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Snippet of Final Score: Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Shows

Last Played: February 10, 2021
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In a new segment, Andrew picks his Top 5 Personal Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Shows of all time, with a bias towards the most recent Super Bowls.
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here are my top five personal favorite Super Bowl halftime shows. Now, I've only been watching the Super Bowl for, like 25 years at this point, so there's gonna be some recently biased if you want me to bring up Michael Jackson's. I was five years old for Michael Jackson, which now that I hear it out loud, that's a sentence that, with so much more information, has completely different context. Uh, I'm leaving that in. Um, I basically went from 2000 on with my choices and I start at number five with the one we just saw J. Lo and Shakira Body. Gotta tell you what you thio everybody over here, guys, I was blown away by this. A cultural experience down in Miami. First of all, Shakira e had no idea she was a talented and part of my ignorance. If people knew this and I just didn't realize that J. Lo splitting the bill was warranted at the Super Bowl. I like the choreographed dances the uh like, obviously her voice. But like playing the guitar, the guitar solo, she had the playing the drums during J. Lo song. I I was just I felt very ignorant and stupid when her performances over. Because I all of a sudden realized why Shakira was a mega star and how deserving she was of the Super Bowl stage and then J lo like e at stake as I'm not going e Think everybody that's my age knows where they were the first time they heard Jenny from the block and the anthem. That was for a lot of people in New York. Um, she's J. Lo. There's very few stars with three letters for a name that are that iconic. I thought she was incredible, and the moment they started playing native funny, I was waiting for job rules, voice to show up. And lo and behold, it did. Yeah. Also bruh. Yeah, and for those who know what that means Bra, let's just say there was a lot of boys that became men that night, which, by the way, I'm just not here for white parents. That air complaining about this halftime show. Adam Levine had a shirt off the entire time last year like I'm sorry that you now have to start parenting because Spanish people were dancing on stage and now it's a fucking problem. So yeah, Far as I'm concerned, if you wanna parent your kids a certain way, turn the game off like turn off the halftime show. That is your prerogative. No one's forcing you. Tow watch television ever. Okay, rant over number four. And the rest is gonna go by quick, because again, Final Five. Uh, my personal choice. My own guilty pleasure for halftime shows is Justin Timberlake. A couple years ago in Minneapolis, I'm back. E also was frustrated that a guy with that resume and those connections was the Onley performer and a halftime show. Why? And sink didnt reunite or he didn't do some type of collaboration. Like the All we get is a prince hologram. I get that it was in Minneapolis, but I really wish there was more to it. Having said that, I am a gigantic JT stand, and I loved his music for a long time, especially his solo stuff and again, guilty pleasure. I understand. It's probably not if we're just going by best in the top 10, let alone the top 20. But me personally, I go back to this one a lot to re watch, so it makes my list number three. This is going to get Chuck at this point because these air consensus in the top three or five or a T least in the top 10 of all the list that I've seen you too. In 2002, this'll was borderline important. You know, the jacket that Bono was wearing? This was the first Super Bowl halftime show after 9 11. this is also a few weeks after the benefit concert where first responders were brought up on stage with you to while they were singing like Bono walking through the crowd to get to the stage while singing Beautiful Day just gives you chills every time you re watch it. And it's a obviously just a legendary band with legendary music, so that that absolutely makes my list number two. I wish we would have the conversation. Why it's not number one. Like you guys know what number one is gonna be. It's obvious it's the consensus greatest Super Bowl halftime show ever. But why don't we talk about Beyonce? Mhm. Seriously, The Super Bowl turned off. We paused a game because she shut shit down. The Superdome could not handle a concert by Beyonce at the Super Bowl, she literally turned the lights out. The Destiny's Child reunion. Every impressive dance move we saw from J. Lo and Shakira we got from Beyonce. E re watched it before recording this, and it's it still holds up. I we should at least just have a conversation is all I'm asking. However, I'm also gonna be part of the problem with the conversation because whether or not you like to Beyonce's performance or have another Super Bowl in mind that didn't make my list. Up until now, nothing will ever top Prince performing Purple Rain in the Rain in Miami. Never many calls you. I've never been to cause you pain. I want a one time You land a baby only when I feel she 11 in the purple grape Purple Rain for a parade with the Texas A and M band with the artist formerly known as Prince Symbol with it pouring Rain Thief, the holographic image of him on the guitar solo during Purple Rain. You really did feel like a moment was happening. I was in high school for the Super Bowl and my friend's mom. I remember watching it through her eyes and like how teary eyed she got for this moment and realizing that something was happening. And now that I understand his talent and his greatness, he really did use the biggest stage possible to showcase it. And, Damn, man, you wanna talk about rewatch ability? The Prince Super Bowl halftime show. It's only available in clips on YouTube, but the iconic purple Rain sequence still holds up to this day. So there you have it. My top five personal Super Bowl halftime shows.
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