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Start of with a little trivia of how many shows outside of the U.S. Elvis played during the entirety of his career. Then hear about how Elvis was rejected from several bands, failed music, and where he gets his distinct sound from.
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Yeah. Can anybody? Yes, a little trivia. Can anybody guess how many shows outside of the US Elvis played during the entirety of his career? I don't know. None to Oh, in Canada, like, never played Europe never never played anywhere else other than other than the States. And there was apparently at one point later in his career, a rumor that there was a bidding war, or at least rumor of a bidding war for a big Australian tour. And it just never happened. And I wonder why? Well, he was the reason that that his camp said that it happened was that didn't happen was that that's somewhat a star of his stature. Couldn't be guaranteed the proper security at a anyway. Like, you know, it's just like a puffy rock star egos stuff. I'm with you, though I do think it's a good record on I guess. It was about half and half Sun Studios and our CIA and very obvious what the which. Which ones? They did it, son, and which ones they did R. C. I mean the stuff for clean Well, I mean the R. C. A stuff is all the rockabilly stuff and all the slower ballads and stuff like that. I mean, those are all the ballots are really fucking amazing. Yeah, the ballot. I mean, so the rockabilly songs that I'm not a huge rockabilly fan, but the band is great. And, um, the one thing I did notice that's really interesting. And later in the show, I wanna a be this I wanna will play a song on this record And then And then I wanna play I wanna compare it because one of the things that I really had liked about Elvis and the like I really like this record But he is still growing into his own as a singer. Like he's still really rough around the edges. And you can, I mean, even like the ballad stuff. You can hear it especially more than the other stuff. And then by the ballads were recorded in 54 55. This album came out in 56. Later in 56 he recorded Love Me Tender, which if you go back, I want to listen to love me tender and compare that with, you know, even like you know, Blue Moon or there's a couple of songs on there a couple of ballads where he sounds good, but he's not. He doesn't have the voice yet. Like the crooner. Beautiful full sounds. He sounds good, but he doesn't sound as good as he is going to sound. Within a year, he's gonna within a year he is going to sound amazing. Not so later in this show. I want to play. We'll play a little bit of one ballot, and then we'll play a little bit of love Me Tender and you guys could just hear what I'm talking about. How established was Elvis at the time that they put this album out? This is he had, even if it was his first record. But he put out a bunch of singles. Well, he put out stuff, and he started when he walked into Sun Studios. It was in 53 when he recorded the ballads on this, um, he had put out some singles, but, um, through Sun Records, but he recorded he had recorded a bunch of songs that son, and then he wouldn't recorded a bunch with our in 54 55 then then they recorded these in like early 56 I think. And actually I can't remember the exact dates. But and then they they put those son record songs out with the Which of the Mortality Country songs with the rockabilly songs together on this one. So this is his first major label record. But he had guess he probably been playing around like maybe two years because he already he already has some of his trademark kind of vocal warbles and such. Well, I think that's what got him signed in the first place. I think like he had that, you know, there's the whole it's, you know, apocryphal. But I mean, the secretary excited a lot like if I could find a, you know, a white boy that sounded like a Negro, I guess, is what he said or yeah, whatever. I sell a million records and and he ended up doing, you know, whatever. Like going and cut Phillips is, uh, Secretary had written, like, you know, like, we'll check back good balance. She she wrote She goes good ballad singer, Hold him, you know, making notes. Because Sam Phillips wasn't there. He just went in tow, like pay for his own record. Uh, do like a single and she was like, You know, it's pretty good, you know? We'll see things just do So many people told Elvis. He sucked. Yeah, he got He auditioned for a bunch of bands and didn't make them. He was driving a truck around audition for another band. They said he wasn't good enough like he failed music. He failed music in school like his teacher thought he was a horrible singer, even like took a guitar to school to, like, play her some like a song, how he wanted to sing. And she told him. Another classmate said She told him, like you and I have different ideas of what a singer should be like. I mean, the guy like you gotta give him credit. I mean, he kept all his persistent and was persistent, and he just grew up in an environment where he was just immersed in it. Uh, like once he finally got a guitar, when he was like, 10 or 11, he just like, took to it. But he wasn't even asking for one. I think he wanted a bike or something, but anyway, um, he just hung out with in a lot of the like African Americans, you know, centric parts of town and kind of pick that stuff up and ran with it, you know? And he gets criticized a lot for, you know, taking, you know, black music into the mainstream of white America. But he genuinely liked it. Do you Do you guys wanna listen to one of these songs? Yeah, Let's play one. You know what? I was thinking of a different one, but I think maybe we'll listen to I got a woman just because, like, people are familiar with that because of the Ray Charles version of it later And let's just play that song I got a woman I got way across town. She's a good to me Yeah. Hey, I got a way to their feet. Oh, yeah. Should get Ni yet Shoot a friend, Andy I got a home. We're across town. James Dio Oh, yeah She said I love it. Certainly in the mold. Just calling me. Yeah, Chief says enough Look at his home. Good. Oh, yeah, For me, you know she loves e woman away from this town. She's a good to me. Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, he's got that Elvis. The Elvis sound a won't