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Snippet of Here for the Right Reasons: Chris Harrison Hires a Lawyer, 'Bachelorette' and 'Bachelor in Paradise' 7 Casting Updates

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Host Sarah Hearon breaks down reports about Chris Harrison's decision to hire a lawyer amid his hiatus from "The Bachelor".
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we learned that Tasha and Caitlin will be hosting Katie's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, and Chris Harrison will not be involved. He has yet to publicly react to that, but we do know from Tasia that she spoke to Chris and he was very kind and gracious to her. I know he's also close friends with Kaitlyn Bristowe, so I'm sure he has nothing against them. But I think is probably frustrated that he is not, has not been involved with the upcoming season, and that was kind of confirmed when he hired a lawyer. So a source close to US Weekly recently confirmed that Chris Harrison hired Brian J. Friedman. And he is the same lawyer who represented Gabrielle Union after she was let go from America's Got Talent after one season and came for NBC. So if you are unfamiliar with what happened with Gabrielle Union, it's kind of interesting because it gives us a little bit of insight into what Chris Harrison might be trying to do because he has not spoken out about this yet. But sources close to him have confirmed to us and to page six and a few other outlets that he did indeed hire this lawyer. So Gabrielle Union was released by NBC in November 2019 after speaking out about the problematic racist incidents on the set of America's Got Talent. In June 2020 she filed an official harassment complaint against the producers of the show over her treatment. They announced in September 2020 that they reached an amicable resolution to the case. So this would mean that Chris Harrison is likely taking up some issues with ABC or with the bachelor franchise for how this situation was handled, Whether that meant putting him on the back burner based on his comments. Whether this is something stemming from a long time ago, we don't totally know. Um, everything always kind of seemed like they were working together, and Chris wanted to take time away from the show to work on himself. That's what the statement said. Now it kind of seems that maybe there's something behind the scenes we don't know or he's taking that back. Unclear. This is a friend. An unidentified friend, of course, is to page six quote. Chris has had a spotless record for 20 years. He has always been the good company man But after the way he was treated by producers and executives over the past couple of weeks, he's run out of cheeks to turn, although it remains to be seen a legal action. Chris, maybe exploring the friend, explained to Page six Quote. Now he's ready to tell the truth about how things really work over there and has plenty of evidence to back him up. I mean, this is interesting. I am very intrigued by what's going to come out about this, because obviously it will be public. I mean the Gabrielle Union stuff. There's plenty of reports of things claims she made about Simon Callow and about the, um, kind of micro aggressions that were directed at her as the only black woman on the show and just the way she was treated on America's Got talent. It's all on the Internet. So with Chris Harrison, if you know this moves forward, I'm sure we'll find out what he means