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Snippet of Episode 104: The Hidden Secrets of New England IPA

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Listen to this audio snippet of this episode of the Master Brewers podcast where John Paul Maye discusses results from the analysis of haze in a dozen New England IPAs and how the haze traps non-polar hop compounds to create the unique flavors of this beer style. This work was recently presented at the 2018 Brewing Summit, where Dr. Maye was awarded the best presentation.
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This'll is the Master Brewers podcast Brought to you by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas AH volunteer organization dedicated to continually improving the products and processes of our membership since 18 80 seven. Thank Master Brewers brings you interviews with the industry's best and brightest and brewing science, technology and operations. Thanks, Master Brewers Podcast is proudly sponsored by Hop. Steiner, a global leader in the hop industry, focused on quality, sustainability and innovation in new hop varieties and hot products. Contact our brewery sales team to provide you with the hop related tools you need to craft your next great beer. For more information, visit hop. Steiner Calm. Additional support provided by draft lab knows that quality and consistency or your breweries Top priorities. Draft Lab provides easy to use sensory analysis tools designed to bring your tasting data into action to start your free two week trial today. Visit draft lab calm. That's d R a. U G h t lab dot com. Hes is acting as a carrier, and it's valuable izing some of these non polar hop compounds that you would find at much lower concentrations. Uh, in West Coast i p a. This'll week on the show The Hidden Secrets of New England I p A with Dr John Paul May. John Paul was good to see you. A few weeks ago at the brewing Summit. As usual, you walked away with some awards this time best presentation, both from the technical committee as well as people's choice. So congrats again on that. Thank you. You presented a impressive analysis of New England I P. A s. How did this all come about? Well, I'm originally from New England. I was born raised in Connecticut and about three years ago, I was at a master Brewers local in Leesburg and people started talking about New England, I P s and I was like, What's that? You know, and I was surprised I hadn't heard of it before, and anyways, they started describing is being really cloudy and hazy and