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Snippet of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: What's It Like To Make Triple Axel History? with Mirai Nagasu

Last Played: February 17, 2021
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Jonathan has been an outspoken figure skater/figure skating fan since the start of Queer Eye; on this episode, they talk with Mirai Nagasu, the first American female figure skater to land a triple Axel at the Olympics. Listen to JVN gush over Nagasu over everything technical, artistic, and political.
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in Arcadia, which is also where there's another figure. Isn't Sasha someone else's? From Arcadia? She started skating at the Pasadena Figure Skating Center, and I started skating there, too, like she did her like first sessions carotene skate from who else gets in Arcadia like there was someone else from our Katie? Oh, no, she's from prima, which is the same as Kristi Yamaguchi. But California is a haven for those skaters because it's so hot that people like dio a vacay to the ice rink and then they like Cool. Yeah, you have to know however you when you realized how, like, when did you go figure skating For the first time? I was five. Actually, my dad really loves to golf, and he wanted me to become a professional golfer. He was like, My, the scholarships and golf are really and so I have photos of me before I could even walk, um, playing with like, plastic golf balls and my dad is like in the back room, like actually practicing, and he's like, Oh, look, this was your calling. And then my mom it rained in California, and my mom was like, Oh, let's go skinny thank God for your mom. And to this day, my dad says, uh, that was a day that my dreams were canceled. I mean, golf is not an Olympic. Well, I think it was. OK, well, whatever. I don't Whatever. I'm really committed to your figure skating career. And I'm, like, really in love with your mom for doing that. So when you were five and you would figure skating for the first time Like, like, what was the first Olympics? Remember watching uh, Karen. Michelle, That right will be Nagano. Okay, Okay, okay, okay. I have a lot of really strong feelings around this one. It's hard to watch. I had to just I literally, like, once a year ago back and rewatch it just to like, I mean, actually, just this year, for the first time, I rewatched it and for the first time, like, didn't have such, like, blistering rage that I, like didn't kick the TV because I was like, Oh, like now I feel like subjectively like I don't know what changed in the last year. I was like, all of a sudden, like, feel like she did like she beat her that time. But over all like in terms of, like, fairness for career. I feel like I think they're both doing great, though they're both winning at life, you know? Yes, I know, I know, I know. But this is the thing. Like when it comes to figure skating, gymnastics, it's like my one like hetero second. Like I'm, you know, like like that's how I can understand how straight guys freak out when their team loses because, like like, that's how I get with people who I look like. I just get so like I'll be like, devastated for, like, days like I like I like when you landed your triple, I was like, uh, I'm God like I knew she wanted that And that's all. I just wanted to get that and she got it. Sounds good. You know, I was like, great. But Michelle, she wanted that little baby cold. And so sometimes I just, you know, and and I I just Terror bear was like but actually, Terrorist doesn't piss me off. Muchas Syracuse is really even though I know Michelle fell then. But, like fuck like Michelle like just to me, like Michelle Turner has like, she never went toe world. Oh, she didn't know. I didn't know that she literally one nationals when the Olympics had, like, the best gate of her life, like in her hometown, like, just was like, fuck it, I'm just gonna throw this. And when she went to Harvard Yeah, and you know, she's and she's probably, like a really sweet girl. I just you know what else I realized about not only politicians, but figure skating. What? It's political. That, too, but also like if there's something about, like the aesthetic that works for me, I'm like, Oh, my God, I'm obsessed Like Hillary Clinton loved her Blow dry. Loved it as a little kid loved her forever. Can't help it. That Sarah Hughes haircut. For some reason, it was iconic, though she brought back like the Dorothy Hammel on the Peggy Fleming. No. Yeah, but for me, like in, like, eighth grade, it wasn't. It went over my head. I wasn't here for it. And I was like, I was I was in ninth grade. I was just It just further made me upset about Michelle like it just was really pulling for Michelle. I know. And I used to think that I was Michelle Kwan because like she grew up in California and you grew up in California and had a restaurant to your parents had a restaurant, but she's a bigger your bigger you love her. She is genuinely the nicest person I've ever met. And like, I hope you get Thio one day meter because you will literally cry for hours. Well, she has not been as forthcoming on the gram. I have tagged her of many a time on this story because she's not my quote to I'm obsessed with her that Vera Wang powder blue Nagano long skate outfit is on, and it is still, you know, it comes to me in my sleep when I need to be comforted, just like the busy working for Hillary. I don't think she's working for her anymore. Yeah, she's just busy. In general, she's like doing like special Olympics things run again. I actually think she's going to. She's acting like someone who is going to as much as people keep saying that, they think that she's not. I think that she is. But the other thing I agree that it's time, but now I'm like terrified If she does run, we're gonna lose again. And I'm like, Oh, my God. Like And I love Hill Hill. She was my first presidential vote. I voted for her against Barack in the primaries, and she was my first presidential vote ever. I really, really like her. One step at a time, girl. Yeah. One step. There's no need to rush, You know that Jordan Sparks song learning Thio, Okay?
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