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Snippet of Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast: PS5 Does Not Look Good

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Gaming Reviews: PS5 Listen now to Gaming Reviews: PS5 for snippets of gamers reporting on the console’s style, UI, controller, headset, media remote, graphics, and exclusive games.

Sony’s newest console, the PS5, was released September 2020 and most users are loving the UI from set up to gameplay. While there’s a ton of mixed opinions on the console’s new look, PlayStation devotees are still vying to take the tech piece home. A playlist for those who are considering a PS5 purchase or who want to know if they’re having a similar experience to other users.
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Listen now to snippet “PS5 Does Not Look Good” from Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast. It’s hideous and is designed to look like a next-generation future art piece.
Join Alex and Elijah every Friday as they go over the biggest news in gaming. We also discuss the most recent games we have been playing, but most likely Elijah is just replaying Suikoden or Dragon Age for the millionth time. Also if you're lucky you just might hear one of the many tangents they go on. You can get these episode three days early over on
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there we do Talk about the box of the expect Series X and how nice it looked. I will now say the complete opposite of that is what this piece five looks like. It does not look good at all when you open that thing up, it is very where the Xbox three. This was very pomp and circumstance and like was it was like the belle of the ball. And I want to look where the period, the place where I was like, You better be glad I'm here to begin with. You better be glad I'm here. Yeah, it's its's. Just like the PS four is, it's covered. And just like like inboxes the box, the plastic that the thing that you put on the sides first you got the box leave, then you get the box and then you got flaps to open in the box and then you got cardboard wrapped four different ways, like of boxing this thing. Now I'm going to cut to the chase here. I don't think a single person when they opened therapy is five when Oh, my God. This is smaller than I thought. Oh my God. No new The first thing I did when I when I had my little brother and literally I took it out of the box and I went to grab it with one hand. I was like, Oh, my God, this thing is huge. This is a green a lift hated by I had to put the box down and grab both my hands to slide it out of the box 100%. I had to use my feet. Now I will say, this thing is ginormous. I am. We'll never I honestly did Like I was shy. I was shocked when I took the thing out. Even my wife went, Oh, my God, my I'm never gonna forget my wife's. Um she didn't like her expression when she noticed that when she came home s So she came home, I was and she and she walked by the kitchen completely D and ignored it. And I was like, and I was like, Damn, I'm surprised I didn't see it. I was like, Hey, did you see the PlayStation? She was like, Okay, let me see. She was like, Oh, my God, why is it so ugly and huge? E. I mean, I know I would never. I never want to mess with someone's designed that someone's livelihood. Someone took a lot of time of their life and made that. I will say it is hideous and I love you. You made a great you designed a something that someone stares at As soon as someone walks in the room. They that's grabbing their I it is. It looks like an alien. It is a It's like someone looked at the Siri's X And when I want the opposite of that, I want an art piece like in a guy's oven like a P S s system. Well, they went for next Gen Future, and that's what they did. Uh, it's just it was It's just it's I mean, it really is. It's stunning. You could only really experience the shock in person. Really, Just looking at this thing ended up in just looking house e mean how huge. It's pretty funny. I mean, it's it's crazy to where I had it on my entertainment center, like on top, and I was like, You know what? Let me. I've seen a tweet from a guy named Gary Widow. He was a and he put. He's a small indie writer. Is that true? I'm sorry. Isn't he a small indie writer? He hasn't done anything big in his career, right? He hasn't done No, He's done very big stuff. Messing with E r Wars. All right? Yeah, for sure. Rogue one. The man is awesome. Hey, you never know. Some people wouldn't know. We had to explain to them who you know. I know. I'm going around and around. Um, but he had it. He put the systems in his entertainment system, like inside, but like, hiss, center piece doesn't have a shelf. So it's like eso I'm like, I was like, Oh, I actually try that. So I took my shelf off from the center. Andi, I put both systems in it. Luckily, the Xbox, Xbox. It's just fine. Now, I now I go to court, but now I just drive, and now I go put the PlayStation in there. Mind you, I have this fucking stand on Still e try to slide it in. It doesn't fit. I have to take the stand off and then I slide it in. And then I like I'm like night even have not even a centimeter away from like where I'm from the little top I'm like, Oh, my God. But the at least the inside has like like an aunt or two of mawr like height, so it won't overheat or anything. So I'm going to test it to see how it because it fits in there. Now if you and it's not bad because I was trying to tell my wife was like, Hey, does this look better? And she's like, It's about the same. It's either on top or in there. It doesn't do shit to me. I was like, All right, cool. Oh, like I love your wife. Men s just like stop talking about sleep in the middle of fucking changing systems around. No. Yeah, I like that. I like the idea of like, she's asleep and you wake her up and you're like, Hey, I moved in. She's like, Just get away from me. E mean, it's better than the time where she's asleep behind me on the bed and I'm playing Destiny and we're farming materials. All years. He needed spindle. We needed spin medal. We had to have we had upgrade or gear. All right, we need every other every other second or years. There's some of hair. There's I'm over here now. E got to fit, though. That's good. I love things that fit snug and tight around things anyways, the peaceful, the ps five. I started up after staying at it for 40 minutes trying to figure out. And I will say this. I want to say it was a business insider. It might have been. I want to say the original design and I'm not I'm not messing with you guys was apparently bigger. Not joking, apparently was bigger. And Sony went It can't be this big now, you know. Remember the Dev Kit pizza oven looking thing? Yeah. Would you? Was that bigger? Would you rather have than that design? God, no. Jesus Sweat. No, that's just a bunch of things. Like pasting together. I know, but it just looks funny how It just looks like a big V. And she does