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Snippet of David Tennant Does a Podcast With... : Tina Fey

From Audio: Tina Fey
Last Played: November 17, 2021
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Before joining SNL in 1997, Tina Fey was performing with The Second City improv group in Chicago. However, after she began dating The Second City's composer, Fey decided it was unethical for her to stay with the group and auditioned for a writing position on SNL instead. In this snippet, Fey describes the terrible sketches that she wrote for her SNL audition and what it felt like to meet Lorne Michaels for the first time.
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e t. Not compromise yourself. You try to get a job. Can I get a job? Because SNL had come through. They had scouted performers. They had seen me on the stage and shown no interest. A za performer. But I emailed, maybe way havi. When did we have email? 1994. We had email way. We had to like, just had to, like, plug it into your television and Adam McKay and said, Yeah, are you looking? And so I wrote a submission packet and send it to Adam because he was the head writer. Do you remember what you wrote? I better dio, and none of it holds up because I remember not having read hundreds and hundreds of those packets as from the other side, you're looking for just any any sliver of anything that is funny. I wrote something that was like a It was something about Bill Cosby for Jell O pudding. But it was before, and it was something about a couple that wanted Thio adopt a baby, and it was like a very privileged couple wanted to adopt a baby but raise it like a dog because they were allergic to dogs. but they were trying to make their case that there dog would live better than most babies. Yeah, there were some Bill Clinton sketch because he was president at the time. And that's all I remember. These were all just written on spec. For the purposes of this. Yes, they were not usable. Okay, on what happens? They But they were used. They were close enough. And I think so much of all that stuff is somebody vouching for you that they have worked with you. And so Adam said, Yeah, we should bring her. And they got flown out to New York and I met. They flew you out. They flew me out. You must be thinking this is going okay. Yeah. Yeah. And e thought well, Yeah, I'm a woman, and they probably need more of those, Uh, couldn't hurt and eh? So I met with Adam, who was like, Sure, you know, he just knew when you're just happy to have someone around who has the same sensibility is you and it isn't a pain. And then I had to go and have a meeting with Lorne Michaels, which is the strangest, scariest meeting for again. We've already established. How? Because you've been watching this show forever important. It waas I can't even quite take my self back to a time when I didn't know. Now I feel like I know Lauren so well, I was like, All right, you have to remember what you know the 1st 50 times you meet him, you're just you're out of your body. Yeah, because he's the comedy gold here. Yeah, and he is. So he is, um he doesn't give you a lot on the first meeting. He's polite and stuff bases like So you're from And I've been told I've been told that was, like, the only thing like, Just don't don't finish his sentences and don't talk over him. And when everything's like So you're from I was like Pennsylvania. And he's like, Chicago is like Chicago. Yeah, it just was the most tense. Uh, and what did that meeting last in re in reality? Probably 4 to 5 minutes, because he's just going. Can we bear to have around? Yeah, exactly. It's all it's just like, Is she nuts? And she on drugs and and could she function? And yeah, but for you, this is means so much? Yeah. Do you think you'd already got the job? Do you think he was just the sort of rubber stamp? Think Yeah, I think they if they didn't. Yeah, I think he is the final step. Okay. Like if Adam had not had not wanted me to work there, he wouldn't have sent me all the way through so quickly. Did they say to you way, Lord, he's notoriously bad in a meeting like that. He'll technically hire you, but he won't. He'll phrase it in a way that you cannot tell right that even happen. I think in hindsight, I think it's because after years and years and years and years of making people's dreams come true, he doesn't really like the part where you're like, Oh, thank you. E hug you. And so is trying to set it up in a way that you don't do that can imagine, because that's pretty quite get responsibility of that moment for the other human beings. You really understand it. You've been on the outside of it on the other side of it, and it's sometimes you're just like, Okay, how do you Well, it depends, you know, We saw this. I've wept last night for this Broadway Children because they really are like Children to me. But But it depends on the on the situation in the workplace. And I can feel that not so much like no, no, it's good. Yeah. So you just start Thursday. Sometimes you can't quite absorb the amount of gratitude coming at you. Of course. So then, what do you feel like when you realize when you figure out that that's what you mean? I was overwhelmed because I have. My boyfriend was in Chicago and I was gonna thio move in two weeks. And I remember I went downstairs and I called, I think, from an actual physical payphone. I called Amy Poehler, who was already had moved to New York with the Upright Citizens Brigade. And I called her and I said, I think I got the job and and I started crying. I was like, I'm going to move and And then and I said, like, they're gonna pay me $75,000 a year. And a me just laughed, just like I just
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