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Snippet of Film and Whiskey: The Brown Derby

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Last Played: September 30, 2021
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Bob and Brad continue their "How to Cocktail" bonus series by highlighting a simple ingredient for fall and winter: honey syrup. They fix themselves two whiskey cocktails using honey, The Gold Rush and The Brown Derby, and for their base spirits, they try three different whiskies from Old Dominick Distillery. Finally, the try their drinks with some Hudson and Lee cocktail mixer.
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I actually took this blend of straight whiskeys, and we're going to use it in our first drink of the day, which is called the Gold Rush. But before we get there, Brad, our main ingredient for the day is honey syrup. And so we need to tell the people how to make some honey syrup. Yeah, I just throw some honey and water and boil it. That's really it. It's just it's just like simple syrup. Guys. I just made a small amount of home today. Half a cup of honey, half a cup of water. The great thing about honey is that you could just kind of nuke it thio, thin it out a little bit and get it hotter a little bit faster. So I just thinned out my honey a bit beforehand and poured. You know, half a cup of boiling water into it, and there's your honey syrup. You let it cool off on the countertop and you're ready to go. It was even easier to make I feel like than simple syrup, which actually required dissolving the sugar. This doesn't even require that much. Yeah, and all you have to do is grab yourself a little, you know, squirt bottle, Put it in there and you're set for honey syrup, and it's you just throw it in your fridge. I think it stays for about a month, up until after you make it. So you know, make yourself a bottle. Go to town on some mixed drinks. And really, any time a drink calls for simple syrup, go ahead and try this instead. You never know what little bit of you know, twinge of taste that honey is going to give you. That will give a nuance to your mixed drink. Alright, Brad. So let's get into making our first drink of the day. The gold rush. Now here's how to build the gold rush so you just want to ounces of bourbon, three quarters of announce of lemon juice and then three quarters of an ounce of your honey syrup. Now again, in the whiskey sour episode, we talked about how there were two different ratios you could use. You could use that to three quarter and three quarter ratio, or you could do two ounces of your whiskey to one ounce of lemon juice and a half ounce of honey syrup. It really just depends on how sweet you like your drink. Brad. I will say that I went with the equal parts honey and lemon, three quarters and three quarters, and I still feel like this doesn't have quite enough sweetness to it. It doesn't seem to kind of balance out the lemon quite as much as I would have liked and not as much as it did with the whisky sour. So I think next time I make honey syrup, I might kind of tinker with the ratios a little bit. Maybe not. Make it 1 to 1, maybe do like 1.5 times as much honey as I use water, because this one came out just a little bit tart for my taste. Did you make your gold rush yet? Brad? I did. And I you for my whiskey sour. The other week, I used the golden ratio to one and then a half. This time I did the 23 quarter three quarter. I'm not gonna lie, Bob. I think it's actually a little bit too sweet for me. I think I'd go back to the golden ratio the next time I make this for myself. well, regardless of your preference in terms of how sweet you like your cocktails to be, the way you build us is just like you would with the whisky sour. You add all of your ingredients into your shaker with ice. You shake it until it's frosted, and then you strain into a cocktail glass. You can serve it over ice if you'd like you conserve it in a chilled coop glass, which is how I prefer to mine. It is a very, very easy cocktail to make. I did not go as far as adding an egg white to this, but because this is essentially a whiskey sour, you absolutely could add an egg white to this. And I feel like I would recommend that that it just makes it so silky and smooth that the next time I make this, I think I'd go ahead and throw that egg white in there. Yeah, I think I agree. Brat. Did you notice a flavor difference? Adding the honey component to this, as opposed to just regular simple syrup. Yeah, I think that you just get a little hint of that honey flavor instead of just neutral sweetness that really adds a little bit of something, something to your drink. You know what I mean? Yeah, I dio and I think this is a really good jumping off point as we get into kind of, you know, autumn themed and winter themed beverages. Like we said a couple weeks ago, the whiskey sour is something that you could make a million permutations off. I've seen people use maple syrup in place of simple syrup, and I feel like especially in the fall, a maple whiskey sour might even be a better representation of that than this gold rush is not to say that the gold rush is bad. And again, guys, if you know, to just swap out simple syrup for honey syrup Now you know two different drinks the whiskey sour and the gold rush. And now that I've just let you in on my maple syrup secret, you know a third option as well. So the options are limitless when it comes to the whiskey sour. Is that like a Canadian gold rush? What's the maple? We'll call it the Yukon Gold. The UConn goal, right? That's what I'm talking about. So the gold rush is also a variant of a really classic gin cocktail that's called the Bee's Knees. It's one of the most famous cocktails in the world. You just use gin instead of whiskey. So it's Jim way. Don't talk about Jin on this. Hey, man, I'm a big fan of Jin Jin is not always up my alley. All right, Well, fine. You didn't let me finish my point. E was, like, halfway there. I was like, Yeah, you use gin, and you're like, No. Yeah, Bob, I just Gin is not really up my alley, but I think something that is up my alley is our next drink. The Brown Derby. Yeah. The Brown Derby is a really classic whiskey cocktail. It's named after the famous diner in Los Angeles. I am really excited to try it. And, Brad, for this one, we decided to use the old Dominic Wheat whiskey. So before we build the cocktail, let's give a quick review of what we think of this wheat whiskey. Do you have it poured out in front of you here, Brad? Yeah, Bob, I do have this week Whiskey poured out in front of me and it smells a weedy. I'll tell you what, man? It has this really wonderful caramel honey sent to, and I know it's just cause we're using hunting this episode, but this smells like a big bowl of honey smacks to me like it has this great breakfast cereal kind of smell, and it's like like decadent in terms of the caramel and the honey. Sweet. I'm getting off of it. Yeah, I'm not noticing as much of the sweetness Bob. I think it definitely has a breakfast cereal smell, but for me it's a little bit more of a Cheerios than a honey smack. Well, let's just split the difference and call it honey Nut Cheerios than Hey, let's do it. All right, Brad, go ahead and give it a sip. I really like this. I think it drinks a little bit hotter than the 90 proof that it is. It's not super thick in terms of mouth feel. You definitely could tell that it is a wheat whiskey. It has a much more grain forward taste. It tastes a little bit younger as well, but I like it a lot. Brad. It almost has a sort of cherry ish taste to me. It reminds me a little bit of that cherry flavored bourbon we had from Traverse City a couple weeks ago. And I know that this isn't flavored, though, so that's just some of the great flavors that this wheat whiskey is bringing out with it. Yeah, Hewing station is just doing a heck of a job down there in Tennessee, and we are so thankful that they were willing to send us these samples to review. And, Brad, I'm excited to see how this holds up in a cocktail like the Brown Derby. Now, again, we went from 100 proof with the bourbon and the blend of straight whiskeys down to 90 proof for this one. So my fear is that it might get swallowed up a little bit by the other ingredients in this cocktail. But, Brad, can you walk us through what it looks like to build this drink? The brown derby? Yeah. Similar to the last one. You are just going to take all the ingredients, throw them into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up for 10 to 15 seconds and strain it out. But the ingredients for this one is gonna be 1.5 ounces of bourbon, an ounce of fresh grapefruit juice. And let me tell you what, If you haven't used grapefruit juice in a cocktail yet you are missing out, my friend. Then you taken out half an ounce of our honey syrup. You garnish it with a grapefruit twist. And Bob, you have an amazing drink. Yeah, so to to really quick things to point out, we're only doing 1.5 ounces of our whiskey this time instead of two ounces. That's just what the recipe calls for.
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