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From Audio: The Final Trailer
Last Played: January 13, 2021
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A podcast sits down with the final Game of Thrones trailer! Episode 415 — The Final Trailer Game Of Owns is hosted by Hannah Hosking and Zack Luye Find the complete listing of A Feast With Dragons at
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welcome everyone to our podcast for the final trailer. Like you said, for the final season of game of Thrones, there's only what was a couple days ago we were just talking about man. Should be a good good time for us all to come together and celebrate something. Yeah, it was literally week ago. We were complaining like crazy. I was complaining like crazy and asking You shall with Steve. And the final trailer is finally here. And I seriously, I could not be more excited. I have not had so much fun with Game of Thrones, a song of ice and fire in a really long time. And so it's been the hype levels are through the roof and thank you to everyone who has been tweeting us your owns over the past couple of days. The official description on the game of Thrones YouTube channel is the trailer is here, period. End of discussion. We wanted a trailer, and now we have a sequence. If if I'm just going to start at the top of this thing, I know that we haven't talked about this yet with each other. And I'm I'm really excited to talk to you about this because I feel like I haven't really expressed my full range of emotions. We haven't talked about it. We haven't processed it officially. You can't process it until we all come together and have a conversation. I think everyone should have a game of Thrones podcast. At this point, that's the thing is like, This is one of those moments when a trailer for the last season of game of Thrones gets dropped. It's like the world stands still for a minute, and everybody is talking about it. Everyone has an opinion, and everybody has new insights. And I've seen so many cool theories. And, you know, we were talking about in our last episode. How How do we talk about Season eight when there's nothing to talk about? With Season eight? You know we have our own thoughts. After Season seven, we have our own thoughts for what the end game of the Siri's is gonna look like. But being able to see that in front of us being able to see all of these characters coming together, being able to see Aria and Sansa and Dragons and John and Danny and the Crips of Winterfell and Dragons and Winterfell and Dragons. It really it makes it feel so riel. And that's such a cliche thing to say. But it's just e think a lot of people are feeling exactly the same way right now. A lot of people are really excited about television show right now, and I feel like it's bringing a lot of people together, and that's a really cool thing. It just it's rial that this is this'll is the final season, and we're going to get answers and closure. Yeah, there's going to be an ending. Its wild Hannah told me that brands voice sounds exactly the same at 0.25 speed. If you're on YouTube and you're watching the trailer, were treated to a voiceover in epic fashion, we've got Brand. He's reminding everyone about the future in the past and the present, and I'm wondering, I don't know. I'm just I'm just confused about a lot of stuff about Brand. Okay, so here's what I think. I'm just gonna go for it, and we're just going to start talking about stuff because between the trailer between the Entertainment Weekly article that was released, Gosh, that was really exciting That's not like a spoiler thing, right? Like that's just out in the open for something. I know some people don't want to talk about the trailer and all this kind of stuff, but I guess if you're listening to this episode, you already know you want to talk about the trailer. So if you're listening to podcasts and you're not someone who spends time looking at social media with kind of articles that Entertainment Weekly is writing with, how did you get here on set access specific on access? I believe that they're owned by the same parent company, and this has been kind of a regular thing, and now we're seeing the final version of it. The general consensus is that everyone has agreed. It looks to be that there's going to be some kind of battle and Winterfell and we I think we saw that all coming. I mean standards declared that he would not stand for those false pretenders to reside within the walls. So there's gonna be some kind of battle there, don't you think? Absolutely. E don't know. You can't really tell from the trailer, but something that I thought was interesting so that between that article and the trailer and all this kind of things, just a couple pieces that we've been able to glean. And one of them is that all of this is happening in the first couple episodes. So the thing that really stood out to me the most about this trailer, which shouldn't surprise me because I know we have six episodes toe work with. But we're talking about the Battle of Winterfell happening in the first couple of episodes, which to me, that's such a big endgame moment, and there's going to be a lot of death. There's gonna be a lot of change. There's going to be just a lot period coming together through that episode and to realize that we're going to see it just in a matter of couple weeks and not have to wait till the end of the season. Do you think that the battle will be split between the 1st and 2nd episodes? Do you think the first episode will be sort of the great set up and maybe we'll have a cliffhanger or something, and then we'll see the whole thing and the second episode? Yeah, I think we'll see the whole thing in the second episode and like that article is talking about, if you haven't read it yet, then we'll probably recap the entire things. And you don't need to Rio that there's going to be build up. And then they talked a lot about this battle episode and how it was shot and filmed and the care that went into it. How it's the longest battle on screen ever filmed. And I can only assume and we can only know that they're talking about this battle of Winterfell. And so I think that we're gonna get some sort of build up episode and then we're just going to spend an hour and a half in this very intense seen and moment. So to me, that's extremely exciting. And I'm not necessarily like a battle person, per se. But, um, with all of our favorites here, I've got a lot of people are gonna face that same sort of thing. A lot of people who don't fancy themselves action sequence aficionados, they're going to be following Aria with heart palpitations. Whoever is chasing her in the Crips of Winterfell is chasing her in the Crips. A bunch of L could we just start with that? It looks like she's terrified that you know what I mean. That sort of self satisfaction that she's normally working with isn't there anymore. And she's sprinting down the hallway hell bent to get away from what looks to be a crowd of the undead. Yeah, quite frankly. So. That's what we're working with now, ladies and gentlemen, this is the thing That's interesting to me is as we're thinking about the battle of Winterfell and the implications of that. And if Aria is inside the castle running, then I feel like that brings up so many questions. Like Was Winterfell preached? I was seeing some theories about people talking about Starks being reanimated down in the Crips and then coming back to, you know, I don't know e don't know what I think about that. I think that I don't know if they could pull it off in a way that on screen bad. Yeah, maybe if I'm thinking about it from like a character, his own head, someone like it's dark e think like if that's if that's the way we're going to go from a book perspective, I think that could be interesting. I feel like turn. That's how we get Lady Stoneheart. What if that's how we get Lady Stoneheart and she's in the crypt and we're like, Oh, for a second? There's a really epic shot in her face is sort of Martin the same exact What do you think about that? Well, actually, if you slow down the trailer to 0.25 don't do that. You know, you look in the no, you look in the cribs closely in the corner, you can see Lady Stoneheart. It's such an interesting place for us to start the trailer off at, and not that we necessarily have to talk about this in chronological order. But like you were saying, arias usually composed and kind of trying to make it seem like she's got it all together. And she's bloodied and sprinting and sweaty and stressed and very obviously fighting for her life. And I think that it could be her. Whatever she is running from whoever or whatever is inside Winterfell, Um it's like Okay. God, what can we survive from this trailer? Do you think that we can guess who the winner of this is gonna be I mean, what are your thoughts on how this is coming together and e mean too broad, but, like, who's going to make it and who isn't?
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