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Snippet of GayV Club: 2020 LGBT Cinema & Television

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Best LGBTQ+ Audio On Vurbl Here are the best LGBTQ podcasts that represent diversity of expression across cultures, countries, religions and even history. From India to Ireland, to Australia and Africa, these podcasters are sharing their culture by analyzing their traditional stories, popular cinema, and people making huge steps towards equality. On days when we feel the world isn’t changing, that eyes aren’t opening to ways to include all expressions of humanity, we can look at this list and see that freedom of expression is happening all over the world. We can hear how people are sharing exactly who they are, how they’re doing it, and how they feel about the challenges and triumphs of being our true selves, with pride. Come back weekly for new podcasts to listen to! Vurbl LGBTQ+ Interviews, Stories, and More
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Merryana and Durr-e-'Adan have a 2020 Year in Review in this episode of GayV Club. See if your favorite LGBTQ film made their list, and find new movies and documentaries to watch! We were able to see most of these through streaming services, on-demand, at film festivals both online and offline and also just general cinema releases. Some may not be readily available for access now, but we hope you can look out for them in the future!
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next film is breaking fast, or if they are by Mike Musallam. And it's a romcom about a gay Lebanese Muslim man who meets this really lovely guy during Ramadan. Unfortunately, the love interest in this movie is a white man, but even more unfortunate is that he speaks Arabic better than either of us dio. It was really depressing, Actually. It's such a cute romance like he cooks his if their meal for him every single night. He knows how to make like this Lebanese food. I really want Thio, but I haven't I haven't seen this movie yet, but he was sending me screenshots of the food that they were eating. One of the things I get really excited about in terms of representation for being Lebanese is I love watching things where I can recognize food and I was just so excited as D. We're sending me away the screenshots of their meals and I could name every dish on the table. I was just so happy. E. I really loved it, felt so hungry watching this movie. I was hungry and I already I was eating while you were sending me this. So what's interesting about this movie is the main characters. Family is accepting of his sexuality, but like he's like an outlier amongst all his other gay RAB friends. I learned the word gay Arab from this movie on. I was like this the first amazing e. I wish I was there so I could say this. But I'm just an indication I'm occasion on occasion. Yeah, I do have that. But his best friend is not accepted by his family and, like, out of touch with the rest of the Muslim community. And like it's there's just really amazing scene where they do talk about Islamophobia from the white gay community but also like homophobia from the Islamic community. And it's just it's just a really good little seen. This film very much has the energy of those films, from like the early two thousands that are made by gay directors. They're like, really corny wrong calms, but also like they're trying to fit in every single thing that they want to say, because they're like scared that they may not get the chance to say this ever again. So films like, for instance, saving face, touch of pink. I can't think straight It's like a frantic energy, but it's it's still like super sweet and corny, and I really love that. And I don't think films like that get made very often because I feel like now everyone wants this like, you know, everyone wants. Yeah, everyone's this like it's like way more subdued so that it can be, you know, past office, like, you know, prestigious indie. You know, which is fine, because there are great films like that, like Mr Deseret. Yeah, like I do love like the Comfort. Next Stop. We've Got Second Stuff to the Right by Ruth Cordell. It's Ah, Colombian film about a bisexual woman in her thirties, and she's no out to her friends, and they're all like married or getting married, like with successful careers. Yeah, it's quite sad, like the way that they perceive her is immature for not being at the same stage that they are in life. It's still like a really lovely story, and it kind of I love films that show that, like the coming of age genre, is not just for stories about teens Amen and the way that, like coming of age, like for gay people can be delayed quite a bit. And yeah, this is just one of those wonderful films. It's actually been like scholarly articles written about like Queer Time, like it's actually called Queer Time. And it's like as an LGBT person, you have a different not a different body clock, biologically but a different body clock like emotionally, because you experience things that the Straits this person doesn't. You wasted so much time trying to feel the wrong things. Eso you're delayed, but not in a bad way. It will happen. Yeah, that's just what will happen in a different time for