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Snippet of Episode 25 - Ed and Lorraine Warren, Paranormal Investigators and Cultural Phenomena

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The Terrifying Audio Analyses of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Ghost Hunters, Exorcists and American Legends Tune in to hear the spooky and terrifying audio guides to the documentaries of the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. They are considered to be the first real "Ghost Hunters" in history famous for their coverage in prominent cases of haunted houses, exorcisms, and many more unexplained and terrifying phenomenon. Vurbl Paranormal: Tales of the Weird, Mysterious & Spooky
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Tune in to hear this audio snippet of episode #25 of the Horrifying History Podcast. When it comes to the world of the paranormal, there are two people who stand out - Ed and Lorraine Warren.  Ed was a self-taught demonologist who met a lovely young psychic named Lorraine. Together, they became two of the most well-known paranormal investigators in the world.
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and a legacy that can't be matched. I'm sure that they never thought when they meant that they would become so embedded into the horror movie world, and they themselves becoming a cultural phenomena. So what are some of their most famous cases in our episode, called Cursed Toys? We talk about Annabelle, the creepy, Raggedy Ann style doll possessed by a demon that spawned her own movie trilogy. She's just one of their cases, but she's on Lee just the beginning. Now you may have heard or watched the 2013 horror movie The Conjuring, but did you know that it was based on a true story? In 1970 Roger and Carolyn Parent moved into their dream home in Harris Ville, Rhode Island in the United States, They thought that the country style home they're moving into would be the perfect spot to raise their five daughters Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cynthia and April. The property itself was a sprawling 200 acres where Children could run and play and run. They did just not how you think. From almost the very first day, the family started noticing that things weren't quite right. They started hearing strange noises in the middle of the night and their furniture started moving around all by itself. They would hear a metal scraping sound coming from their kitchen, and they would find small piles of dirt on the floors as soon as they were cleaned. They started looking into the house's history and discovered that the 14 room house was built in 17 36. It housed eight generations of the same family, but many of them died under mysterious or horrifying circumstances. For example, several of the Children living in the home died by drowning in a nearby creek. One person was murdered in the home, and a few others committed suicide by hanging themselves in the attic. The family quickly came to the conclusion that there was multiple spirits in the house or on the property, But the worst one was a woman named Bathsheba Tear. In 18 12 she married a man named Johnson Sherman in Connecticut in March 10th, 18 44. After they were married, Bathsheba quickly jumped into her role of housewife while Judson farmed their land. The couple soon had a son together named Herbert, and it was rumored that they had three more who all died before the age of seven. One day, Bathsheba was caring for a child from a neighboring farm. When the child passed away, the baby was examined, and it was quickly determined that a mortal wound was at the base of the child's skull. It was thought to have been caused by a large sewing needle being driven into that child's brain. The townspeople came to the conclusion that Bathsheba must be a witch and that she sacrificed the infant as an offering to the devil. Bathsheba went to trial, and due to no evidence, she was found innocent of any wrongdoing, but none of this matter to the town. She was still believed to be a witch when she died in 18 85. Whoever She waas, the family believed that in death that she still thinks she's the mistress of this household and resents anyone else who she thinks may try to take that position. Soon afterwards, the other spirits in the house wanted to ensure that the family was aware of them, too. The family would smell rotting flesh around the house and would often experience their beds raising off the floor. They would feel a strong cold presence in the basement and started trying to avoid the area. But they couldn't as much. They tried because for some reason, the heating equipment would often fail, causing the family to venture down the basement to investigate. In the 10 years that this family lived in the house, Ed and Lorraine Warren made multiple visits to investigate. After being asked by local paranormal group One night, everyone decided to conduct a science in attempts to reason with the spirits. During this event, attendees claim that Caroline Paren became possessed by Bathsheba. She started speaking in tongues, and the chair started raising itself off the floor while Caroline was in it. Even though the warrants tried to help, the family noticed that the activity got worse When they got involved. The family thought that the warns aggravated the ghosts, which made them try to harm the family. Even Mawr. Robert Parent then decided enough was enough, and he kicked the warns out of his house. The parents continued to live in this house after the science because they couldn't afford to move. They decided to try to learn how to live with the nine spirits that they identified to be living in their house. By 1980 they finally sold the home and fled to Georgia, leaving the spirits behind, or so they thought many.