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Snippet of GeekVerse Podcast: PS5 UI Is High Tech & Controller Is Fluid

From Audio: PS5 Review
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Listen now to snippet “PS5 UI Is High Tech & Controller Is Fluid” from GeekVerse Podcast. A complete redesign with an elite feel and the best Sony controller.
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way to the like. It's It's It has. It's kind of like I think this is the most sleekest and most interesting design since the three, you know? And yeah, I think so. Yeah, and it's just it's very different. Um, it's It's for a consul that has been mainly black. Yeah, we decided to go different and choose, you know, the white kind of wings. I think they're calling it at this point. Um, the u I. Is a complete redesign from the ground up. Um, I'm still getting used to it. I'm not one of these people that says, Oh, I hate everything about it. I think I only don't like it just because I still haven't figured it out yet. I'm kind of like, stumbling my way through like it took me forever. Like, Okay, how do I get to the power button? How do you know? How do I get that? So I do like how the menus of pop up it's You could call it up at any point. Um, I think what Sony doesn't really well, in the sense of making everything sleek and out like this. Pretty in that sense, Like e think all the you wise. They've done a very, very pretty. But this is probably far like a big step from the previous you wine sense of very sleek, very elegant like tax feeling like when you open up just those bubbles in the way they move it, it feels like new and you're in and experience right now you feel like you're you. Right now you have this. You are part of a different group of gaming at this point, like they want to make you feel like I hate to say that might make you feel like an elite person one 100% they very much of that, like Apple vibe. That's like Apple goes for that phones to write it like they have a certain look, a certain feel that they may change it up, But they wanna make you feel like you said in a Levite PlayStation. It has that feel before, even with the console size being inconvenient, that Zbig, that's easiest word. I can say it's inconvenient. Well, challenge anyone. My hat's off to you. If you cannot stand the sucker upright, you have to do it on on like the side. At that point, be careful with that. Thing is that is not that whatever it is, the stand or whatever, you could get that back for the whole thing. Jiggle. So yeah, it's not the greatest. I've only Yosi. I've only had it on its side, but it only is a cabinet that I had doesn't move. It's just in there. And I have a counter that luckily is long enough but yet is on its side. So I'm not one of those people that yeah, I haven't had to put in any disk, so that's a good thing. But that was the first challenging part of it because I put in the disk. Wrong reversed time. They did not. Well, it just didn't like the way I interpreted where the disc was. At that point, I didn't put it in right. I was. And why isn't Miles installed yet? Oh, that's why because I put it in the wrong way. So it was one of those things, Like on the X factor. I can clearly see which side is up based on the design like this one. It's not as I'm looking at us and yeah, I'm an idiot. I should have figured that out, but But when I stand it upright, it just wasn't as intuitive when at that point. But playing miles is the Onley game I played. I have not played Astros playroom. I've heard Mawr positive things that I would have thought for just a ad on game. I don't know. Have you played it at all? No, but my fiance, Because she so when I got I was in the middle of podcast when I got the PlayStation, and then everyone got home, so I set it up. But I had to eat. So I was just so starving. So I was like, You know what? You go and I really want to see what the adaptive triggers were like, which I'm going to talk about a second because that's really fun, like the remote. But yeah, it's a fun. It's It's a fun little add on game. It's one of those that they easily could have maybe charge like a 10 $15 or something. But it's on there, and it's good because it shows off. So there's this cool thing where the controller is. Obviously they've been pumping out this adaptive triggers thing, right and they have said that, like, you're not gonna feel as much for other games going team or the Sony PlayStation studios, who they can make this experience. But this ashes playroom one time to be a chance, I would say, even play just a little bit of it. And that gets to really feel because they do the school thing where whatever these little robots are, they, like, jump in your control around like, Oh, what? So you've with the motion can move like left and right, and literally when you move to the left, you feel them like tumbling, almost like down a hill, and you could like the way it vibrations. And then when you move it back, it starts the left and goes all the way down. It's really cool stuff. So I'm like, I'm really looking forward to the next time Naughty dog does whatever they're gonna do or like the next god of, or to see what they could do. So it is one where, even if you want to, just like Demo the controller, I would say at some point the next month give it a world just because it's worth just saying like Oh, this things This thing's really cool. If you could put your I put some stuff into and I was somebody when they kept talking, I was like, Okay, they talked about so much. Was like, Is this really gonna make a difference at the end of day? The game still needs to be good, but it was really like, Okay, this does feel cool. And it doesn't feel it doesn't feel old and kind of junkie like the we motion controls were back in the day, which were just like it felt like a problem to try and do. This was it's very fluid, Very nice. And eso ashes playroom is it's a fun little like demo reel. Yeah, I'll definitely give it a try, but yeah, Miles play is amazing. It looks amazing graphically playing five. I finished it. I'm pretty much done with it. I'm not a new games plus kind of person. It's not enough to draw me back into to do that again unless they get some updates. But I don't forsee them giving too many major updates to that game as they are in the middle of developing of Spiderman, too. But, um, you know the the controller is probably by far the best Sony PlayStation controller I have ever seen and held. They finally have taken a que from Xbox and the Nintendo switch broke controller and made an actual controller. I very much like holding in my hands PlayStation role. Well, I mean, it's just like I just didn't like e. Well, it's just It was I got bigger hands, so I mean, it was it was more small in it. It's a kind of cramped ID. This one has a very ergonomic in the sense of that I love.
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