you, and that's That's okay. It's really nice to see films like this like a lot of the films that we've mentioned earlier there about, like all the LGBT people given like seniors, and it's really nice to see like this range. They're definitely not mainstream stories, but it's really nice to see this kind of range in this kind of interest in different generations of LGBT stories. Next up, we've got a minute by Francis Lee. Um, I don't want to talk about this movie for free. Go sign up to our patryan on. Listen to my review. There It's a very extensive review each day. Next up, We've got Super Over by Harry McQueen. It's the gay Colin Firth Stanley Tucci movie that we were all excited for. We did get a chance to see it as part of British from Festival in Sydney, and I really wanted to like this movie because it was, you know, the gay Colin Firth Stanley Tucci movie. I really wanted to like it. I just want to say that this movie felt like a very sad fan fiction, but I wouldn't say it's like a very sad for and fiction. I'd say it's just like every single euthanasia movie that's ever been. Maybe that's what I mean. I just think I don't vibe with euthanasia movies. I don't vibe with Dimension movies, which this film is. Dan I still debating about what happened at the end of the movie, but we won't have that debate here. I think it's an open ended, but yeah, I I did really wanna love. I do love this movie in some regards like I love seeing. Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are amazing in this movie. The performances and the love like you can really feel that they have really great chemistry. You could totally believe that they've been married for like, 30 plus years. Just, you know, the knowing and the familiarity. Also, I love I love their jumpers in this movie. Yeah, lots of good sweaters, lots of comfy jumps. Love that. And there's a cute dog. OAS. Well, there is there is. All right next up. Who would we be if we didn't mention this movie? Happiest Season, directed by Claire Duval. I just want to say, First off, I do really like this movie, but I just don't like the way people are talking about this movie in like popular discourse. I don't like the way that people are talking about it like it's a trashy Hallmark movie, like it is a romcom, but it's also a really great drama, exploring compulsory had to sexuality and being closeted and also like abusive families like that family like it. It's a very specific type of like familial abuse that you don't see a lot in movies. It's narcissistic abuse. I looked it up. Yeah, the conditional love in that family is porter line Asian, So I I felt I actually felt a little bit represented by it near around. Yeah, but yeah, cleared of all, is a lesbian icon. She has donated millions to the LGBT. She has, like, basically been doing everything for us since the nineties, and I just I cannot believe that she has had to defend the ending like spoilers. Sorry, but like, how is the main couple staying together at the end of the romcom? Controversial? I really don't know. And I think like all the discourse kind of speaks to the kind of it speaks to the lack of empathy first up that a lot of more privileged gays have for people who are closeted. Yeah, which is very like, Please check yourself on that. But also, it's kind of like the sort of moral standards that are placed on lesbian relationships. I think there's a difference between romanticizing toxicity and overcoming toxicity for the sake of romance. And I think that people should learn that difference. Also, I'm just I think this film is quite impressive in that it made me feel some sympathy for Kristen Stewart character so well done there. It hasn't made me like her, but yeah, it's also really funny. Yeah, it is really funny. It is really funny. Cleared of all in Mary Holland wrote the script. Mary Holland is the one that plays Jane, and I actually really love this film. From a technical standpoint, I really love the visual comedy and the production design, like a Miss Johnson, is off the charts in this movie, I think. Yeah, and lastly, I just want to mention small ax lovers. Rock One of the Small X Films by Steve McQueen. It's a film about first generation West Indies immigrants in England in the seventies, and they're having a party together in a space that they've made for themselves, where they can be themselves, like as a community and where they're protected from any kind of like outside interference. IE racism Just for the night. It's probably the best film that I've seen this year. Actually, it's only 70 minutes long as well, so highly recommend it. But, yeah, I like that. It shows like their community still has problems. It's not like this whole like you topic space, but it's in a situation where the problems that there's alone and not caused by the kind of systemic issues that they face just believes for this one night and it's a little bit gay. That's why I brought it up. It is a little bit gay, so yeah, definitely check those out. Also, the rest of the small ax movies Air Amazing this year has kind of been a bit for me in terms of movies. But, yes, Steve McQueen has really raised the bar. Eso lovers rock. It's just it's just vibes. It's primarily just vibes, and it's really great.