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Snippet of Here for the Right Reasons: Matt James Season Wrap-Up With Nemacolin President Maggie Hardy Knox

Last Played: March 23, 2021
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Host Sarah Hearon breaks down the details that have come out about Matt James’ “After the Final Rose,” including what Michelle and Rachael talked about in their deleted scene and why Rachael is coming to Matt’s defense.
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people talking to each other at the special. I mean, in addition to the whole Bree not getting any air time, which obviously we talked about with her. If you haven't listened to Tuesday's episode with free, I mean not to toot my own horn, but 10 10 recommend. Um, anyway, these photos came out about Rachel and Michelle talking. So Emanuel Gat on Instagram, and he confirms that this happened on camera. But it was on the fly and and it didn't air. And he said, because of TV time, constraints limit you from broadcasting everything you desire, which again I get. I just feel like we could have cut maybe some other stuff in the actual episode or done a two parter or release put a bonus footage online. I just feel like there's so much emphasis on how important these conversations were and so many questions about this season and the future of the show. And Matt and Rachel and Rachel relationship with the other women and all the stuff we didn't see already continue to just make me have questions. And then this did the same. So he said, quote while talking to Michelle Young, I could sense that she was hurt by Rachel. That she never reached out personally wants the photo service. Given their friendship on the show, it wasn't planned. Transcript, but I figured they were both in the building. Why not talk about it face to face? Plus, I see an opportunity for reconciliation. I take it thankfully, Rachel was willing, and Michelle hadn't left yet, so I brought the two to talk it out. Michelle was broken over over everything that happened, and I sensed that I reached out to producers via my microphone and said, Hey, can we get Michelle and Rachel to somehow reconcile? I knew after talking to Matt, we probably weren't going to see a reconciliation in their relationship during the course of the episode. So what kind of reconciliation could we see the two shared and embrace? I simply sat there and witnessed it and thought, if we could see this collectively as a society, we could all grow. It was a beautiful depiction that I got to witness for the sake of time. You did not get to witness. That was my favorite moment that you didn't see. I mean, are you freaking kidding me? I feel like that was really crucial. As he said, this show has divided a lot of people the same way. The country is very divided. I know it sounds silly, but I really think this could have been a lovely healing moment for Rachel. For the girls on the show who are friends with Rachel. You heard briefs as she Her and Rachel are close. You know, Rachel is not a bad, horrible person. And I think that it would have been nice to see that side of her and Michelle. And I think for for everyone involved, it just would have been nice to see. And it would have made this all a little more of a well rounded situation. Um, obviously, Rachel, you know, had a lot to answer to. And, you know, it's not up to me to decide what she should do next. Um, but I thought that that would be really nice to see for also, like I said, the other girls on the show the other women of color on the show who have a complicated relationship with Rachel, and it just like would be healing for everyone and the bachelor and good for the show. I thought it would look good for ABC to to show something nice happened. So I'm very confused by their decision not to air that. I still would love to see it one day. Um and yeah, I don't know so many questions about that, but I'm glad we got to know. Um, it makes a little more sense after talking to breathe. You know, these women did get along with Rachel. Obviously, Matt was shocked about everything that came out, and it would have been a nice way to move the moment forward, the movement.
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