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Snippet of Daily Pop: The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Is Under Fire After Interview with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey

Last Played: April 21, 2021
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Harrison defends Kirkckonnel for attending an Antebellum party and liking controversial posts. Lindsey tired of controlling frustration so she isn’t labeled “angry”. Harrison’s privilege of being a white male celerity prevented him from listening and understanding Lindsey. To what extent will he be held accountable?
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You know, man, the bachelor is falling apart. Welcome to daily pop proxy. Diaz is in for Kim today. Thank you for having me. We have so much to discuss. Holy moly. The Bachelor contestants are uniting and speaking out after Chris Harrison's controversial defense of Rachel Kirk in Also, the whole story is getting very intense. Rachel is one of the contestants on that season this year, and this all started when some old social media posts resurfaced. She's been accused of attending an antebellum, plantation themed fraternity party in 2018, liking some controversial post. Rachel has apologized, saying she promises to learn how to be anti racist. But bachelor host Chris Harrison is under fire as well. For this interview, he did with Rachel Lindsay on extra asking critics to withhold judgment. Watch. We all need to have a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion, because I have seen some stuff online again, this judge jury executioner thing where people are just tearing this girl's life apart. I saw a picture of her in a sorority party five years ago. The picture was from 2018 at an old South antebellum party, so I think when you when you it's when you hold that under the limbs it's not a good Well, it's not a good Well, Rachel, is it a good look in 2018? Or is it not a good look in 2021? Because there's a big difference ever. Let me just let you guys know something growing up with a black mother for the last 33 years, when those hands start creaking and in the look down on the look up and the voice stays at one level control. That is, when you hit the eject button that is a verbal nonverbal cue that your ass is grass. Just let you know Rachel is done. E mean, at that point, you can see she's furious, not done, not done. It's I'm gonna let you walk into this trap yourself. She was very controlled because she precisely said to herself, She said, You know what? Keep on talking, Chris. Dig your own hole. But the problem with this situation is is the frustration of having to stay quiet and not being able to show self and go out and lash out. Not that she she wanted to, but She spoke later about how she's so frustrated and tired of having Thio show control, because has she acted in the character? Has she wanted to? She would have been labeled angry. You know what I'm saying? And that's what's unfair is that if a woman of color speaks her feelings, she's angry. And that anger, it's frustration and trying to make people understand our pain. I say our pain because I'm a woman of color to being a Latin woman and knowing what it feels like. Thio having to withhold a lot and not say how you feel is really frustrating. Let's let's hear a little bit about what Rachel said about Christmas reaction on her higher learning podcast. How does the network respond? How does the franchise respond to this? Because, I think by their actions, you'll be able to tell, because I think that's what's interesting about Chris Harrison, who said, I promise to do better. I need people to start making these statements, you putting out a statement and disappearing for a few days, weeks that ain't better. I need you to see it, and then how you're going to be better with them faras me I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I have I have truly had enough. Mm. Theme. Women of Matt James season are also speaking out 25 of them united and released a statement denouncing any racism. Uh, in any defense of racism, they're extremely upset. So taking all of this into consideration, what do you think happens next with this franchise? I have seen people and TV shows come back from worse in my life. I think sometimes as a country we have a d d. When it comes to scandals, where we're on a scandal and in three weeks later we're onto the next scandal. No one even remembers that Hilaria Baldwin pretended to be Spanish for all this time because we're onto the next thing. So I just believe that we won't be talking about this in a few weeks. I think that there is absolutely no way he's not going to be put to the fire on the show. I mean, at some point, whether it's part of the women tell all or something. Within this season, I think he's gonna be put to the fire because that's what we expect, right? I mean, Chris Harrison is supposedly known for asking the controversial questions and asking people Thio own up to things, and I would expect that they would do the same back at him. Isn't that the tone? Yeah, it is. Yeah, but But what level will he be held accountable? E don't know. He would be able to just I don't think he'll be able to just skirt e. I don't think he's just going to disappear, not finish off this season. Do you know, of course, e. I think he's gonna be here to stay. Really, I don't think that I've seen people do worse and get away with worse, especially in this climate. We could look on TV right now to see what people are getting away with, and it's just it's crazy. It's crazy, it's mind boggling and it's it's sad. But you know what's even crazier? If I did the same thing or you did the same thing, we would not have the same. And I think truly I believe I would not have the same grace that Chris Harrison has. But I also am of this of the school where I'm not your judge are your jury, so I'm not one to say, Oh, he should lose his job. I sometimes think that firing people from jobs is not really the best way to teach toe. Have a teachable moment. I think having Chris Harrison sit at the women tell all and have all 25 women who identify as a person of color sit across from him and they have a back and forth about their feelings. And I don't think that we should condemn somebody for having different beliefs in us. But I do think as someone who is on TV and who is the face of a franchise, you are absolutely correct. Hold his hand to the fire, let him answer and let him see the error of his ways. I don't think this cancel thing is the smartest thing to do, just like I said. And I'm sorry if I piss people off upstairs. I don't think firing all those people from Vanderpump rules was the jam, and you can come at me on Twitter, show their ass is losing endorsements. Show them getting dropped by their agencies. Let me see. That's what needs to be seen. But I'll tell you what. What I'm also tired of is the apology after the fact. What you said is what you meant and how you truly feel. But let's educate you on why What you said is wrong, because I don't think you really understand that in 2018 it was also wrong, just like it was in 2012. It was wrong. And in 18 64 it was wrong. It was wrong about Rachel Corrie Connell's, uh, apology. Did you guys read it? Did you find that it was sincere? How did you feel? I always curious as a a white lady. How do you feel? I'm not the one Apologies for right. So let's let's put that out there first. Apology is not directly towards me. It's I don't know that it's my right. Thio rate The apology When you watch Chris Harrison go on that tangent and watch the way when I watched him. So listen, we know Chris and he's been on the show a million times. Really nice guy, right? He is a very nice guy. So when I was watching this interview, I thought, This is not the Chris I like. No, right. This is not the Chris that I expected to see this. It threw me for a loop. He knows better. He is better. You know, I don't I truly believe I don't think he's like in his heart and soul, some terrible person that people want to make him out to be. I think he really messed up. I think he said the wrong things, and I think that he needs the wrong thing when you really feel that that way. But that's a good that is e really feel that. Well, then, your justification of you being sorry. I do think you're sorry, but now I think it's time for you to be educated. I think that Chris Harrison is a terrible person. No, he's a nice guy, but I think you I think a lot of people in this country need to realize what privilege is and what it feels like and understand people that are sitting in these chairs right now that it hurts. And it's insensitive to think that Oh, it was so long ago and it doesn't hurt. It's still no, it still hurts us 100%. Yeah, and I also think and I don't want to make an excuse for anybody, and I'm not. It's not me making an excuse for Chris Harrison. I just I often say that sometimes people aren't as educated as you may think they are just because somebody wears a suit every day on TV and talks to a black guy and says, Hey, Bob, how you feeling about these 25 people doesn't mean that their asses educated about the movement as they should be. Is that an excuse? That is not an excuse. Chris Harrison made some valid points. I will say, Who are we to rush to judgment? Who are we to say we need this person's apology? But when you're speaking to a black woman who has gone through some of these things in front of your face, you can't camera down on that. You have to listen and receive somebody else's perspective. That's where I think Chris Harrison got in trouble because his privilege of being a celebrity and being a white male celebrity didn't let him say to himself. Let me just sit back and let her say what her side is and
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