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Last Played: February 17, 2021
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Jay & Zee take a look at the 22 states that have travel restrictions. See how your state fairs. Certain states (Flordia) have been opened for months, while other states (California) have been on lockdown for months. If you plan to travel across states, make sure Jay & Zee give the ok.
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planning a big trip over Christmas. I know. And you had to cancel it. Yeah, I didn't have to, but part of it was I didn't really I had to drive. I would be driving through several different states. And I was really concerned on what's gonna happen, right, Because you can go from one state to the other. And then they would say, Well, you're in this state now. So you're quarantine for two weeks so you wouldn't be able to see who you wanted to see anyway. And then you have to get back into our state, and then you'd be quarantined coming back and then gets a little crazy. And so, if I Let's see if I want to Georgia and I get quarantined. Have to stay 12 days. No, there's no stopping at the border. You don't have border Stop. Uh, that was in the very beginning that where their border stops. Yeah, because when they came into Florida, New York people were being stopped, and now that it was vice versa. Where Florida People getting stopped in the New York? Yeah, craziness. But they are currently 22 states plus Washington D. C that have travel restrictions in place. So let's just start at the top. Let's start with Alaska. What's happening in Alaska? Well, let's see with Alaska all visitors that air entering Alaska has to complete a travel declaration form. Now, if you've been on cruise ships, you kind of know what those are on. Either you're arriving with proof that you have a negative cove it test or you take the test within 72 hours of departure or take the test upon arrival, which can cause you some big bucks, Right? So so that's what's happening in Alaska. And let's go to California because that's the big one. Gosh, California, California, you know, And you know, California is near and dear to my heart. It's like my hometown. Even though I was born and raised in Brooklyn, California has banned non essential travel statewide and added a regional stay at home order. Yeah, and you know, that was what was happening. Did you The orange I mean, the Rose Bowl? Yeah, that Pasadena, California, couldn't even play it in California that just that really solidified it. Currently, there's only one region in northern in Northern California that's exempt from this ruling and you can find the list of places under the regional stay at home order. I find that interesting. Isn't Pelosi from Northern California? Well, San Francisco, I think that is Northern California. I think they're talking about even North of even further. There's not much further north. Well, there's quite a few is Shasta Mountain, which is like right there by the argument. Three order was implemented for three weeks, starting December 3rd, and act will actually be automatically lifted. So hopefully by the time you're hearing this, it's lifted. But always, always, always. Double double check, right? Right. So let's go from one side of the country to the other. Are you bouncing me around? How are you from California to Connecticut? Connecticut cousins living Connecticut. Okay, what happens if you land in Connecticut? Currently, Connecticut requires anyone arriving from outside the country or a state or territory other than New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island to self quarantine for 10 days from the last contact with the said destination. So, um, you didn't do any traveling over the holidays, did you? No. No, just from my bedroom to the living room. So if you're planning on going somewhere like Connecticut. You must plan for 10 extra days. And then, of course, when you get home, you want to take, um, what they can do. Anyone who has spent more than 24 hours in one of the above destinations within the past 10 days or who plans on staying Connecticut for more than 24 hours is required to complete a travel health form. And travelers can shorten this quarantine period by arriving with a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. Now, you you had that test, right? I just had the test done not too long ago. And I did test negative. And I've had four tests. Negative. So right, because you know, you and I are out about even though we're masked up, we are out and about eso. It is to, you know, on the safe side to make sure we don't share anything. That we may have come in contact right now. When you say masked up, I'm going. I can't breathe. Yeah, fog up every time I put it on. You know you do that. I'm sure everybody else. Yeah, it's annoying, you know, and I have you know, the decals hanging in my car. I have my masks hanging on my rear view mirror, just like, isn't that against the law? They claim they claim it is that you're not supposed to. But, you know, I've had my graduation tassel hanging from my car when I was younger and yeah, no. Yeah. If it is blocking your view, Yes, and a couple of times I've said, Well, one time I had two masks up there, You know, just because I wanted to have an extra one minor, very light. Well, so in my mind. Okay. So how does a doctor? How does a nurse How did they live in those things? I don't know. 12 hours at a time. Hands off. God bless them because they are really in that stuff constantly. And you do see sometimes when they take those n 95 masks off, they have the markings, you know, because they were massed up and stuff. I feel you know, that's why with this new shot, they should be the first ones to get from, you know, they need They need to be there. Front there. The frontline workers. You do remember my wife who passed away a couple of years ago. She was so paranoid. And this was Was this the chicken flu or whatever? Something she went out on all these 95. What do you call it? N 95 masks. So I found all these mass e was What did you do, hide him when she had brought him into the house? Well, e, she's like she's like an alcoholic, but her medicines everywhere, you know, eso the the the masks were hidden. And so it sounds like me and my husband, but we hide money from each other. Yeah, it's kind of a thing. I told my daughter when both me and my husband goes, she should go through the house with a fine tooth comb. Like an Easter egg hunt. You probably want to put a lot of money in her pocket. You know, we when I was a kid, my uncle passed away and he was the guy that had all the money. And so we got his bed. You know, this beautiful bed, it had holes. What? He called, you know, toe to put a canopy bed. Oh, yeah. And it was always rumors that There were $100 bills hidden in there, you know, Just like just like Al Capone's safe, right? Was there. Wasn't that Geraldo Rivera? Yeah, he did that show. Yeah. I felt bad for him that day. I see. So, boy, what a what? A lead up. I know. I was hoping. I was hoping. Yeah, yeah. Oh, and there was a show on I saw