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Snippet of Fantasy Football Today: Favorite Free Agent and Player-Team Combinations

Last Played: April 07, 2021
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The co-hosts choose Dak Prescott to Denver or Carolina, and Aaron Jones to Atlanta. Denver is at the top of the list for offensive and Josh Allen will regress. Arthur Smith says the Falcons will get multiple backs in the upcoming year. For fantasy, Drew Lock could be good even though he’s not Hall of Fame worthy.
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the moment. Tell me your favorite free agent and NFL team combination. He's When do I start with you? Your favorite player team combination? I guess it would be I don't even know. Like, how reasonable do we have to be? No, it's march. You do whatever you want. Uh, Kenny Golladay to the Texans, which makes DeShaun Watson happy. And they stay together with Kenny Golladay and Shawn Watson. Okay, that's cute. And just Yeah, this fuller come back. No, no. Can you? Holidays taking Will Fuller shop, Chris, your favorite combination? Yeah. If we're not staying realistic, then it would be Dak Prescott to either Denver or Carolina. Why not Dallas? Because he's already there. We know what that looks like. It just stay there. Uh, imagine how far he could throw the ball, though. In the altitude in Denver, Jamie, Your favorite combo. I'll say Erin Jones to the Falcons. Yeah. Erin Jones in the faculty. Would that make Arthur Smith walked back on his running back by committee declaration? Um, probably so. I can't imagine that they sign their running back. They're going to make that person being a committee. Unless by committee, he means another person touching the ball, Arthur Smith said. The reality is that we'll get multiple backs in here and we'll have the way we trust our schemes and the way we teach the details of it and will commit to it. That should provide hope to people because of that mindset. It was weird. Quote. All right, well, let's see what the people had to say. But before we do that, the most exciting thing I did this weekend was Peru's paramount. Plus, it's really awesome, and you should definitely get parable. Plus, uh, I watched a movie, uh, you know, I wanted to fall asleep just like let's put on something mindless. Have you guys ever seen the movie superstar The SNL? Yeah, Molly Shed and Will Ferrell? No. Okay, it's surprisingly no, it's really funny. It's really funny. Shockingly funny. I was cracking up, so that was our Paramount plus, along with, uh, some other really good movies, a ton of TV shows. Check it out. It's live now, and it's live sports. It's breaking news, and it's a mountain of entertainment. You can go straight from game data Movie Night with Paramount plus Stream iconic movies like the Godfather, Indiana Jones Mission. Impossible Superstar, one of those iconic movies, UH, T V shows like Star Trek, Picard, The Good Fight and the Stand and also live sports from CBS sports. So the NFL March Madness, The Masters, Champions League Soccer hit shows from CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, B E T Smithsonian Channel, Comedy Central almost got into Are You Afraid of the Dark from Nickelodeon? That I'll be doing that at some point? Um, so that's live sports breaking news and a mountain of entertainment all on Paramount. Plus, it's streaming right now, so the fill in the blank I want blank to go to Blank Forest, Cunningham said. I need deck to go to Denver. So there you go, Chris. Somebody else wants to have to go to Denver. Yeah, look, I get like, he's not going anywhere anyway. He's going to stay in Dallas, and so it doesn't really matter. But you know, my my thing all off season has been. I could see Denver being an incredibly fun offense for fantasy purposes in 2022 or 2021. But I just don't buy that. It's going to happen with Sherlock. I know there are people who are high on him. But I just I can't see him getting the most out of that offense. And so you know, when we're talking about DeShaun Watson landing spots or Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson or any quarterback who may become available, Denver is going to be pretty much at the top of my list. I if they don't have a good quarterback or at least a better quarterback, it's going to be hard for me to see Courtland Sutton, Jerry, Judy, Noah fan. All these guys maximizing their value. And I'd really like to see that. What if they draft a quarterback? You know, you see a lot of mock drafts that have them trading up. They have the ninth pick, so maybe that's Trey Lance or feels like it might be a little bit of a reach for Mac Jones. People are pretty split on him, But if it's a rookie quarterback who would be confident in, you know Sutton, let's say he's, I think with John always track record of picking out quarterbacks out of college. You have to be confident and whoever they chose to trade up for how tall is Mac Jones he's tall. Okay? Yeah, he might. It might be him. Yeah, I think. I mean, you're starting to hear Andy Dalton to Denver. Um, as a guide to challenge Drew lock, I think the thing about Drew and obviously Christmas, right? You know, he's not showing you enough to say that those guys can maximize their potential with him. But would it shock you? Anybody if Drew Lock can get to, like a Kirk Cousins type level or a Jared Goff like level. And I'm not saying that he is going to because I don't trust it. But that type of thing, what surprised me and what I mean by that is making the guys around him better. Because we've seen Kirk cousins support multiple weapons in his offense. We've seen Jared Goff support multiple weapons in his offense. And those guys obviously aren't considered of the top to your elite level quarterbacks. And so lot doesn't have to be special. Doesn't have to be great. Doesn't have to be, you know, Pro Bowl or Hall of Fame or any of those type of things. But for fantasy, if he can just make those guys successful again, maybe not maximizing their potential, They could still be pretty good. I think the good Jared Goff year and the leap throwing the ball that Josh Allen made last year are enough reason to hope that Drew luck could still get better. It's the same reason would still hold on to Daniel Jones, the starter. Well, it's like we saw from Drew Lock in that stretch last year, and we know it wasn't sustainable. Um, because a lot of it was the fourth quarter third quarter rallies, Um, where you know, he was having to throw a lot, and we saw what those guys could potentially be. Tim Patrick had that great stretch. No fan play. Well, Jerry, Judy What? He was dropping the ball. So, you know, it would be nice to see and especially I think if you had the other piece in a healthy court and sudden, you can't sway coverage to those guys because it's impossible. Does Jared Goff's 2018 season? I guess it was where they went to the Super Bowl and just look up his numbers. He had a one, a 1.1 passer rating. He threw for 293 yards per game. 32 touchdowns, 12 interceptions. Actually was pretty good in 2017, too. By the way, um, does that Does that make you nervous at all about Josh Allen? Same here in his third season? No. Yeah. They're physically different. So different. I mean, yeah, I think I would bet on Josh Allen being worse in 2021 than he was in 2020. Like, I think there will be regression coming. Um, and I think it's probably a regression how regression statistically regression is play. Probably a bit of both. Certainly. Statistically, um, that I could buy into just because I think they'll run the ball better because I don't think they can do what they did and be successful. They've got to find a run game to support their passing game. So statistically, I think he comes down. But in his play, I mean, the nice thing that Buffalo has done is the building of Josh Allen, you know, and the report today, like from Chris Mortensen about trying to build around the Eagles, want to build around. Jalen hurts like that's the way you have to go about building your offense like they started with the offensive line they bring in John Brown. They bring in Stefon Diggs has been a three year process to make this guy better, and, you know, just talking to Stefon Diggs at the Super Bowl, he said. I think they felt like I was there missing piece, you know, And it was refreshing to hear somebody say that about himself. You know? He's like, I think Josh Allen needed me, you know, to come in and make him the quarterback that he was interested in, what they do to enhance it this offseason as well. So I don't know if he regrets as a player, but I do think he's gonna regret statistically, yeah.
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