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Snippet of Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast: PS5 UI Is New & Store Is Integrated

From Audio: PS5 Review!
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Listen now to snippet “PS5 UI Is New & Store Is Integrated” from Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast. The menu is simple although it’s hard to access the trophy list.
Join Alex and Elijah every Friday as they go over the biggest news in gaming. We also discuss the most recent games we have been playing, but most likely Elijah is just replaying Suikoden or Dragon Age for the millionth time. Also if you're lucky you just might hear one of the many tangents they go on. You can get these episode three days early over on
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Yeah. Now, Alex, we've been skirting by it. We haven't brought it up yet. We talked about the trouble. We talked about the game, Alex. The u I. Yeah, Completely new. Yes. It is completely standardized completely in the system, as as much as the PlayStation store is now to integrated. What are your thoughts? It is completely different. Its I press your fresh air or something that you are distasteful so far. E I I like it better, to be honest. Interesting. Can you explain what I mean? I like However, if I don't I haven't I mean, I'm hoping that they add it, but I hope they add themes again because I was always awesome. They will. Okay, um, they Alex they will never do it. Hey, we'll see. I mean, they didn't I don't I don't think they had seems on day one for PS four. Did they e want to say they did? I don't know. I mean, I'm they they might have because ps three had it. Um, but, I mean, I'm enjoying the you I It's simple. I do like the Alex. Would you say it's simple and clean? Mm. It is to an extent because I I do not like to where I could just hit one button and go to my trophies. I have to hit the PlayStation button, go all the way to my profile icon. Then I could hit trophies. I wish it was just like like already on the in the main, the main screen like it used to be. I do feel like Trophy's got shafted in this update. You would think you would think you'd hit one button and you'd see the trophy list. It would be, you know where it would be. So if you don't have a PS five, I'll quickly really like when you're in a video game. If you hold down, Um, which, by the way, everything's different now, which is upsetting. You don't even get a hold it, you just hit it. Sorry, sorry. That's why it's upsetting. I You think you would hold it to, like, turn the system off? You don't any more frustrating. You have to hit the PlayStation button on your controller. That brings up a game, a bar, and you have certain selections. You can push. You would think trophies would just be there. Why is there not a logo for trophies there. Do we not matter to you? PlayStation? Is that what you're telling me? PlayStation? I'm getting closer to my mic because I'm upset. Please go on, Alex. No, I definitely agree. I like when I was first setting it up, I was thinking I was like, Oh, with Xbox, you can you know, it says that you could edit your the game bar. So I'm gonna go and look for trophies because it's not on the list. I look for it. Something about music. Something about the controller. I'm like, All right, I I don't care what devices are connected to my system right now. I don't want to see the controller. I mean, I like that I could see the battery. That's I mean, before, I was always like, Alright, what's my battery yet? Um, but I don't understand why trophy wasn't a thing, so I'm like, Okay, let me look for it. I go all the way to my my my profile, and then I have to hit my profile. And then there's the trophy list there, but and then click that and then it will bring it up. Please tweet at TVM that doesn't act crazy. Flip skater on Twitter. If we are absolute morons and there's an easier way, I do not think there is no, there's not. There's not. There's not literally We took an hour just messing with the u I and there's there's no I don't think so. I'm just saying If there is tweet at us, also, just follow me, All right? Okay. That's so much to ask. I'm just kidding. Anyways, I'm on the u I. What do you think about the different games and media's? That's really nice. In my opinion, um, you have your games side and your media side. That's really nice. Yeah. I mean, I on the media side doesn't really pertain to me because I'm not using the system for any media whatsoever. So I'm adding it was trying literally. When I plugged up my external hard drive, it was tryingto like download or update Netflix who? YouTube and stuff. But I was like, honestly, I didn't care for it because I wasn't gonna use it for that, Um, but it's cool that it has that option for the people. That's that's their main console, of course, and I do enjoy that. The PlayStation store is integrated. Now is so much better integrated. So much better. It is quake quicker. Nice snappier. You could go over there and it gives you like, hey, these air, the must have games or whatever. And it's like, Oh, well, that's the game I want Click it. You go and buy it. I'm going to now, bitch. Go for it. Why is it so hard to play a PS five game and not the I don't want the PS four version. Oh my God. Why? Why? Why is that even? Why is that even think? For some reason, it just defaults to P s y default. In what world would I wanna be like? You know what? I don't want to play the PS five version of called duty. No, I want to play the PS four version. Like, really? Give me a break Here, guys. Come on, Come on, come on. You know I want to play the PS five version at the very least, have an option to where I could just click and say Prioritize ps five Or click it and say hide from my list or something. I never want to see a PS four version If the PS five version exists, you know how long it took me to figure that out? I was literally sitting there trying to download Cold War. And I'm like, Why is this a PS four version? Is this like, Did I get that? I get a PS four copy of the game like I don't understand. And it took me, like, what, 15 minutes to figure out that I can hit that button and it will say, Oh, there's different versions. Hit that one. I'm like, Oh, but I'm on a PS five. Why didn't it just give me the PSC version? Alex, Right now on my home, I have my PS five on right now on my home screen. Right now, I have called duty Black Ops. Cold War PS four. It's not downloaded on my system. Why is it here? It even, says the little download icon. It's on it. So like, why would I want this on there? Like it's just such a silly move on an otherwise very clean you? I so it it juts out even more
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