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Snippet of Get in the Mecha: The Suruga Monkey Arc From Bakemonogatari Review

Last Played: March 29, 2021
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An apparition Koyomi knows attacks him. He struggles to solve the problem without using force. Koyomi usually finds the apparition, but this time, it finds him. The storyboarding has switched creators, and the new creator does action very well.
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jump right into a plot summary for the third organ Monkey arc. Despite all the challenges that are already has faced recently and so far dealing with apparitions and such, he is still a school kid, and he still does have exams. Therefore, he decides to study at Hitachi Central Colorado's place. We know she is very smart, she's very intellectual, and she will be a great tutor for him. So he decides to go to her house on the way that he actually encounters girl that goes to a school. They end up engaging in a conversation, and most importantly, her name is can brew Suruga, our Iraqi. And he talked. He engaged for quite a while in this study session. However, things all start to change when he goes home, since when he is on his way home, he encounters a mysterious figure that decides to attack him. This figure is in a wrinkled and also has a monkey's poor. Where this gets really interesting, though, is that we discover that this very person who attacked him is the girl which he met on the way to hit targets. House Kangaroo Suruga. It turns out that she's actually been possessed by an apparition, and she can't really remember when she goes on these rampages. This is a really brutal arc in this series, since it puts our A G to the test, since he has no other option to solve this problem of the apparition without using force. So that is the plot summary for this arc. And I have to say that when I look back at it now, since I'm basically re watching the series as I'm doing these episodes, looking back at it now, it doesn't seem as structurally complex. I think that's because I've gone very used to how Monica Atari or the Monarch Atari series structured and how some of these boards, uh, tackle the events of the series. And so it feels very manageable, as opposed to before, when I was very hard to digest, always what was going on because it was simply just a bit complicated and not like anything I've really seen before. That being said, although it is rather easy to grasp personally when it comes to this arc, at least on the structural level, that isn't to say that it isn't very different to what we've experienced Yes, we do have the meeting, a person encountering the apparition and then having to solve the problem. But this comes at a very different order because usually it's that we find the apparition and we solved the problem and we still are solving the problem here. But the problem has come to us and we are forced to solve it because it's it's attacked us. The apparition poses much more of a danger this time, as opposed to, you know, sort of coming out of the sky quite literally, as we had with Sandra Guajardo meeting in manually at the park. It's a very different situation here, and I think we have to look at this, are quite differently in comparison to the other two. So in terms of direction, story boarding, we have quite a few changes or a very big change within this. Firstly, I'm just going to go through the story, borders and episode directors for these episodes, and then I'll point out, what's the really big thing to take note of? So, in part one, we have storyboards for Mitchell Fukuda and Tasha Ishii and the episode direction by June Fukuda and Toshimasa Suzuki in part two. We have storyboards solely from Oishi and then episode direction from Tom, You, Kitamura and Suzuki from last episode and then in Part three, the final part. We have storyboards from Oishi and Fukuda again and then episode direction from Peter Murder, Suzuki and Oishi. I know I just threw out quite a lot of names there, so feel free to rewind or just it doesn't it's not so important to remember the very order. But the big shift I really want you to take note of is that Nobuyuki Taguchi has switched out as story boarding for a lot of these episodes and that has switched to Oishi and also Fukuda as well. So technology has kind of taken a bit of a step back here, and I think that we'll see quite a few visual differences. But also something I really like about Oishi is that I personally that this is a very personal opinion. I think that he handles action very well. I think it's very good to have Oishi boarding because he really gets action and will eventually explore this more as we progress through the series to as I was saying before this is a very tonally different arc to the past to arts, which have been in this series. The morning Qatari series has always and it's kind of at the heart of its identity. It's always been about solving problems through language and dialogue. It already deals quite heavily with the complexities of language and stuff like that. But the sort of the monkey arc takes a very different routes and how we're almost forced into the Ark. I think the series has been quite comfortable so far and then potentially saying that because of my own bias since I've watched this series and I get how it's composed. But even so, I think it's a great arc for taking us out of this very comforted Monica. Sorry series have been cool at that, where we the apparition makes its way into the narrative, and then we learn to fix the problem. And it's not so that there aren't problems in the way. But it's a lot more convenient as opposed to the sort of the monkey arc, which is pretty much an inconvenience, were forced to solve this issue as we're pretty much attacked by Suruga just to build on that I really like how this time were met with violence and threats, which isn't really a side of apparitions we've seen. We've already seen them in terms of mental torment and stuff like that, with the issues which hit hockey was facing, and that is equally as stressful. But seeing a sort of physical manifestation and physical threat is something we are completely new to. And I think this is where the show starts to spin the notion of the apparition on its head quite a bit. So the nature of apparitions and our understanding of how they are and how they work is really changing within this arc.
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