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Snippet of Featured Anime Podcast: Jin-Roh, The Wolf Brigade Review

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Last Played: October 20, 2021
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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment produced the film released in 1999. It’s a military-themed, psychological drama, and romance spinning red riding hood. Jin-Roh: The Wol Brigade isn’t as cartoony as other anime. The director worked on Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, while the writer also worked on Avalon and Sky Crawlers.
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And today we're talking about Rick's choice Jinro, the Wolf Brigade. And I actually watched it. Yes, which we actually had talked a little bit about just beforehand. Which is we're both very happy about, uh, we were We were supposed to actually record and do this a day earlier, but some things came up. Uh, and then we also found out that Rick actually hadn't watched it, So he was reading Cliff Notes to try and make it seem like you watched it last minute. Luckily, we're delighted. All I have to say is the cliff notes that I watched and, yes, I had to watch the cliff notes. There were words there played a video in my head. It was better than the enemy. But if you if you listened last week, you already know that. Yeah, that's neither here nor there. So, um, one of the producers for this is Bandai Entertainment. It's actually aired in 1999. The dates for it are actually kind of little fuzzy. It's anywhere from 1999 to 2000, depending on who you're talking to, you, where it's actually coming from and what they feel like saying and then you also It's also based off of a manga. And the studio for it is production. I G and the generals are military police, psychological drama and romance. And it ran for about an hour and 42 minutes. You can add confusion into that as well. Yeah. I mean, like, I guess. Well, I'll explain later, but yeah, I was I was a little bit more confused than I'd like to admit during the latter half of the movie. Okay, so now one of the things that I think will add to I don't know if you call it the ambiance or the, uh the appeal of this movie is something you actually mentioned. It could be turned into a live action relatively easily. And and a good one at that. No, I'm not saying it could be turned into a live action. I'm saying it was turned into a live action. Oh, it was in 2018. Yeah, there is an actual live action for it. God, I hope I didn't just shove my foot in my mouth, and it's good. Uh huh. Hopefully it is good when you watched. No, No. Like I say, I watched the cartoon when I hope you watched the cartoon 12 No, no, that's That's what we watched. That's what we were supposed to watch. I'm saying that it would have been nice. Damn, I just missed a really good opportunity. If I would have known that they had it live action went out. I've been like What do you mean? It is live action that they didn't have a cartoon one? Yeah, and see. And then I would start talking about how you always let me down. Why you want to hurt me? Because I love you hurt me so bad it's because I love you, that's why. So what's interesting is the director for this. He's also worked on a couple other couple other things as well. Really like what? So the director he also worked on He's worked on a letter to Momo. Aside from this, he also worked a little bit on, not as a director, but he worked on the opening scene, uh, on cowboy bebop before it. Actually, he worked as a character designer for cowboy bebop. He was actually a key animator for the opening sequence. He worked on ghost in the shell to goes to the show. He was a he. He has been a long time animator, so he's worked out actually on a lot of a lot of different things. And he's just judging from his director standpoint. And he's only directed four movies that I'm aware of. I think we could or should expect more from him should he decide to direct more. Aside from that, uh, I would watch it. I'm a huge fan of the enemy, stale, and I was gonna say the way the flames were hitting It was very modern with a with a I would say slightly older anime style because that when people are throwing Molotov cocktails and whatnot, when they when the flames hit and they blow up and do it was done with just enough realism to make it seem viable. And it wasn't cartoony, right? No, it was actually done really well. And what's interesting is the writer for this, who is also the creator. Uh, tomorrow oh, she he's worked on a lot that's include including Goes to the Shell. He was the director of the writer for this movie. He was the director for Ghost in the shell ghost in the shell to Avalon Sky crawlers. He was the director for Pat Labor, too. He was the director for stray dogs. You know, a laundry list of movies and shows Undergo stray dogs? No, just stray dogs. Yeah, Okay. I don't think I've seen that one. Then, uh, and then that's a laundry list of really good shows. Yeah, and he also was a the writer for a lot of the shows, whether it be the screenplay or the original or the creator for a lot of shows or movies out there. So it's this guy has a laundry? Yeah, to say the least. And and so just seeing this and his particular spin on this was great. And I say spin is because this is in so many facets, a variation of Red Riding Hood. Yeah, I did. Yeah. It's not subtle in the in the least, and it's comparisons. Oh, yeah, No. And and it's pretty pretty, pretty blatant. Like, right off the bat. It's like, this is for grandmother. You know, you're handing a package to to someone and all the girls that are going running around delivering these packages. The little girls now I don't really wouldn't say little girls, but they're they're pre teen teenagers. Young teens, uh, pubescent. And they're called red riding hoods. And then you have the big bads of the group. Who are the wolves now? Well, not really. The wolves they are. I mean, I was definitely the wolves. One of the things that make me that I thought was really smart. As far as bringing context to the whole thing was wolves are never portrayed as the good guys. Yeah, and And this this was actually a very interesting and unique spin for that.
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