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Snippet of Health Hacker: Hacking the Vegan diet

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Is a Vegan diet right for you? Adam explains how the Vegan diet works, why it's different from becoming a vegetarian, and the supplements you will need to take now that meat is no longer in your diet.
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Adam McDougall is a health and fitness economist, and in each episode he hacks into a topic to make health and fitness simple and easy for you on I'm Alex Adams, producer and I actor's voice of the People. For all of us asking questions to help us apply Adams hacks to our lives and this episode, we're gonna hack into veganism and Adam. We love hearing from our tribe. So if you have a question for Adam on a topic, you want us the hack or just anything around. Health and fitness reach out of the man. Shake dot com dot au or at the man shake socials, and Adam will send you a man shake or a lady shake pack. If you're Question makes the podcast and Adam, this has come up because your socials were going off because of the documentary that came out called Game Change is about veganism, and I know this divides not only health and fitness professionals, but it seems to be dividing the general public as well. So you're gonna dive into it and quite a lot of detail. I am a There's a food wall, literally like people are out there now reminds me the dark old age is where you know religion. You know, seeing people's beliefs, um, have them basically hung upside down and burned to death, and that that's what's happening with, you know, the Vegans versus the carnival. So they're both hating on each other. At the moment. They're both saying that the devil and we shouldn't eat any meat, and then the other people are obviously saying that people that just eat vegetables or wackos But, uh, my personal position in this whole argument is I'm not an Omnivore, which is somebody that just eats meat, essentially, or or herb of all someone that just states plants. I'm what I call a neutral and the neutrals a term I like to use, which is a made up to him, which essentially means I eat for nutrition. Alex and I think that's what we all should do. However, I'm not going to begrudge someone for wanting to go down the path of being a vegan for spiritual reasons or for personal beliefs. Every single diet and every single choice we make in life should be based on what we personally want to do and what we believe We all have different variations in our genes and and now our body types And what not so some die. It's gonna work for some people, some that's gonna work for other people and any lunatic that tells you one diet is the best diet for everyone. Is that a lunatic? So let's take a deep dive now into it, I suppose, distinguishing what is veganism versus say vegetarianism because there's a lot of people out there who are vegetarians. And when I first, you know, wasn't that educated in this space, I didn't really know the difference myself. And then when I had a bit of a look, that's a subtle difference, but it's a huge one. So vegans essentially do not eat anything at all that comes from an animal. So no animal matter. No eggs, no dairy, absolutely nothing at all that comes from animals, whereas vegetarians will eat things that come out of animals so they won't actually eat the animal. Alex. They won't kill the golden goose as such, but they will eat the eggs. They'll eat the dairy eso that That's the major difference between the two types of people at the moment in this raging argument about whether or not we should be a plant based died focused species or an animal consuming species. Now plant based is also a term that's being misused a lot when you have a look at the documentary game changes. They never said the word vegan it was was until the end that a really demonized meat, and they made some ridiculous claims, and we'll dive into it in, you know, up and coming podcast. But I remember one of them was that if you eat a hamburger once in a week, you've just undone all the great nous that you've done by eating a plant based diet. Now, how ridiculous. So a little bit extreme, one could say, but a plant based diet? What is that? That we need to distinguish that familiar plant based art is what most people should be eating, and that is 70% of the plate should be at least plants. Um, so I think it's a big difference between a plant based diet and a vegan diet, which will dive into now. Adam, on this podcast, we talk a lot about how our ancestors how they lived and we try and adopt that to our modern life. Now I know that seems crazy, but from past episodes, if you go back and listen, you we'll talk about sleep patterns. You know how to connect with nature, the top of exercise we should be doing. And then it doesn't seem so. Woo hoo is about getting in touch with the way our bodies evolved because technology is going faster than we do when we look at diet, we talk a bit about this, but veganism I would like you to talk to me about Well, how does that relate to our ancestors and how they evolved? I mean, were they eating on the plant based diets back then, or were they eating more meat as well? No. You're exactly right. Neither of us have an agenda here. So that's the great thing. And you know, science can't be argued within this instant. We know that we are where we are today as the dominant species on this planet. Why? Because our brains are bigger than everyone else is. And how did our brains get so big? Well, it happened over a couple of million year period, and that coincided with the period when available to cook food for starters and where we ate lots of meat. Why? Because our brains are very expensive organ, you know it weighs roughly 3% about body mass, Yet it consumes over 20% of calories require on a daily basis. Now, for that brain to grow the way that it did, it required huge amounts of calories. Now you know guerrillas, you know, might just eat plants all day. But guess what? They got much smaller brains and what leader? Uh, and the reason is because they don't get enough calories for that brain to grow on. That's why they haven't evolved like what you have. So for human beings to actually get the calories that needed just to sustain its brain size a couple of million years ago, you would have had to have chewed on plant matter for over 12 hours a day. Now, no human being would have had the capability just to sit there and chew grass or 12 hours plus a day. So the brain is a very expensive organ, and it required ah lot of nutrients to grow and evolve to the state that it is today and that was done with meat. So, you know, we can argue that, you know, we evolved a certain way and we should stick to that diet and, you know, plants with the way to go. But science cannot be argued with as far as how we got to where we got today on. Do you know there was deficiencies in our bodies? We died, and you know, it's been proven time and time again that a vegan based diet has lots of deficiencies on That's the Challenge River. And that's what we're here to do today to hack into teaching people that they can go vegan in the modern day era. They couldn't have done that back in the old times because of deficiencies like B 12 and and other things will dive into because there were no supplements, whereas today you can actually afford yourself to a vegan based art and get away with it even though you'll be deficient. But you can supplement it. So Thea other. The other problem we have Alex is also from unethical reason. A lot of people say they don't want to eat meat, which I understand we shouldn't be eating. I don't believe factory raised animals. They're very detrimental Torrey Environment. But the importance is pasture raised animals are a totally different thing when you have a look at sustainable farming practices, this is crucial to the survival of our race moving forward. And I want to jump on a political you know, donkey here and start, you know, beating my chest. But you know, soil erosion is one of the biggest problems facing us today, and there's 40 billion tons of topsoil lost every single year, and it's mainly as a result of plowing and cropping. And guess what? You know, that's the feed us all these plant based foods, a lot of the times like corn and soy and whatnot. So yeah, this isn't doing good for our environment. We need to find that balance once again and allow the animals to roam and forage and urinate poop on the grass. And that regenerates the soil, which is very important, you know, soil and grass and that carbon capture. Yeah, this is what we need. So you know, it's very, very interesting. And I think you know, this extremism isn't not only good for our health, but it's not good for environment
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