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Snippet of DZ-74: Midsommar

Last Played: January 04, 2021
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Listen to this snippet discussing the script of Midsommar, including what was cut from it and why.
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Yeah, it's interesting that those were some of the cuts seen, so there's a longer seen when they're confronting each other in the sleeping quarters because I I don't know about you guys. But I love looking at what's being cut from a script and why. Compared to the version and even with the director's cut, what they ended up filming and then what they did end up film like what they films between put in and all of that. And there's a much longer scene about like, You never work. I have to show you how to use J store like like, you know, Yeah, it's a very academic reference like everything is just handed you. This is my passion. You just follow it along like there's a whole thing that that, I think is I felt the same way as you Chazz. When I watched the theatrical, which is that he didn't read like an academic to May in the same way just did that. That scene explains why, which is basically he's drifted into it, and it's not his passion, but he doesn't know what his passion is, and I don't know enough about the American thesis system to understand how difficult or not it is to get a PhD, where in this Australia getting approved, you gotta find a supervisor and all that stuff that I don't think Josh from what not Josh. Christian, from what we have seen would have got Thio PhD level, maybe even Masters, because they just say thesis. I don't think they say the U. S has a different thing where you could go straight from undergrad Thio do a PhD. So I absolutely believe that Christian could still be a drifting. I don't really know what I want to do with my family. Started his PhD. I absolutely believe that it's not a weird think, my fun fact, even though I've got a masters from the V C. A. If I was to do a PhD, my honors undergrad would count more towards that than my masters from the because it's not wasn't a research masters anyway, that's a little sidebar necessary. But it's this weird thing, a choice I made 15 years ago. It might actually have more of an impact on something that's recent. Don't even 15 years ago, it's like that's I'm old, uh, German. My books for you. I'm old, but it's interesting. All the bits that they cut from this script appear to be in dialogue, voicing character, motivation, stuff that they felt could cut from the theatrical. And they certainly could. I feel, for the vast majority people who were just along for the formal ride and the dread and knowing what was coming in the experience of the film. And I guess myself is a literal toxic male who empathized far too much with Christian Ondas fearful of the bear suit on S. O. I think I needed a few more of those beats, just why they were. It's interesting. There's a really tiny, tiny example, but so when they have the hanging cloth that show you again, this is a film that shows you many times what will happen right before it happens. So, like, you know, there's a moment where there's the May queen dancing around the maypole. There's a moment where a man is making love to a woman while people watch all of those air showing to you in like Rooney paintings. And then they happen. They burn a bear alive. You see that right up in the middle of the screen. And then at the end, you're like, I guess that's what's happening and the running kind of tapestry thing where, like a woman, cuts off some of the pubes and then makes him drink period blood and puts the flowers underneath his pillow. I think she puts flowers beneath hers and gives him a room stone and all that stuff is literally shown to you. But what I like it's again. It's a tiny moment in the script, but Simon and Connie see that, and they comment on it in the script and the film. Those lines have been cut, so I think it's a really good lesson for screenwriting. I'm not even saying Don't write those lines for screenwriters. Sometimes you need them so that people are other people reading it, See what's on the page. They started the bear well. They foreshadowed the bear in that hot as well. When they showed, I think that was just the tail end of the telestrate seen also, I love the line like so we're just not going to talk about the bear, our weight. This exactly It's so good, but like so that that tells you I mean other than marriage at the end, which did not happen because he wasn't approved to be married. But so in the script, let me see if I can find it. Yes, so it's just on page 43. There's a tiny, tiny moment where again he describes exactly what you see on screen and then the lines that it caught, Simon says, Wait, is she dripping period blood into the drink? And Connie says, How do you think I nailed you down? And it's just it's exposition on. Turns out when you have that scene like that, you don't need it. And I'm not even and keep putting that kind of stuff into the script because sometimes I think you have to write it for the dialogue to be cut. But it is interesting. It's just so so many of the cuts made from the script. Well, I read the script was watching the film. This times have seen it before, and so many of the cuts are just things that explain that a little bit more. And in the film, they just going up. You're not getting that bit of explanation like where give is propositioning Christian that he should have sex with this young girl. They can't like the last third of that scene because you just don't need it. There's cut out of it. So, yeah, there's lots of little choices like that, but I think, uh, and I think the script could have been under 100 pages if you were being a bit more ruthless. I mean, he writes out so much detail. We've already looked at what he's describing going on in the background and for anyone who's watching, I think even, I think even keeping a number of detail just saying finishing earlier and stuff. But again, that's you know, you already asked you get Thio, film it, find it in the car so
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