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what has COVID 19 changed in the travel world? Many travelers have been waiting to pack their bags and leave their quarantined homes to their favorite destination; unfortunately, many countries are still lockdown. We also tell you all we know about jobs and lack of jobs during this time. Be patient for the day you can pack your bags.
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Another interesting thing is there has been talk, and I'm sure a lot of people have seen that there are huge crisis pay rates out there. Um, there are big crisis rape hates, which is nice. You are gonna make a lot of money, but a lot of those rates have different requirements. And your typical travel, um, assignment. So you definitely wanna look into what the requirements requirements are. I know. I saw I would pay package. That was like take home about six grand a week. But when you looked at the requirements, it was a 60 hour work week. Um, and whereas if you did the same assignment at the same hospital, but just your regular 36 hours, it was like 43 take home. Still a lot of money, But there are certain requirements for certain things. Some people I've know have been talking like, Oh, my gosh, like New York is offering 10 grand a week on thinking it's just like your typical, you know, three days shift. But if you look at the things, it's like eight days on, two days off or whatever it is, so there's a lot of different um circumstances around these travel praising these crisis pays. So make sure you're checking into things before you jump on and sign off and make sure it's something that you definitely think you can dio. Also, I've heard from other travelers that some of these crisis rates, um, they might be your three days, but they don't have patient ratios. So there's some nurses that I've heard that are taking on, you know, 10, 12 patients because they're short staffed or whatever. So there's there's reasons that they're paying you that much, so make sure the money looks good. But make sure it's something that you can agree Thio and something that you're willing to dio before you sign on. Um, those contracts also, I know there's a lot of change on the allied health side, so I will let Dennis talk about that as well. Yeah, yeah, with Allied Health is a lot going on, um, to reflect a little bit also, you know, with the nurses, the nick you nurses, um, all sorts of specialties. I mean, truly the only the only high need in the hospitals hospitals are losing. We're losing a ton of money. Everything's be putting on backlog millions and millions of dollars of elective surgeries and things that just can't being done right now at this time. Um, and in terms of allied health, you know, x ray C T m r I ultrasound nuclear medicine. Everything's being put on the backburner. I mean, I'm seeing productivity levels. Um, astronomically low that I've never seen before. I mean, uh, people have told me that, you know, pro activities and negative nine hundreds, native 1000 with with different modalities. And it's just killing, um, people's PTO. I mean, they're being forced thio. Everybody's being forced to flex out. And it's according Thio rank at different places and and so you're using your PTO hours to leave earlier to take days off. Luckily, at various hospitals, they're also putting different people in different places. I know it's it's very prevalent. Now, toe, have your temperature checked as you come in. And so now they're putting like nurses, AIDS and nurses and different hospital staff at those places as well. Just to be able to keep hospitals people working throughout this crisis right now, which is nuts. Um, unfortunately, those air full time workers. So if you're a travel or they're not gonna put you somewhere else. They're usually going to just cancel your contract, right? Right. And with travelers there, a lot of Allied health, they are canceling the contract similar to nursing. Aside from the I C u in the er. Um, the biggest influx that I've seen that usually isn't around is respiratory therapists. Um, there is an incredibly high demand for respiratory therapists that we haven't seen like this in a while, especially in the very specific places. You know, the New York San Francisco's the big city areas where they need these respiratory therapists. Um, like they've never needed them before, it seems. And so which is which is scary, but also great for these respiratory therapists who are also being given, um, pay increases and opportunities to travel. Yeah, and opportunities to travel is well, and to get into the traveling field. If something that you know, you thought about for a while, um, t jump in and help and make a good amount of money while doing so. They're also noticed that with contracts, um, they're promising. And now I can't speak heavily on this because I'm not 100% but I know they're promising. PPE is guaranteed. PPE is is what you keep hearing. You know, if you're gonna go to New York or or one of these places, Um and now I don't know if it's, like, guaranteed PPE you get a new mask every room I would assume not. Um maybe Erica knows more. She's talked to somebody who's worked in New York or something. Yeah, I have. I'm from New York, So I have a few family members there and people who I know and you it's the same. Even at our hospital were smaller. You're guaranteed your guaranteed PPE. They're not gonna make you go into a room with nothing. But that's a very, um, thin line. I guess you're crossing is what? What you're guaranteed PPE wise. Um, you know, like at the hospital I'm at you're guaranteed to get a mask, and you're guaranteed to get a shield. But what they don't tell you is that face shield you're supposed to keep long as you possibly can we wipe it down with, you know, Sani wipes, but it keeps getting streaks. And until basically you can't see out of it anymore, then they'll give you another new one. So it's kind of yes, you get PPE, but it's really depending. And it's not so much that the hospital doesn't want to give it to you. A lot of them are back ordered. I know. Actually, at the hospital that were at the cabbie wipes, somebody stole the entire shipment. The shipment came in. They went to go get them. I don't know if it was internal, external, whatever, but the whole ER is out of cab E wipes until the next shipment comes because somebody took the entire shipment of cabbie wife's. So it's not that the hospitals are denying you PPE, but it's a little It's really what they have. So, yes, you're guaranteed to wear it. But I think some people think, Oh, I'm guaranteed to get it. You know, that means I'm going to get it, how I should be getting it like every patient you know every day, every whatever, and that's not necessarily the case. And there's other things to with traveling that has also changed. Um, I know from us being in a campground perspective, campgrounds have changed a lot. We are fortunate enough that the campground that we are at is very predominant. Travel nurses eso They are allowing us to stay a nawf Alzheimer's that have been here before co vid 19 really got serious are allowed to stay, but, you know bathroom the bathrooms are closed, the laundry room is closed. You have to get a key so you can have one person in and at a time. I found out today that the campground itself is technically