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Snippet of Entertainment Tonight: Outlander Stars Same Hewn and Graham McTavish on Men in Kilts

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New mini-series of the actors touring Scotland. Hewn has whiskey flask pockets sewn into his kilt. The first episode has aired and season 6 of Outlander is shooting. Hewn jokes that McTavish can’t sit in a kilt and man spreads even though he’s from Scotland.
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used to the Outlander star Sam Human and Graham McTavish appear to be able to get through anything way had heard or read somewhere that you didn't like Sam and you first met him you didn't like may think is very strange. I've never said that. Well, there's no smoke without fire is that Ally? Said Waas. When I first met him, I was annoyed that he was an inch tall for May. On that he was think it's more than an inch of Oh, okay, so maybe it's that inch. That's the cause of this playful rivalry. Or maybe Grams a little jealous of all the attention Sam gets from those shirtless scenes and steamy make out sessions on Outlander. But the to put it all behind them for their new star, Siri's touring their native Scotland men and kills a road trip with salmon. Graham, can you explain the logistics of the killed? I've never worn one. If a gust of wind comes, is there any worry there? Graham obviously is a Scotsman, and he doesn't really know how to sit in a kilt. He does man spread quite a bit. I like to push the boundaries. Why we're being now showing at nine PM in the evening on from the waist up. How much whiskey did you drink during the filming of this shit? None. San managed to somehow secrete flasks of whiskey about his person. Yeah, I know. I have special pockets built into my kilt that are built for hip flask. Here's the scholar. Well, grab a drink. Because the eight episodes Siri's drops just in time for Valentine's Day and Outlander fans Oh, get ready. They have started shooting Season six.