that was, like, his last year. I think it's probably called Capone is the movie. And, you know, when he was in, he was in Florida. He was in our he was right in our backyard also was my ma barker. Well, yeah, but that was early. That was early gangster. That was early gangster thing. This was Capone, after he got out of Alcatraz after he got out of Alcatraz on was very sick here in Florida. He was old, you know, one of the places that I always wanted to go. It's on my bucket list, and we're gonna have to go, J can, I guess. Yeah. Somewhere over the rainbow. Well, it's in the United States, technically, but not in the contingent. Continuous. Yeah, I wish I could say that word, right? Eso it is Hawaii. Hawaii? Yeah, by the way, you know, came away. A volcano had blown its top not too long ago. No, I did not know. Yeah, it hadn't blown for a while, but yeah, they blew up, blew its top. They had time to report that in the news between Covad tests. I don't know. I you know, I pick these things up. Is I go along because I look at all this travel places to go and things to see. So, Hawaii, they have state travel restrictions in place as well. Because I was always thinking there in island How could possibly how could they possibly be exposed? You know, people coming and going. That's why yeah, the restrictions have been notably hard to navigate. Um, so all individuals traveling to Hawaii from mainland U. S. Are required to self quarantine for 10 days. You you got a plan? 10 more days on your vacation? Yeah. Or, you know, And then you have they have a state launched pre travel testing program, which gives the travelers the options to avoid quarantine by getting the proof of the negative 19 The covert 19 test results within 72 hours of departure. So you know what I'm seeing here is a pattern. Have you seen this pattern? You get a test, get a test within two days of you leaving and have that little piece of paper in your hand. Now, you went to a medical. What? What? What? We call I went to a clinic clinic, and they give you a report? Absolutely. You know, so you can verify, right? I have. I have it in my dashboard of my car. Wherever I go, I have it. You wanna blow it up, put it up in the windshield, right? Like an advertisement proven free. Yeah. Watch out. Here she comes. And you know that Hawaii has several different islands s, so just keep that in mind when you're traveling and keep that form handy because there are also restrictions on the inter island. Travel is well, so if you're going from, say, the island kind of little county, which includes Oahu, um, and has no restrictions. Then you went to the big island, then guess what? You know you're gonna have restrictions, so you gotta make sure you have that. Okay, Now, here's Here's one of your states. It's my state. It's Illinois There. Illinois want us todo There aren't statewide travel restrictions in place. There are not. But Illinois is a large. The city is Chicago, and it it has its own travel order there, which applies to out of state visitors and and even residents states with more than 40. They have a states with more than 40 cases per 100,000 people per day are deemed read, meaning that the city advises against all travel to those states and coming and going. So can somebody from, say, the suburbs out of Chicago travel within the city of Chicago? Where do they too have to have? Ah, probably have to have a test? I don't know. My my sister, of course, lives downstate Illinois and a lot of things were closed, but they're still getting around. So, you know, luckily, we are here in Florida and everything is pretty much open right now, which you know which we are enjoying. And like we said, using common sense when we're out in about that's it. Common sense. Yeah. And what did I tell you when this whole thing started? If you're sick, stay home. Yeah, we'll get over this. And then now look at Kansas. What happens in Kansas? Officials have mandated a 14 day home quarantine for those arriving from high risk locations like Illinois New York. Currently, that includes anyone who has traveled on a cruise ship or river cruise, which I can't believe they've been on a cruise ship or a river cruise. Um, or recently attended an out of state gathering of 500 people or greater, you know. So when you if you went to any of the riots, Yes, you won't be allowed to go to Kansas without being quarantined, but But they will be able to protest peacefully, right? They will be able to protest peacefully. But you Yes, Okay, 500 more now you said there 22 states. So we're going through some of these states. Maybe your state hasn't been mentioned yet. Kentucky, Kentucky. My old Kentucky home right Bluegrass state. The state of Kentucky is advising against all out of state leisure travel until further notice. Those who do travel to or from out of state are asked to voluntarily quarantine for up to 14 days entering Kentucky. See, now that's that's one of those states I would have had to drive through eso, whatever. Whatever. You weren't staying. Okay, You're passing through. You weren't going. You were in staying. You were in communicating with anybody. You were just getting your gas and leaving. If I got gassing Duca, which is on the border, The border? Yeah. Yeah, I know. You wouldn't have to quarantine for 10 days in that gas station. Yeah, just won't work. I just didn't bring a change of underwear. I'm sorry. Yeah. So, basically, you know, as we're talking we're talking about, you know, you should get the cove in 19 test to make sure your negative before you travel usually do it within the two days. You know, this which is best this way. It's recent. Yeah, which is recent. They want recent testing. You can't say. Well, I got tested 2.5 weeks ago. That won't cut it. Um, they're also saying most places saying Stay at home, stay within your damn state, you know? So that's what we're saying. Everybody. I'm sorry. We used to say, Come on down, spend your money. But right now we're saying, stay home, Right. Everybody stay home. Stay with their app. Stay. We're OK now. This this surprises me a lot. Main. Yeah. Main is requiring all individuals to self quarantine. There we go again for 10 days upon arrival unless able to sign a document stating that they have received negative test results within 72 hours. There it is again. Um, so you're looking at these places, and all of a sudden, that's what happens. What happens? You know that all of a sudden you're stuck, you're stuck, you're stuck. So I think this is a time that we need to take a break. Okay, let's see if we've been chatting about all these different states. So we're gonna talk about the radio station, we can talk about the radio station. What would you like to say? Well, it, Zack, actually, collage travel radio. You know, this is the podcast, and then we're gonna talk about the radio. Radio station is the virtual vacation station. So you can virtually travel playing all kinds of music, kind of remembering where you've been, where you wanna go, giving you great ideas. And you know, Tania from the detailed Orient
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