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Snippet of Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend: Maya Rudolph

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After leaving SNL in the early 2000s and embarking on a successful career in film and television, Maya Rudolph won an Emmy for voicing Connie the Hormone Monstress on Netflix's Big Mouth. In this snippet, Rudolph ponders what inspired her character's famous pronunciation of "bubble bath."
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outgoing message. But I swear to God there's a good chance I'll call you and ask you. I'm into that because I don't even want to say, Hey, it's Conan. I'm not here right now. I just want people who don't get me to hear you say boo you it Slowly but slowly bubble out back. Yeah, it should take a long time. Whoa, it's rubbing. Rubbing up. I, by the way, I would be happy to do that for you. Okay. And then I know I'm gonna get charged. It's just phenomenal feat E 1000 dollars. Anytime I asked dollars and a little bit of stock in the my pillow. I just want to see that guy get more money. We'll take care of him. We'll take very, very good care of him. No, I'm I don't think Emmys are. Emmy nominations are always proof of anything. I think some you know, sometimes people get an Emmy nomination like Wait, What? You know, Pol Pot got an Emmy nomination for his, you know, uh, in the seventies for his crimes. But my point. Yeah, and he won. He won. He beat Bob Newhart. You know what? It's difficult. They did Stalin got one? Stalin? Yeah. Doesn't surprise me. He won six Emmys. I mean, listen, I don't I don't currently own an Emmy. Um, I'm not gonna lie that it would be great. Thio have one Thio make Martin short field shorter. But I'm so happy if you beat Martin short guy. I love him and he's a friend, but he's gotta go. Gotta go, man. Yeah, my time. I was at his house not too long after the fires and I walk in and he says something's happened and he takes me into his office, you know, he's got all his pictures. He says, my Emmys gone, and he's really being matter of fact about how his Emmys missing and we had the fires and he had, you know, he had to evacuate. Everyone in the area had to evacuate, and he's talking about this stuff. And then Henry and his son Henry and his daughter in law came home, and he was telling them, I don't believe this. Something happened. He said, Dad, it's in the back of my car. So basically what he had Henry do is pack everything important. So he told, he told Henry to pack up his Emmy just in case the house burned down. And guess what? I'll tell you. A true story about Martin. Hey has two dogs and he left the dogs. That's a true story. Believe that and took the m E on Took food for the Emmy. Andi left the dog. He's actually has, like, a little go a carrying case. Hey, straps on the front of him like a newborn. He has a baby Bjorn on holds. And what? The thing is the Emmy Marty. Marty Short told me this The Emmy loves to hear your heartbeat because it knows. And so he had the Emmy, and, um, he's got all these lacerations from the sharp wings, but yeah, you know, is this true? I always heard that Tina Fey saw you at the Groundlings, and she was really blown away as anyone would be by you, but she was really impressed. I think the story was that you had a Maybe your improv partner was not helping you out too much. And she saw how you handled it, which I could imagine you doing so well. But being improv is such a You are so dependent on the other person on the other person is Can you elaborate? Anything on that story? I don't wanna get any names or, you know well, my improv partner, Conan O'Brien, and I listen, listen, let's know what the truth is that I knew right away.