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Snippet of Death, Sex & Money with Anna Sale: How Bobby Berk Became A Boss

Last Played: February 17, 2021
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Bobby Berk sits down with Anna to chat about how he became a success without a college degree. From running away from home, to meeting his husband, to buying his first home, Bobby is here to talk about the grittier parts of life.
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thought of mind that Oh, this is something I could do because, you know, I just assumed that I had to have that degree to be able to do this. So it never really, You know, I I didn't go work at restoration hardware because I wanted to design career. I went there because I I had retail management experience. And, you know, I like design. So it was a fun place to work, you know, I wasn't folding clothes. I was, you know, getting ableto put together furniture and design like I liked. But now it wasn't I didn't get the job there because of design. I just got the job there because it was one of the only jobs I could get up the time. How did you meet your husband? It was gay dot com. Um, it was, uh it was kind of like an old like a o l chat room type website. There was no there were no smartphones. There were no APS. Um, you know, it was it was not easy. It was a very different back then. Did you know about yourself at that time in your life that you liked to be in relationship. Um, I definitely was not looking for a relationship when I met him. You know, I was in the relationship I was in before I moved to New York. And then within a month or so of moving to New York, I met somebody that I ended up being in about a year relationship with. And it was not a good relationship. And so I was I was actually not looking to date anybody. I was just looking to be single. What? In those early months of being with your husband, Do you remember sticking out about what was what was special about what you two had? Um, it was just very sweet, you know, genuinely a caring, sweet, loving person. And that wasn't something I had, you know, really found. Especially not in New York. You know, everybody kind of always wanted something or had an ulterior motive. And he didn't, you know, and he went out of his way toe give to me. You know, I was always kind of the giver in the relationship, you know, he would He was going to med school at the time of Mount Sinai, all the way uptown and like 96 Street. And I was I lived on 17th street, and he would leave med school and come all the way downtown. So, like, stay the night at my apartment and then get up. You know, with 4. 35 in the morning to go all the way back uptown, even though his apartment was, like, a few blocks away from the hospital. So he was the one that really Yeah. Without his without him. Well, without him, we wouldn't be together, obviously. But, you know, he definitely was the one that made it work in the beginning, because again, I wasn't looking for a relationship. So if I would I wouldn't have worked that hard. Did it feel okay to have somebody trying to show up and kind of take care of you after you being on your own for so many years? Uh, yeah, it was nice. Although, I mean, when I say e, I'm still the always the nurture in the real life relationship. I would say he would He would have gotten hit by a car years ago if it wasn't for me. Oh, I'm not even joking. That boy is always often cloud nine. He's always thinking of something else. There have been many of times where I've had to grab his hand to keep him from walking out in front of a car. E o day. He's still like that Bobby and his husband do. We got married in 2012. By then, Bobby had built his own successful design business in New York, which eventually moved to L. A. But it wasn't until 2017, when he was cast on the Queer Eye reboot, that things felt like they were really changing in a big way. I mean, it's it's only been in the last few years that I've ever not worried about money and stressed about money, you know, and I still don't take it for granted. You know, I still I still allow it to stress me out sometimes, but, you know, it's just on a different scale. Now, when you noticed that when you noticed that you could, uh, not be all the time worrying about money, Um, was there something nice that you bought for yourself? Yeah. We bought our first home, uh, about going on two years ago now. And what was that like for you? who's for somebody who's like, spent your so much of your adult life thinking about physical spaces and what makes them feel it was just amazing to me that I was able to buy home. I mean, I never thought that I'd be able to buy a home, definitely not the home that we bought, you know. And since then, we've bought another home, you know, and to this day I'll sometimes walk through and just be like, I can't believe this is mine to stay, you know, because I never I never thought that this would be a non option for me. And even even when my businesses were successful, even when my husband was a successful doctor, we tried to buy a house and couldn't because, you know, I work for myself. Mortgage banks don't like giving mortgages to self employed people. My husband, as a surgeon was a self employed surgeon at multiple different practices, so we weren't able to give it a mortgage. I wasn't able to get a mortgage until, you know, two years ago, and even then it was not an easy process s Oh, yeah, I was. It's it's still shocking to me Yeah. When did you get rejected from a mortgage? Did you, like, try and apply and not get? Yeah. I mean, even in even in, like, 2018. In the beginning of 2018, we had been rejected. It must have felt really good to get that mortgage.
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