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Snippet of GeekVerse Podcast: PS5 Enjoyable Menu Layout & Fast Game Download

From Audio: PS5 Review
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Listen now to snippet “PS5 Enjoyable Menu Layout & Fast Game Download” from GeekVerse Podcast. Games and media are separate and easy wifi data transfer.
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just has something about it. I love the look of it all the white. I actually do like the white at first, as I got to know. But I love the white kind of high tech, future sci fi aspect. So I've loved the console so far. I really I'm on the opposite side where I'm still learning the menu. But I really, really like the change up because it's more of the main menu. I love that they have chosen to put games and media separately. The PS four had, like this mixed mosh of that, which is like whatever you played recently, or they had this terrible thing of when you had to go into your TV app. You had to go into a separate TV and video app to get to it, and it was just annoyance to get there where this is literally you go up, you select media and all your APS air there right away, and it's nice laid out. It's not some recently stuff. It's just the absolute downloaded are all right there. And it has a sleeping of like I like when I go to Disney. Plus, it has like a nice background of Mandalore when I go to w it just like you were saying it has this, like, nice feel to it. So the menu is a changeup. I really like the quick menu because I think X or PlayStations original piece for a whole menu at times was a little clunky, you know, like turn the control off. But now I still prefer the X box. Wait. But I still like getting the home screen the first two times I'm like, How do I get there? I don't even know anymore. Like I'm just so used to pressing it. But I like now that you press it, you go down. You can see how much just right away how much battery your controller has. You can turn it off. So I think the more I already like it actually more than the PS +41 But the more I use it, I think I get Maura constitute and really enjoy it. And then the last, like, major thing. I'll say a sort of My thing is, I did the day to transfer pretty good. I did it. I really appreciate it, even though it took me 27 hours I appreciate that. You could do a whole gave up. I couldn't do it. Do it just it didn't even it barely started. Oh, really? Yeah. I just put it on. I'm like, I'm going to work so much easier. And I don't know why Xbox got it down quicker than PlayStation. It was just like, screw it. I'm not I'm just getting ready to go. Miles O. Yeah. So, yeah, I did that. And then that took a day. But I just went to bed and then had on when I was at work. And I liked that necessity of just being easy. WiFi transfer. And then I guess the two things I forgot to mention was I did play miles on PS four and MPs five. I mentioned this in my miles reviews both times on Marv Alliance and the first one. But if he hadn't heard, it is just like there was a noticeable difference, which was good. It was one of those things where yeah, I was a little bummed. I was playing on PS four and I was like, Yeah, I'm sure we'll look a little better, but when it did like, Oh, this is felt smoother. So that was good and even the download time. It was so funny when I downloaded it for the PS five or PS four. Took an hour and a half. When I download for PS 5, 25 minutes, it was exact same gigabytes, same game, but only 25 minutes. PS five. And that's kind of similar. They don't have a quick resume like Xbox, but again, low times all around in general, even with Miles like very, very quick, you know, like it. It just just speeds and guns. That's why even stuff like the Web swing. When I got in there playing from the PS four version, it just felt like a faster consul. Facile system. So again, that download, Even like I said, going from our and a half to 25 minutes, that's a huge cut of time, and it was just very impressive what it
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