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Snippet of Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast: PS5 Controller Feels Nice But Horrible For Call of Duty Online

From Audio: PS5 Review!
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Listen now to snippet “PS5 Controller Feels Nice But Horrible For Call of Duty Online” from Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast. New and fun to experience.
Join Alex and Elijah every Friday as they go over the biggest news in gaming. We also discuss the most recent games we have been playing, but most likely Elijah is just replaying Suikoden or Dragon Age for the millionth time. Also if you're lucky you just might hear one of the many tangents they go on. You can get these episode three days early over on
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we touched on a little bit. Dual since we got our hands on it. What do you think? Um, now I I like the controller. I like the way it feels. It depends on the game with this whole dual sends active trigger or whatever the hell is called. Yep. Because adaptive trigger. Thank you. I like what I was feeling with Ash. Robot. Okay, I hate it for call of duty. Now, I will say, Did you play campaign with it or I have played both. Okay, Both. Now, do you like it on campaign? Uh, it's a little better in campaign, but with the online, it's horrible. I will say I will. I will echo you here. I have not played it myself. So I cannot say anything. I will say adaptive triggers for an online multiplayer game. Probably not the best option. Especially if you can turn it off because it is inherently. It's worsening your shot, right? Like by default. It is making you worse. Oh, my God. It was horrible. Like so the guns in the new Cold War game pretty much have no recall. It made me have recoil. It was just e even turned it off, but it's still there. Interesting. It's like they're even. If you go through settings, there's it's, it'll say, trigger effect. You can disable it. I turned it off and you can still feel it like it's still You could still feel the adaptive triggers a little bit. And I just do. What I do is I'm not a fan of it for all these multiplayer, right? So I'm hoping that a little bit, but I don't know, I would never have it on for multiplayer. I'm just not that guy. When I play multiple and playing the wind, I'm not playing to, like, not win or do bad, So I definitely would have it off. I I am very intrigued to play on call duty. I will say I love to do a sense. It feels nice. It does feel fragile, though. Yeah, I feel like if I drop it, the adapter trigger will break and it becomes a mess. I assume if I feel like once once he gets a good drop, it's over. You gotta buy a new one. That's 70 bucks. I cannot say that. Of course I haven't dropped yet and I'm not going to, so I can't speak of the durability, but it does feel like it will break easily. Another thing with the dual sense. It feels fantastic. It is easily my favorite PlayStation controller. It is not my favorite controller, but it is my favorite PlayStation controller by far. It feels fine in the hands. It does have a nice weight to it, which is which is is very It doesn't sound like something you want in a controller. But if it has a good weight, it just fits perfectly in the hand. And you have something to hold e do like that. It does feel new like it's not just the same thing. Yeah, and that's something we didn't get with the Xbox, right? We didn't get really a new controller. We got kind of the same thing with the new button in New Grips. This one is undoubtedly knew like it is nothing like our old stuff. So this is new, which is which is a good thing, I think, and fun to experience something new. I will say it feels nice. I like the adaptive sugars I like. If it in single player games, I like that it communicates with the system. I will say I felt almost none in Spiderman, Miles Morales, which is unfortunate. Um, I did a little bit with the queen. That's what I'm saying. A little bit, though I don't want right. I don't wanna kind of every now and then be like Oh, that's right. Having adaptive No, I want to like, really? Like I thought I was gonna feel nice weight with a swing like a nice mo mentum shift every time I would get like, how how nice would that before you kind of like like, kind of like a dance with miles with, like, the the adaptive triggers, like constantly going on and off your pressing it and constantly doing tricks. I feel I feel like that one, though I think with I didn't make it as a Z, what was? What's the word? Um they didn't make it as more noticeable with I feel like with Spiderman because you're with that one. You are constantly hitting that trigger like eso. I feel like that they don't want, like I feel like my like If it was as strong as it was with those triggers for call of duty. My figure would get tired and I would not want to swing I. It's one of those, um, I don't remember the kind of metaphor for it, but it is one of those things were like, Hey, I probably wouldn't like it, I don't know, but I don't have the option to to see if I like it. So I don't know if I won't like it or not. So I do feel like there is almost no use of adapted triggers in Miles Morales, and that is the first party game I will say. I do think this is going to go by the wayside. I feel like this is a and I don't I'm not trying to shock or be like the guy about it. But I do think this is sort of a connect PS move. Not not, of course not that you know, not that extreme, but I will say I think this will mainly be used by First Party Dev's and that's probably it. I don't think many third party people are gonna be utilizing adaptive sugars. I think we've seen that in six access. We've seen it in connect PS move. We've seen that in with some other games with just random stuff in it. Uh, I'm drawing a blank, but there's so many things we could pull from that. There's a new thing and the thing, and no one uses it. So I'll be curious toe actually see viability. Maybe I look like an idiot in two or three years and like it's utilized and everyone loves it. I don't know, but I am worried that it's just gonna be gone in the next few weeks. Her sorry for years. I mean, we'll see what I mean. I'm I mean, it feels great for certain games, but then for some, they doesn't know. I mean, I get it and I'll be honest with you. I was getting kind of tired just matching the button in Spider Man two. Like in certain fights, I was hitting X. I'm like Jesus. Alright, alright, my thumbs. In a long time here, I felt like I felt like an old band first, like I didn't like that very much
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