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Snippet of Cotton Underwood Tells All in New Book

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Colton Underwood calls in to give exclusive insight about writing his book, The First Time, as he recovers from coronavirus in California. The former Bachelor tells Us Weekly's Sarah Hearon and Emily Longeretta which exes he reached out to about the tell-all, how he really feels about Bachelor producers and gives details about his future with Cassie Randolph.
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without further ado. Let's listen to our chat with Colton and everyone. Be sure to pick up his book the first time. How are you? I'm doing better. I'm still in isolation and quarantine, but I'm, uh, have my lungs back, at least, so I'm very grateful. Oh, thank God. Oh, my gosh. Well, thank you so much for doing this. Seriously. I know it's not an easy time. Yeah, no, thank you guys for having me on. Well, first we just read your piece for Cosmo. That was so insightful. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate I hope if they could help anybody. I know I didn't list the medications on there, but they were the ones that the president recommended. And her legal purposes. I can't put them in writing, but they worked for May. So that's all I want to say. Why did you want to, like, kind of do a journal and kind of thing like that? Like, were you hesitant to release all of that? Yeah. I mean, I think I think that I wasn't hesitant from the very beginning of being diagnosed. I mean, there was a part of me at midway through that I sort of felt dirty, and I felt like people were like looking at me as, like this zoo animal. But I feel like a lot of people are gonna go through this, and I wanna at least should Cem light on how it is. And you can take my experience for what it is because it hits everybody else so differently and different things work for different people. There's different symptoms and all of it. But I wanted to let young people know that this thing can get you to it can knock you on your ass, And it doesn't matter how much you think you're prepared for it. It's riel, and it hurts. So Oh my God. Well, how has quarantined been at Kathy's house? It's been good. They've been so supportive. Everybody here. I mean, Kasi's mom's been like my little nervous, and Cassie has been helping to keep me company Every once in a while, they all wear their masks and their gloves when they come up to drop food off and hang out or say hi real quick. But she also has a portion it like a little deck area. On the third story. That's super helpful for me to be ableto still See the sunlight and get out. Yeah, you get a little bit of fresh air. That's nice. Yeah, it's been It's been a lifesaver we've been seeing on Instagram. She's been cooking for you, which is nice. Yeah. So her and her dad she's been She made this little avocado peanut butter toast combo. That was a killer yesterday, So can't wait to see what she makes. Avocado and peanut butter work. Yeah, we were running low on bread, so she decided to make a little house e. Oh, I love that. You gotta make sure you gotta finish one side before moving on to the next. Because of the weird combo. Got it? Do you have the taste that you didn't taste anything? Did you have that symptoms? I did a tasting. Small went away for, like, two days, But at the time, I was just focusing on recovering. That had been a really matter total like, Well, we're glad you're feeling better. We read your book last night, covered both read it and, like, a few hours. Yeah, covered A Yeah, of course. Of course. I want to start off did you give anybody, like, obviously, you talk about a lot of different people in the book? Did you give everyone kind of like a heads up that you mentioned? For the most part, there is a few people that I still haven't really talked to in a long time. I felt like I've been a respectful of how I've handled a lot of that situation. So hopefully she's doing well, and she doesn't take a fence to anything I put in there. I mean, just jumping right into it. You We're really, like, honest about your relationship in some of her experiences. And you refrain from talking about it for a long time, which I think makes sense because it's like her story. Was it hard for you to make the decision to, like, write about it? And, like, how was that process for you? Yeah, I think I came to the conclusion that I was okay to talk about it as long as it was from my point of view. And it was my story. I didn't really want to get too much in there any anything for her. And, um yeah, I'm glad that ABC and, um bachelor was okay with keeping her off limits during only the Bachelorette in Paradise. But in my season as well, because, you know, she's such an incredible inspiration to so many people. And she's in many girls in many people's opinions, a hero. And I can't, you know, thank her and support her enough for what she's doing right now for everyone out there and being the strong voice and leader that she is. Yeah, I mean, it's so true and it's the timing of it all, because obviously, this is something she was going through for a long time. But just with Larry Nassar in the trial on everything like it really was coinciding a lot with when you were all over TV. So that must have just like an interesting for the last thing I wanted to do is be some bimbo that went on a reality TV show that took away from, you know, someone who was being so impactful, and I wanted to be conscious of that. And hopefully I didn't take anything away from anybody. No, definitely not. Did you Do you feel like it kind of helped you? That relationship, though, like kind of be ready for the spotlight just because you did do some red carpets and you did Do you know some appearances in that form beforehand? Yeah, I think I think it helped me understand the pressures that come with the relationship and being in the public eye. And, I don't know, I think honestly prepared me more for just being a relationship. I mean, that was my first love and someone who I valued and I cherish, and I didn't expect to fall as quick as I did. And, yeah, I thought your honesty was really refreshing. Writing about your sexuality, about your parents divorced about football, whatever it was like you could just tell you were pretty much laying it out there. One what was, like, the hardest thing to write about it. And to Was there anything that you either left out or almost left out? I appreciate you saying that, but I think the whole goal in the book was just to sort of take ownership back of my story. I feel like this last year has been so great, and I've been so appreciative of special franchise for obviously introducing me to Cassie and everything that comes along with the business side of things, which is great, but I wanted to take ownership of my story that starts with the title, calling it the first time I know that they've had a lot of control over my virginity and sort of that story line and felt it was important that I sort of took that back and I said, Hey, yes, that might be the case but there's a lot that I didn't share with you guys And there's a lot because I didn't want to give it to a T V show tow talk about. I wanted to keep it in my words and I wanted to keep my stories, my stories. So that's what I chose to do. And I think looking back the hardest part writing was definitely opening up in sort of talking about early on in grade school and even in high school, getting called gay. And I think for people because the only reason I say that to us because it came back up when I was a bachelor, I think it was very easy for fans and very easy for people to just They don't understand something or if they don't agree with somebody. They have to in their mind, get from point A to point B. So the point B is, Oh, he's gay. That's why it's a virgin. He's just hiding it from us, and I understand why people might think that. But it was also a challenge of mine in grade school in high school. I think I moved past it now, but but that was probably a difficult.
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