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Britney Spears’ Father Can’t Let Go Of Her Past

Last Played: June 24, 2021
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Britney’s temporary conservator, Jodi Montgomery, is less restrictive. She doesn’t want Jamie making her decisions but doesn’t oppose the conservatorship. The purpose of the conservatorship is not to control Britney but to ensure she doesn’t make bad decisions with the money she’s worked so hard to earn.
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like who wants their mom or dad to be in control of their life when they're that age, and we know that sometimes parents can't let go of the past. It's almost like when you date a spouse and you go through infidelity, and that spouse says I can look past that infidelity, but they never stopped reminding you of what happened in the past. That's Brittany's dad. He will never forget 2000 and eight. Well, and also, I agree. Those health concerns that were there a year ago very well could still be there today that we don't know a whole lot of information about. And so she might out of love for her father, say, I want you know him to relax and not have so much work on his plate like this. Jodie Girl is doing a great job. Let's just leave it at that. I agree with that. I think, also to kind of echo Justin's point just psychologically, you know, she's 38 years old to have her father sort of oversee her affairs, which I am for the conservative ship. I know a lot of people like Free Britney, but they just don't have the proper intel. And when you're dealing with somebody who struggles with serious mental illness and needs to be medicated in order to operate and function from day to day, you need somebody who's of the right sound of mind to kind of oversee your financial future and make sure that you're safe, like the conservatorship is in place. Not to control Britney to make sure that she doesn't make bad decisions with the money that she's worked so hard to obtain. So I think it's kind of a mix of like her dad having the health issues and also this woman's working out. I think it's also like it's great. She's not saying I don't want this conservatorship at all. She's totally playing ball. She's just saying I would like this woman who is probably a little bit more of a third party bystander to kind of oversee it. I think that that's totally fair. I honestly think her dad should be okay with that. I feel like parents sometimes get a little bit over possessive and controlling, and I'm like, Well, I'm your parent I know best and it's like but she's also almost a 40 year old woman. You know what I mean? Like, let someone else get in there right now. Yeah. It also feels like we've been seeing a lot more Britney on social media. She's been answering some fan questions. Of course. Just dances. Does she seem happier? Um, and more accessible, actually. I mean, if you think about it, I really think she has upped her Instagram game a lot over the last year. And I really coincides when Jamie has not been around. It's like anybody, you know, that you have that one kid in your class whose mom worked at the school so she couldn't really do much because her mom would hear everything. The fact that her dad is out of his face, she can finally grow. She could do adult things. She could post things on Instagram. She can run around naked with her 25 year old boyfriend and no one cares. I think this woman came in again with fresh eyes, and it gave Britney like a spark like she almost had, like, a second win because she wasn't controlled by the same hand that's been controlling her for 12 years. Yeah, I feel like this new woman definitely been a little bit more lenient with her social media. I think her dad was not doing a bad job. I think he was just probably a little bit overly protected. But like we've all become accustomed to this new Britney, like we know she's going to post these dancing videos. People live for them. We're happy to see her dancing. I know they're happy and fun, and I'm sure her dad was probably like, I don't want people to see her this way because we remember her, you know, with the MTV video music, or is it different? Britney? But like people love it. And I guarantee you like we're seeing one of these videos a day like, I guarantee you she's doing like, 25 of these in a row and like their hand selected of what goes up, I don't think this is the one video she does. She sends it out like I think, that she does it all day long, and then they come together and say, All right, this is the most appropriate for you to post, like I think there's a whole method behind this. Maybe maybe I I kind of feel like she's in control of it and she picks. I think they've given her. So I think. But I know I don't think so. Um, the documents also say Britney does not want to perform at this time. What do you guys think about this? Will she ever perform again? Or do you think she's done? She stopped. She's like she's done. The girl has been on the stage like a circus animal since she was nine years old. She had a break. She wants to be a normal person. She wants to go to Starbucks with Jamie Lynn and Norma Jean and get a Frappuccino like Let the girl live.
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