, he becomes an author and the end of the film. But at that time, there was a real pusher in the space thing. What became the space age in the 19 fifties at this idea of Martians and space and out of this world. So if it was set in that time, I could understand why. But whether that would be a good tight I don't know what Spaceman from Fluto Spaceman from Policeman from Part two spaceman from Pluto's three doesn't really. It doesn't go, But you know if if you know something, For 30 years we have looked back and said Today, what else would it have been called? But apparently it was. The original title of Spaceman from Plateau was thought up by thestreet cio exactly the time which was Sid Sheinberg. I think of pronounced that correctly, but he was a little concerned about some of the box office performances a tee time because there's a few of the time travel films around 1985 time Bandits, which I don't know if you've seen Chris, was that John Cleese and the Monty Python crew involved in that Terry Gilliam. I think it may have been together, but it's been it must have been. I haven't watched it for 25 plus years, but it's a cool classic, as far as I'm concerned. At least that's my recollection of it. On there was another film called The Final Countdown. Eso. Both of those didn't exactly performed great at the box office where, Which is why. Obviously, I think it was a little concerned about calling it back to the future s Oh, you must have looked at spaceman from Pluto's thought that a bit more of a catch. It looks ridiculous now, but in hindsight way could only guess go. Speaking of ridiculous notions, did you know what the original time travel device Waas. I think a lot of people know this, But before the DeLorean before the DeLorean, the original time travel device, waas A no, I don't know. It was a fridge. It was going to be a fridge, but they were actually scared. The kids would be climbing into fridges, which could be quite dangerous. Yeah. How could you imagine? Well, I mean, can you imagine a film made by Steven Spielberg with someone gets into a fridge? He'd never do that. Surely will, they may be. Indiana Jones for is one for U. S. O. Doc Brown once had a chimpanzee sidekick. Cool. Yeah, called Shemp at S h e m p. I don't even know how that idea came about, but I think it was Spielberg himself a the end who said, You know, let's not go there. Obviously, we ended up with Einstein who, as you know, Chris became the first living thing to time travel. That's right. Yeah. What time did the travel back in time or or forward in time? Remember the exact time? What time? When Doc compares the watches? Next one, was it? I'm sure he asks Marty to meet him in the car park. Was it one half one? Oh, you close? It was 1 21 which, of course, links in with the idea of how much power 1 21 gigawatt. 20 one gigawatt Okay. Another interesting fact, Chris, I don't know if you knew this one, but there is actually a reason why the DeLorean at travel 88 miles an hour to actually time travel. I didn't know that. Neither did I. Only research that about two minutes before the cordon andan fact it. I mean, it's too complicated to work out, but it basically has something to do with wormhole stability on. Obviously, you need to be traveled such a distance for such a period of time on that, that's how they came to. But it's something that you can google. Anyway. I'm not gonna boy with all