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Snippet of Devourl An Addictive Podcast - Mindful Mixology: An Old Fashioned

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Sitting down with Bar Star Cecil Usher is not only fun but so informative. He's got his finger on the pulse and making things happen. From his work with Butcher the Rye to Lorelei... his influence runs deep. Sit with us as he makes a very special Woodford Reserve - Old Fashioned.
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Manhattan experience brought to you by Woodford Reserve and I come out of Pittsburgh and represent the berg in the national competition. And I was able to go down to Kentucky and I brought back some whiskey that would love to share with you and also make a cocktail a swell one of my favorite. The standard cocktails that, after a long day always sets me straight, is an old fashioned. And I like mixing it up with a couple of different dashes of bitters here, and they're just a different accent notes. So fashion. It's a simple classic. It holds up the spirit, which is always. What I try to do with cocktails is let the spirit shine, and I think there's no better template than the old fashioned toe showcase. Excellent, you know, spirits. So what I thought we could do is get right into the cocktail so we could make a drink and we could just sit back and I'd like you to tell us what's what's going on with you on your life right now. And then we're going to some other questioning that I have for you, if you don't mind. Excellent. So please tell us what you've got going on over here. All right, so first we're going to start off with grabbing a mixing glass, and we're gonna add arbiters. Um, two bidders I picked out today. Just kind of based off of my mood. My way in here was I wanted to go kind of a little exotic, uh, but still, keep it true. So I brought two different bidders from, uh, actually from a local, uh, whiskey distillery in Pittsburgh. Wiggle whiskey using their mole bidders and their in their palm. And they're orange bitters. I love a good orange bitters. Just because it adds nice of definite Citrus notes, all Cocteau's have to have some kind of element of Citrus in It helps. Kind of makes it pop some of you two dashes of the orange bitters, I guess. What? We to the drinks for each one of us. Uh, then I'm gonna go with the more bitter. I'm gonna a little heavier on this one just because I want that flavor shine so you can have some cocoa, Little bit of nuttiness, kind of compliments. The Woodford Reserve. Okay, well, because the bourbon they were gonna use from Whitford is gonna be there. Four year bottle bottled in bond, which is only the salary select issues. So there's gonna be some real strong, oaky notes. So this is gonna ask a special old fashioned? Yeah. Nothing but the best for you, Steve Best. Thank you. A on. Then we're gonna coming up a little bit of sugar. We're gonna do a quarter ounce of rich Deborah syrup. And you said a quarter ups. Yeah. You lean towards the bourbon. You want e? Yeah. My my power. This tends to keep the spirit in the center, Pete and at the center point, um, I want sweetness to the bidders. Just accent. All the things I'm putting into this rink are things that I already taste in the bourbon. So I'm hoping it will lift it up and make and help it shine even better than if possible than it. Waas. So we're gonna do two ounces again. This was from their spring 2018. How exciting. This was put when this was put in the bottle. So this is only distillery release. You can only get the severe down in Kentucky when this comes out and people buy it. Yeah, instantly as soon as it comes out. Now we're gonna add our ice. A couple big chunks in there. All right, now I'm gonna ice down my glasses. Get them prepared for the stir. One of my favorite noises in the bar. I love the good, clean Marine A glass. So Sean Enright was just here a couple hours ago. Way talked about the stir way, Had a very long stir. How long do you stare for? Somewhere in my early career, I picked up the number 56 56 helped 56 seconds or the health fact my hands are moving. I will count to 56 seconds on all my stories at this point. Now it's less of a I believe I My nuts stir enough because I was playing for 32 then he did it way longer than I do. And I was like, Damn, I not stirring long enough. That also has to do with the type of ice used. I've used cold draft ice cubes or zaki ice cubes from majority of my career, which are the thicker, uh, larger ice cubes that take a lot longer to break down. Away. I've been able to shorten up. Meisters have been using ice crackers to break that those ice cubes up so that can reach delusion and chilling at the same time, paying attention to this. Everyone. This is good stuff right here. This is a master work. I love the nerd out on those little details of things. I think that's the the part that kind of keeps it interesting and separates. Uh, you know, you can do things real simple when you understand the basics of it. I think the sound of a turkey and it's pretty sexy. I love. I mean, like I said, bar noise a kind of stirring and splashes and drops are always just excellent. And here you go. Cheers. That's beautiful. So, yeah, that's it for that special of a bourbon you wanted Thio Peak like that right now. Can I just say it still has such delicious whiskey still there? It's not lost behind everything else. It will slowly melting. Still, forget I would like you to sign this for us. It's like the plate on CBS this morning, a bottle. So if