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Snippet of Foreman and Wolf: St Patrick's Day pt 2

From Audio: St. Patrick's Day
Last Played: March 16, 2021
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The Michelin star-winning Irish chef, JP McMahon, gives Tony and Cindy his recipe for Irish soda bread and reveals a few tips and tricks for getting the dish exactly right. he talks about cheese scones, and reveals one of his favorite St. Patrick's day recipes: smoked eel.
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welcome back to form the wolf own food and wine. I'm Tony Foreman and chef Cindy Wolf. We're live today. You can reach us for 10, 66 to 8780 Unsurprisingly, we're talking about ST Patrick's Day. We have with us unnoted Irish F JP McMahon from Galway. It was a Michelin star restaurant there and here, and it seems like a whole bunch of other, uh, book projects and schools and and all kinds of business going on. And I asked him to stay on with us for a few minutes to maybe talk about a few recipes for things that maybe people should be capable to to do on a day like today, or or any time if they wanted to celebrate Irish food. Can you tell us about soda bread? Yeah, absolutely. And we interesting enough? We we sort of thought about in in an ear and an interpreter. And at the end of the meal and there we always give our recipe to everyone. There was kind of like a little gift. I mean, I I love recipes, and I love the tradition of of of, of Irish soda bread. So we give everyone, everyone that recipe. So if any. If you if you want to email me, I can send you on our specific recipes so you can send it on to any of your any of your listeners. And it's a slightly different soda bread. It has trickle in it, which is a bit like, I suppose, molasses for a little bit of sweetness. So it's a little bit darker, and then we push them, uh, seeds into it. So we put pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some and some linseed. I think the trick that that I find with soda bread is that often it's quite dry. And so what I what I would recommend to people is that make it make it way wetter than you think that, you know. So make it make it wetter than you can even handle it and then bake it wet in a in a loaf tin. And what that does is, um, is that it keeps the bread a lot moister. Um, when you when you take it out and often and also another. Another trick is the bacon at a lower temperature, so we're very used to putting putting bread into the into the oven about 180 degrees Celsius, or or 200 degrees Celsius. That's kind of the bread temperature, But if you bake your bread at 150 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Celsius, you don't you don't lose as much water from the bread, and, uh, and it ends up being a lot moister. And so that's supposed to the two things that that I would recommend. We have also have a lovely cheese scone recipe, and it's in that thing that we give out so I can send that over to you and again really, really beautiful scones that just have a kind of mature artisan cheddar that we that we that we that we fold into it. So there are savory scone, but there's still there really, really great with some with some with some good butter. Your idea of a chief's going with really great farmhouse Cheddar is giving me romantic feelings. That recipe, and you can you can you can literally send it out because those for me recipes are are there to, um, supposed to inspire people to cook, and they always like there are templates rather than things set in stone. So for me, it was important to I don't know if we get so many North American. I mean, but 70% of our diners in in an ear are from from the States are from North America. And so it's for me. It's really important that they come over for the food experience and there, sometimes they're going to the cliffs and more. They're going to come out and will be going to New Granger. They're doing something in Ireland and they want to get a food experience that emulates that. And so for me, it's important that we not only do we feed them, but then they have something to go home with, and then they can. They can continue that experience that's very giving, and that's amazing. I love the way you think that's well. I would definitely send it on to you email if you email them the restaurant I was forwarded on to you straight away, and then any of your listeners we can have a you can you can have who does the best sort of red we can. We can get a posted. We can get a posted on the former Wolf page on our website. I can give you one of our Cavaco books, and then you can you can. You can do a little whoever makes the best soda bread. You can give them a cookbook. That's nice. How do you handle feel when you work with it? What do you like to do to it? So, uh, Hell is for me the best smoked and we get like, we outsource that when you smoke it, because it is. If anyone has ever smoked a dealer or fill it well, it's a bit of a It's a bit of a messy job, but I I love smoke deal, and I think it pairs really well with potato. So you make a make a regular mash and then fold the smoke deal through the through the mash, and I'm sure in any of the other contestants or accidents, or you should be able to source and nice smoke deal
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