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Snippet of Heated Waves: Winner of Superbowl LV Is The GOAT

Last Played: December 10, 2021
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Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs beat Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he’ll do it again at the Superbowl 55 revenge game. Brady got a huge boost in offense and defense that he couldn’t get with the Patriots. But perhaps anyone who had the opportunity to stack a team as he did would have similar results.
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This is the preview to the Super Bowl. If you have been sticking with the NFL and sticking with us with our predictions and everything, it is through the Kansas City Chiefs going right back to the Super Bowl against Tom Brady and his newfound glory team, the Tampa Bay Bucks. Wow, of course, Tom Brady's back here. We all know that if anybody watched that game between them and the Packers, you've seen a quite a few no calls. And then you see the last second call at the end of that ballgame, which I believe, ultimately decided the game there and sitting Tom Brady to his 10th championship Super Bowl run in appearance. And also, I think it was a little sketched in a little driven throughout the playoffs that Tom Brady's first year on a new team. The Bucks haven't been to the playoffs since 2000 to 3 when they want it all. Tom Brady took him there in the first season. I think you gotta look at a few things that actually understand how he got there. I mean, look at the stack team. I mean, offensively and defensively. He went out there and stacked this team. He understood that the Patriots weren't gonna do it for him. Didn't have the cap space, which I don't even know how the freaking bucks had cap space for this. But, I mean, he went out there and got a huge, huge boost on offense. A huge boost on defense. Anyway, you look at it. I'm just saying anybody in that position on that team could have taken this team. Justus Far, even James Winston from last year. If you gave him all those same weapons Tom Brady's got in that defense. My goodness, P homes. Wow. Was he stunning against the Bills and just made them really? Ultimately go. Oh, wow, We're not as good as what we thought were not explosive. As the Kansas City Chiefs are by far anything, I think, honestly, and anybody could sit here and try to disagree with this, but I think it's ass tonight. If you sit here and think that the Kansas City Chiefs aren't the most explosive team in the NFL this year, I think if you're looking at all this the two and to record versus each other, it is a winner take all game. This is goat. Take all you can say what you want. Tom Brady is the goat right now, if you're basing it off rings and winds and percentages like that and you guys could take for whatever it's worth, I believe this Super Bowl between Tom Brady and Patch More Homes is the decider of all. It really, truly is. It's gotta be the decider of the Goat. I know Tom Brady's already got the resume and everything going on. But if he loses to Patrick Mahomes after taking that Bucks team from nothingness, a seven and nine team last year all the way to the Super Bowl beating out Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs on the road, beating out Drew Brees on the road. But I think this is where we solidify. Who's the greatest quarterback of all time? Whoever wins the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 55 between Patrick Mahomes. Tom Brady is gonna be the goat in my eyes because of Tom Brady Goes all this way. Takes this team has never been there. Jump ship went, Got everybody on the offensive side and defensive side. It goes all the way to the Super Bowl and loses toe. Patrick Mahomes P. Holmes, who's the best quarterback in the last three years of football? Easily. If he loses that, this is all for nothing, and it is now Patrick Mahomes P homes, the goat. And if you disagree, let me know why. You know, obviously, you know, jump in here and send me a voice mail. Send me comments, whatever it is that you wanna dio. But I truly believe if Tom Brady takes his team all the way to the Super Bowl, did everything he did this year and loses to Patrick Mahomes. It's all for nothing. Then P. Holmes is the true goat if he can beat you in the biggest stage possible. And you did everything all throughout the year to get everybody on your team offensively and defensively because you're not gonna sit here. And there's nobody here in this world that has watched football this year and watch the Tampa Bay Bucks and seeing what they did, you know, going out there, picking up players, signing players, getting guys out of retirement, you name it. That is the most stacked offense I've ever seen. Even more than the Chiefs, they have more weapons than the Chiefs. You're not gonna argue me and tell me that. Yeah, I did say this most explosive offense because it is the Chiefs. But the most stacked, star studded offense has gotta be Tom Brady. So if he doesn't win this game against Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl at home, a home game after doing everything I've said offensively and defensively, going to get all these guys on his team and getting everything right, beating Aaron Rodgers beating Drew Brees losing, of course, in the regular season, if you guys forgot to Patrick Mahomes, which was at home, I mean, you've got to think about that. Patrick Mahomes went on the road and beat Tom Brady this year in Tampa Bay. E. I mean, that is astronomical. And then to go to the Super Bowl, playing in that very same place again and get beat, Tom Brady is no longer the goat to me. Say what you want. Tom Brady is no longer the goat If he loses for one, this is a revenge game, right? And now you have in a second opportunity to beat him in the playoffs in the biggest moment there possibly is. And if Tom Brady loses at home again in the Super Bowl. I will officially name Patrick P Homes The Goat because if you could go on, beat him on the biggest stage at home two times in the same season with everything. Tom Brady is wit and got with everybody he's beat this year. You name it Pete Holmes. Got to be the goat, right? I'm just saying, Keep this in mind, two guys. This is a great, great stat to go ahead and solidify who might just win that ballgame and the Super Bowl. Get this, Including playoffs. The winner of each game between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady has gone on to win the Super Bowl in that season. Think about that. The winner of each game between Patrick Mahomes, which he's already won and earlier in the season on the road against Tampa Bay. So, basically, ultimately, with that being said, he's gonna win the Super Bowl right against Tom Brady, right? And the Buccaneers, right? He's gonna win a second game against them on the road again, basically, and Tom Brady gets two home games here, and he's already beat him once with that's that being said, between these two. That guy has went on a one Super Bowl. It's crazy to think so. Keep that in mind. I'm just saying that this is gonna This is gonna be amazing game. I'm not gonna I mean, we can't sit here and say It's not I mean, the first game between these two guys in Week 12, Patrick Mahomes threw for 462 yards and three touchdowns. I mean, ridiculous. Tom Brady. 3 42 3, 45 3 touchdowns. Two pigs. I mean, you're going to see a gun slinging game again. This is the Super Bowl. This is where it all hangs out. You're going to see some of creativity from these coaches to to really good coaches. I'm not so big on Arians. You know Bruce Arians. But Andy Reid is just a genius when it comes to football. I mean, you could say what you want. It's just our starting team. Any quarterbacking over there being the quarterback for the Chiefs to be that successful? No, Absolutely not. That is ridiculous. That isn't most untrue statement I've ever heard. Patrick Mahomes has a different mechanics went through in the football. He has a different way of looking at the field. He sees everything on the field. He gets rid of it. Those left handed passes and it looks. I mean, side arms, like baseball throws with a football, which is insane. No, that is I will crush that comparison. Anybody wants to do that? I'm just saying Patrick Mahomes is probably gonna win another Super Bowl. And let's go ahead and throw these stats in there for the fact that this is the third time in a row that Patrick Mahomes went to the A F C championship, right? He's three. They're too, for three and the FC Championships Now, uh, he's going back to back Super Bowls. He's one for one for one right now. Going to be trying to go be two for two against Tom Brady. I mean, what better? What better Super Bowl could people want? Is Tom Brady versus Patrick Mahomes? I know a lot of people want to see that Aaron Rodgers verse Patrick Mahomes because we haven't seen that yet. We have not got to see that yet in the Super Bowl, we also did. We haven't seen a Super Bowl of obviously, the Bills and Josh Allen going against Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, which I would have loved to see those two. But fact of the matter is, it's Patrick Mahomes. First, Tom Brady again for the fifth time winner takes all Goat. All. I think this will end all segments and anybody going up The real goat is Patch Me homes. Because if Tom Brady loses this game, that's all. People are gonna talk about. How he lost to catch my homes and Andy Reid and the Chiefs again, and you can't beat them. So let's see if we can beat them. I can't. I can't have my legacy go out losing the Super Bowl to Patrick Mahomes, my 10th appearance and taking this Cinderella team all the way. Or, let's say, hypothetically, the Bucks beat the Chiefs. There's nothing lost on Patrick Mahomes. He's gonna keep going here, is gonna keep making the playoffs. He's gonna be in the A F C championship almost every single year, long as they keep the talent, the coach around him, so he's got nothing to lose. Tom Brady's got everything to lose
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