closed. So if you were passing through, um, you can't even call them make a reservation because they're not allowing anybody who isn't hasn't already been here. I don't know if that goes for new travelers or not, but I have heard a lot of campgrounds across across America are closing down. And some of them are even, you know, kicking their travelers out, saying nowhere closed or they're doing the same thing as us. They're letting them stay, but they're not allowing new travelers in. So if you're coming to an area and you're planning, you know, you were like, Oh, there's a campground here. I'm planning to stay. They might not let you in, so I know people are having a difficulty finding where to stay. Same thing with Airbnb is a lot of Airbnb s that people usually used to find house. Or, you know, those vacation rentals. Um, either the sites aren't booking anything or a lot of the host who's houses. They are booking anything because, you know, they're scared they don't want it in their house or whatever the reason may be. So housing can be very difficult right now if you are a traveler and trying to find housing, you know, on the upside, though, also is a traveler. Um, if you're going to one of those big cities they're giving out there, including your housing, and then giving you the stipend as well. Um, a lot of luckily, a lot of Americans air coming together. Thio give housing to these healthcare workers. Some people are just giving up their their vacation houses. They're extra houses, and instead of air being being like they typically do, they're allowing traveling healthcare workers to stay in them for free. I've seen that a couple times. Eso that's incredibly helpful, especially in, you know, New York and other big cities where it is hard to find housing. But then I've also seen that kind of similar to what Erica said as well A Z you're traveling if you are traveling in your camper Ah, lot of folks are worried about, like, where do I go to the bathroom at, um as I'm making my way across the country. If you're going from, you know, New York to San Francisco or San Francisco to New York or, you know, wherever you know, I gotta prepare my routes because usually places that you would normally be able to stop are closed. Um, or they're not allowing people to use bathrooms or they're not allowing, you know, certain things which is changes everything truly along your trip. Um, but yeah, I think that's that's everything that I know on the Allied health side of things is, you know, the productivity is down, and so it's we're decreasing for the for the incredibly large hospitals. They're still very, very busy with this cove in 19 for the smaller rural area hospitals. A lot of those were incredibly slow because people are doing what they're supposed to be doing and not certain people I should say Everybody are doing what they're supposed to be doing, and not coming into the hospital. They're not getting, um, their normal exams that they would be coming in throughout patients or elective surgeries. And so it's just slowed all the hospitals down, which is slow Hospital Doesn't you know? They don't need contract workers. And so contracts. And because of that Yeah. So it's definitely a weird time for everybody, as everybody knows, Um, but we fly here. We would take this time to kind of update you on the travel world. So if you're a respiratory therapist and, er nurse nice, you nurse or looking to go to a big city, Um, you do have an opportunity to make good money and, you know, get good travel assignments. But, um, it's also a time where if you were thinking about traveling and doing the RV life or doing whatever you might wanna, you know, make sure you kick where you're going and look at all your options and do your research. Even if you have done your research in the past, do it for you know what's going on right now on. Decide if now is a good time or if you should wait. Yeah, I definitely think if you're not one of those three jobs that Erica listed there. I would truly, if you're in a full time job right now, I would stay a little bit longer. Um, if you're you know, if you're one of the radiology allied health folks that currently has a travel job, Um and you know, you're getting close to re extension or, you know, they might re ask you to stay with them. Um, I would definitely consider doing that if you can, because right now, the job market's very hard for everyone else. Besides the East, the E D I c u and respiratory therapists e now, mind you, if your med surge or your other type of nurse there's jobs out there, it's just not as prevalent right now, is it normally is. And if it is out there, then usually you're gonna get paid a lot more. Yeah, I do. I do know Med surge is really well in the I keep seeing them pop up in New York City and San Francisco. So med surge telly for nursing. If you if you're willing to go to the big cities, you still got jobs. But like I know where the rural hospital. I know they've canceled a lot of med surgeon nurses because as of you right now, who knows if that will change? No. Everything's kind of unknown is, you know, we haven't quite needed that. So but as we But now let's transition towards, um after this, you know, after this pandemic. So this is just kind of to prepare those folks toe let you know that there were way will get past this, um, the government and will continue Thio push forward places will open back up. And as places do continue to open back up, we're going to see a huge surge of travel jobs that appear. And so I mean, there's no way to time that correctly. Um, it's kind of like the market. You never know what's gonna happen when it's gonna happen, but that when it opens, there's gonna be a lot of jobs in a lot of places to G O. And so when that happens, I mean, hopefully you're you're available and can get a contract at that point or if you're already extended somewhere after that, Um, but when it surges, it's gonna I believe it's gonna be a huge surge because all we're gonna be backlog from all these outpatients from all these elective surgeries from all everything that just couldn't be happening. It's gonna have to happen. And we're gonna need people to fill those, and they're gonna want to get as many people in there is is possible toe. Get everybody happy with all the backlog. We also have to be making the management of these hospitals happy as well. Yes, and now is a good time. Um, if you are thinking about traveling or moving or anything, um, the one thing that came out of this is a lot of states are expediting their licensing. So if there's anywhere you want to go or thought about going, now might be a good time to apply for the license because you're getting a relatively quickly. So when jobs do open back up when things get somewhat back to normal, you already have your license and you're good to go. And most licenses are good for, like, 2 to 4 years. So, yeah, if you're thinking about getting a license in California or somewhere where you might normally not have been able to get a license I mean, now is the time. Thio, get those and jump on that, if you can. Ah, lot of states you don't even I mean, they're opening up where you don't if you have, if you're a registered nurse or if your whatever you can just go in there and work because of the need.
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