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Snippet of DTR: Right Swipes, Big City (Part 1)

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Jane Marie and comedian Aparna Nancherla take control of Carrie's Tinder account and send her on two dates with men of their choosing. Here, the NYC newcomer meets up with a motorcycle enthusiast named Jason whose profile promises that he will "rock your world" — listen to find out how it goes!
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we set carry up on two dates from the profiles we've chosen. First up, Jason. Hi, Carrie. Jason was the guy who quote wants to rock your world. I assume he means in bed or by you tacos. They meet in a bar in Brooklyn. Kerry looks great in a blue and white striped jumpsuit. Jason's wearing a tailored button down shirt, and right away they get on a subject that Jason is very passionate about. Yeah, I'd send Thio Drive or motorcycle about the city. So E motorcycle. Very much. Yes, I e. It is very dumb and very scary. There's no justifiable way Thio. Anything that dangerous has to be deliciously fun. It's the one vices I'm like, a safety freak and super not cool in any other regard. But that's my one advice. Is it? Jason, Please do go on. A $10,000 motorcycle is faster. You have to spend a million dollars in the car, have the equivalent accelerated potential and on just like and instead of being like in a comfortable thing where you're sitting in a very conditioning and it's quite your whole life is in between your legs, and it's just like your whole life is in between your life. Yeah, that's a good line, you have to say. And that's why I like it, though, is it? Shut your brain off like I tends to Rubini and think about things a lot and on the motorcycle, like you just have to be paying a shitload of attention to not kill yourself. So especially in the city. But it's all of them or comfortable to road. There is a date like this happening somewhere in America right now. Every 30 seconds, a man yammer on about himself on a date without asking any questions. I just made that up, but I bet it's true. If you don't know this type, it's worth asking yourself if you are this type. Is this you? Maybe he was just nervous, but Jason was definitely this kind of guy. At least on this date with Carrie, this conversation about motorcycles was unstoppable make so I guess it's really hard to tell. But if you see how, like in this whole area, there's not like much faring e don't know. Everything that's white is considered the motorcycles body. So everything is white faring. No. And then this happened. My dream is to retire in politics. I do want to be president. I believe I have process. I believe there's a chance That's just what gets me through life. I don't think I'm gonna become president. But I have to believe there's a chance I have something to work towards. But that's my goal. President Jason, remember that name? So that's pretty much how it went. This is Kerri, right after the date, talking to our producer. That fucking sucked. Sure. I literally know everything about him and he doesn't know anything about me. And here's Jason after the date, talking to another producer. So one thing I gotta ask, Do you know what she does for work? She's in finance. Uh, nope. As everyone remembers, Kerry is not in finance. She's in toilets. But Jason wouldn't know that because he didn't really ask. No, I don't know exactly what she does. I didn't ask as much about her as I should because I was very in something I'm aware of. In hindsight, on I thought about it. One surprise. We got distracted talking about all these things. So me like, I don't really It sure would be nice to know what she does with me. What she's passionate about, which did come clear is much more important. Which is what I almost never ask anybody what they do. Because who gives a shit? It doesn't define you. Uh, I've traveled a lot. And in Europe, it's, like, rude to ask somebody what they do for work outside of a work environment. Okay, So back in the studio, Aparna and I listened to the tape of this date and we had so many questions. Carrie, did you feel like you learned about motorcycles, or were you just trying to throw him a bone or were you genuinely interested in what faring is when you're in a pretty bad day? You just like the quickest way to pass the time. Right? Right, right, right. And I actually only just realized that I was talking to a friend about first dates and she was like, Yeah, whenever I already know, I don't like someone. I just you know, I like get them to talk about themselves. So Kerry, during that, um, parte about faring, whatever the fuck that is, Was he actually showing you his motorcycle did like Did you take you outside or something. Or was he just showing you pictures on his phone? What was happening there? He pulled up a picture on Google off a motorcycle and started pointing to things. E o how bad it waas No date number two for Jason. Sorry, Jason. President Jason.