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Snippet of Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast: PS5’s Astro’s Playground & Spider Man’s Mile’s Morales

From Audio: PS5 Review!
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Listen now to snippet “PS5’s Astro’s Playground & Spider Man’s Mile’s Morales” from Easy Achievers Gaming Podcast. Insanely fun demo for the system.
Join Alex and Elijah every Friday as they go over the biggest news in gaming. We also discuss the most recent games we have been playing, but most likely Elijah is just replaying Suikoden or Dragon Age for the millionth time. Also if you're lucky you just might hear one of the many tangents they go on. You can get these episode three days early over on
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kudos to them for including Astro Pot. A super fun game. I mean, my God, this was free. If you have a PS five, you could just This is just part of your system. You could just play. It is so much fun. It is insane how fun this game is. This is just some random game on the system that they're like, Hey, put it in as. And it's just like an homage to play station. You collect PlayStation, you're like inside the PlayStation five in this kind of game world of five ps five. The best thing if it makes you feel like like the controller, like, is like, this is the control of the control. Yeah, it's a demo for the system, which is amazing. And they have you immediately say, Hey, you wanna know what dual senses here it is. And they show you what dual senses we've been thinking about. Like, what is this really? Really? It's literally you hold you you. It's what is advertised. It is trying to realistically depict what is happening on the game. So for the startup, you hold the right sugar left sugar down. It gives a resistance and when you hit the very bottom little rocket thrusters come at the PS five just to kind of show you how those sense can be used in an instant aspect. It's really cool idea Bond. Then I go and play all over the game. There's artifacts in the game where you can pick up old PlayStation stuff, which is so cool. Um, I found a P s a PSP camera so funny which, like, what? A PSP camera? That's amazing. Like such a such a welcome taste of just what the system can do with this incredibly fun game and lighthearted touch on everything. Shout out to Sony for that one. Very good. Did you even played the game like play the very beginning, right? I started it and I got to the little like I did the very first like them. A little area and I start. And I got to the little hub, I guess, to where? Like it shows where you could go. And I started jumping a little platforms. And but then I stopped. You wanted to play something else? Alex, you wanted to go play Spiderman Miles Morales crap. You know it, man. I want to say This is one of the best depictions of miles in my opinion ever, period. I have never had too many of comic. So this is incredible. Love him. Love this iteration. And I love that he got his own game so cool he got his own game dedicated to him. There's no shenanigans, just him. You're playing around him. He's figuring out his thing. And the storyline just so good. E will not. I don't really want to. Do we have a spoiler cast? Later on in the week, we will record and talk So I don't wanna talk any story here, but I will say If you think about getting Spider Man, you don't have to get a piece. Five. You can get a piece for buying on PS four PS five play. It is phenomenal. My wife had no attachment to the game. She walked into the last mission, watched last mission, cried tears with me at the end and just have have fun. It is so much I love it. Had a great time. Yeah, it's It's so it's so much fun. I didn't think because I had it was just planning the original Spiderman game. Just maybe, like a month ago. And now I'm literally 4 12 34 12 ft away from planning Miles Morales. Good for you, man. Welcome. I get so much fun. I'm so I'm so glad you're liking it. And I'm glad. I'm glad it's getting popular. Like people clearly like this game. Uh, it's sales numbers. They're gonna be good. The Spiderman sales number apparently hit around 20 million, which is insane. The sales numbers for that are astronomical. Good for them. Good for insomniac for showing off. Great. Great for every
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