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Snippet of Dirty Rats: 1: Brothers in Blood

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The Best Podcasts About American Gangsters From John Dillinger to Bonnie and Clyde, to Frank Sinatra and "Willie Boy" Johnson, American gangsters have never been ones to avoid the limelight. The outrageous surge in crime following Prohibition created outlaws out of necessity, but some just liked the adrenaline rush. Mid-century, the Italian and Irish Mafias also gained notoriety not only for their propensity for murder but their sensationalization in the media. Even today, the Underground world in the music industry is active, and people are still on the hunt to find Tupac's and Jam Master Jay's killers. So are you looking for great true crime stories about gangsters across America? Perhaps first-hand accounts from mobsters who worked with some of the most notorious criminals of all time? Listen to this playlist to hear 11 of the best true crime podcasts about American gangsters. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
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A true story of Boston's most powerful brothers, one a gangster and the other a politician, whose legacies still haunt Boston. Dirty Rats tells the story of how Whitey and Billy Bulger went from poverty to power in their respective businesses, unraveling the corruption, money laundering, and murder along the way.
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After 16 years, the FBI finally has its man. The tip led investigators to a Santa Monica apartment. It was Whitey and his girlfriend, agents and other task force members. I don't know how they make people like that. I know how you only can be like that. Please allow me to speak plainly. I do not know where my brother is. Start off with breaking news. Notorious mobster Whitey Bulger is dead. Reports surfacing that Bulger was killed in a West Virginia prison. I put one in the chamber like he looked up and, uh, a A from H crn studios in Boston. This is dirty rats. Wow. Mr Bulger, What is it that you thought your brother did for a living in those years? Well, I knew that he was. For the most part, I had the feeling that he was in the business of gaming and, uh, whatever was vag to me. But I didn't think of, uh, for a long while. He did have some jobs, but ultimately, uh, it was clear that he was not being Billy Bulger. For two decades, the most powerful politician in Massachusetts was on the spot in front of a congressional committee in Washington under a grant of immunity. Sworn to tell the truth. Did you know that he was involved in murder? No. I do not know. He was involved in narcotics trafficking. No. You and your brother. You didn't know anything about that. Did you know anything about the Winter Hill mob? It was 2003, and he was being grilled about his older brother. A serial killing, cocaine dealing gangster named Whitey Bulger. Already a fugitive for more than eight years. Did you ever hear any rumors or anything that would indicate your brother was involved in some murders? Some place. I saw it in the paper. I didn't believe it, but I did see it someplace. Now Billy Bulger was president of the University of Massachusetts. The congressman wanted to know about a phone call his brother had secretly made to him shortly after he fled the state A called Billy. An officer of the court had never told police he received. So the tone of it was something like this. He told me that I don't believe everything that's being said about me. It's not true. I think he was trying to give me some comfort on that level, and and he I don't know. He, um I think he asked me to tell everybody he's okay, and and then I told him, Well, you know, we care very much for you, and we're very hopeful, I think I said, I hope this will have a happy ending. Did he ask him? There was no talk of the more terrible crimes. The terrible crimes among them. 19 murders, including two young women strangled by Whitey and his underworld partner, another serial killer named Stevie Flemmi. As for happy endings, there would be none. October 30th 2018. We are hearing that a Boston crime legend is dead. Sources tell WBZ TV Convicted mobster Whitey Bulger is dead. Whitey Bulger's death is being investigated as a homicide. They are now reporting. It appears that Whitey Bulger was severely beaten by one or more of his fellow inmates. It was the abrupt, violent end of a blood soaked era in organized crime. James Joseph Bulger Jr. Whitey Bulger, one of the most infamous Gangsters in American history, portrayed in Hollywood movies by both Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp. He spent 16 years as a fugitive on the FBI's Most Wanted list, a $2 million bounty on his head. He was a cocaine dealer, an extortionist, a hit man convicted of 11 murders. He died as he had lived, why he was, for lack of a better term, a legend. He grew up in the projects of South Boston, spending hours in local movie houses, learning to mimic Hollywood gangster James Cagney. Sentenced to federal prison for bank robbery in the 19 fifties, the young whitey was prescribed massive doses of LSD as part of the CIA's infamous experimental MK Ultra mind control program. Later, he spent three years as an inmate on Alcatraz. After his release in 1965 he began his steady rise in Boston crime. At his height, he was making millions of dollars a year and paying off at least six FBI agents in the Boston office