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Snippet of Fantasy Baseball Today: Shohei Otani Really IS That Good

Last Played: April 27, 2021
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I know we talk about Shohei Ohtani all the time but let's just start there. The guy is a freak!
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today on the show. By the way, we're going to lead off with Shohei Otani, because why not? We talked about him all the time and he was pretty ridiculous. And then his start kind of ended in a very weird way. So we'll lead off there. We've got obviously our players of the weekend, believe it or not. A ton to recap on some waiver wire players. Bullpen stuff going on, it's already crazy. I mean, saves chasing closers. The carousel goes round and round. Let's start off with Shohei Otani, of course, who started on the mound on Sunday night baseball against the Chicago White Sox, and he was hitting second in the lineup at the same time. He threw nine pitches 100 MPH or harder, which is just insane. And then he had to batted balls over 109 mile per hour exit velocity, including a 451 ft home run show. How Tiny met the guy is just an absolute freak, the final pitching line against the White Sox. Mind you, I mean, this is one of the best lineups in baseball. I would say four and two thirds. Only two hits, three runs. One of those were earned five walks. Which continues to be the issue for Otani. Seven strikeouts, 12 whiffs on 92 pitches. Joe Maddon left him out there entirely too long. It was very obvious that Madden wanted to get him through five so that he can earn the win. But he left him out there and then he struck out the final battle he was supposed to face. But the ball got away. They throw it to first base, someone else's running home. Otani jumps, tries to catch the ball, lands awkwardly. He actually was removed from the game. This came from Jeff Fletcher just before we go live here. Uh, he covers the Angels for the OC Register. He said that Otani has some general soreness after the collision and that he was not removed because of an injury. He will be re evaluated on Monday. So, Scott, we talk about Otani all the time, but he's just so awesome. Uh, and now we have this injury on top of everything. So Otani, everything gift wrapped. What do you think? Well, I I mean, uh so far so good. I guess right. Like anybody who invested in Otani has to be feeling pretty good today, whether they invested in either version of the money on some providers. He's still split into two players, so that seems to be less than Norm. Now you know, he hit the hardest ball anybody has all year, right? That home run second hardest, second hardest. Okay, Yeah, he had the like. I think he has the sixth or seventh hardest, highest thrown velocity for a pitch this season and the second highest batted exit velocity. It's ridiculous. It's silly. It's just ridiculous. You know, I was tweeting about this earlier, too, and I think we have to find a way. I don't know who we have to talk to at CBS. I mean, we're not the only site that has just one Otani, but I think we have to find a way. We're getting to the point where you have to be able to get his fantasy production, for if he's doing both on the same day. There has to be a way to get both right, like I don't know who we talked to or I just don't know why. So here's and we had this discussion when he debuted. But I don't know why you would do that for Otani and not every pitcher who bats and I would not want that for every other picture. Well, it's going away. H happens when Universal D A champion. Sure, maybe. Yeah, then it would be easier to justify because I do think you're kind of neutralizing the full value of Otani. I think that's why committee to only have that said. I don't know that I'm ready to start him as a picture Yet I I wanted to see a couple of good outings. This was kind of a mixed bag. I mean, certainly it looks like he has the stuff to be a great pitcher, but the walks were an issue. He didn't go to the minimum required for a win, even throwing 92 pitches. I'm not sure I'm ready to activate him as a pitcher, loves using him as a starter. But you know, the biggest thing is that he obviously started as a hitter on the same day he pitched and he started the day before he pitched. He was in the lineup too, so the usage as a hitter going up is, I think, probably going to be the most significant thing for his family
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