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Maybe on your last visit to New York City, you over looked certain areas, restaurants, or bars. Don't worry, in this snippet listen to hidden gems that most tourists ignore.
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Yeah. What would you consider? Like a hidden gem in the city? Uh, like a neighborhood or something in general, Like what comes to mind first when I say that, I don't know. I always think I always think of I like I love queens. I really, really love queens. I think Queens is kind of overlooked a lot by people who visit here. E mean Brooklyn's kind of this hot, trendy place to live and visit and go out and whatever, but people sleep on Queens, man. They sleep on queens on I love I love neighborhoods like Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, Queens. Uh, Ridgewood, which is pretty much it's close to Bushwick, and that's where I live. I live in Ridgewood, but these neighborhoods all you know, there's tons of immigrants, great food. Why, it's still really, really diverse. It's New York, you know. That, to me, is what New York is. You go to some of these neighborhoods that air, you know, that have come up a little more quickly and whatnot. And they're already, you know, gentrified, expensive and whatever. Andi, these neighborhoods still have, like, have retained. You're walking through Manhattan. Sometimes you like man There's so many immigrants here. But how can they live here? It's so expensive. That's because they live in places like Queens. That's because they live in place like the Bronx. They live in these places that most tourists don't even bother to go. Now that's a really good point. So when I first moved here last summer, I was in a sublet in Historia and I miss living in Historia so, so much like you'd see families like It was quiet like everybody was so friendly and it was like, really diverse that you hear so many different languages, like walking and like I'm Filipino, So I'm biased, like all the best Filipino food is in Queens. So I really miss living in Queen. It's too far for me now. I'm like, too lazy to do that commute, but I loved it. That's funny, because I e. I mean it is far. It's the end of the end line or whatever, but it's still like I mean, still, you're in the city in 20 minutes, not even you know that's true. It's amazing. We kind of take this for granted. Like I'm in rich. I'm 10 stops out of Manhattan on the L. And despite that, I'm still in the city. And like, if I get the train, I mean there 20 minutes, not even 15, 20 minutes. I mean, is the l like finally running normally again? Not really. Sometimes I don't know sometimes. All right, that works. So you you've already kind of mentioned Central Park. But, like, where else would you consider, like, a good place to relax in the city? Um, I don't know. I find it really relaxing just walking around, To be honest, I e going to the park. So I think Central Park is great. I love going to any of the parks. If I'm in the neighborhood and I have time to kill, I'll just walk around. But a lot of times, if I'm getting, like, a bagel or something to eat, I'll just sit down in a park and, like Washington Square, Tompkins and in these villages, watch people. There's just so much activity and so much energy in these parks and places where people just kind of pass through doing their thing so that that, to me, I think, is about I mean, they're necessary in the city. You have to have part and without the parks, without something like Central Park in the city would would implode completely. E couldn't deal with it. Yeah, I would be a disaster. So the parks, for sure, but also just walking around the city. It's just it's a it's an activity in itself. It's like you're in a video game, you know? I mean, how do you even make this stuff up? You know, the stuff you see that's so true and for, you know, just walk around. You run into people, you know? You see people fighting on the street like a couple of arguing or breaking up. You see, like all this stimuli, it's almost impossible, you know, to fall into, like, you know, really in a deep, deep sadness. If you're constantly outside seeing and getting stimulated all the time, you know, that's so true. And okay, you brought up bagels and I am dying to know, like, what is your favorite bagel shop in the city and why? Well, I really I'm kind of this is biased. I guess I really like, um, I really like Bagel shop on Metropolitan Off the Grandma Brooklyn. It's really famous now because it got really like Instagram mobile because of the rainbow bagel. Oh, that's the Yeah, I used to live there. I live there like I live there for 6.5 years, like right near that shop. And that would be my bagel shops that I was going there to get my bacon, egg and cheese. But there will always be people blocking the entrance like doing their selfies with the baby A like I just want my egg sandwich or I get in a way. But that place, I think, is great. I like Murray's as well in, uh, za pretty good staple. And some of them have got like, Essen is really popular in Midtown. But, like because it's gotten so popular, they don't They don't make the eggs on the grill anymore. They'll make the eggs on the on the S O. They like microwave. Um, I went there like, a little while ago. I was like, What do you guys What is this? You give me like this like a McDonald's sandwich. I know the bagels. Good. But come on, eso some of the ones that are more popular have I mean the bagels are still good, but you can't really get sandwiches. That's that's why I like Bagel shop. As I don't know, it's my favorite. Good to know. Yeah, I don't live by, like, any bagel shop, so I'm severely bagel deprived right now. But on that kind of like the same notice food. Though I am so curious, like top five restaurants in the city. Okay, um, I don't know, I I you know, I'm also a creature of habit. There's some people who you know towards tour tour guides and, like, you know, people in the city who just know 1000 places. And I've been to a bunch of places, but I don't I don't really pride myself on my breath of knowledge, I guess because because I find places that I like, I just go there every time. Eso consistency is important. That Yeah, I guess so, I guess. Thank you. Thank you. Some people would call it unimaginative or boring, but you can put a spin on that. Yeah, I love Bhaiyya by is this, uh, Salvadoran restaurant on Grand Street in Williamsburg. It's unbelievable. This is my favorite restaurant, the city. It's It's like they're still just, you know, these Latino families coming in to eat and you're just like, Oh, this is where all the Latin families in the neighborhood go to eat because it's still like a neighbor that's coming up to be more expensive, But it's really cool. Little like, you know, Mainstay. That's still there. I love downtown Bakery. It's a really great burrito place on you on first Avid, the East Village. It's called Downtown Bakery because this Mexican family bought a place that was a bakery and they just e yeah, they kept the name, and it's now it's a burrito. Really great burrito. It's my favorite burrito in Manhattan, for sure. Oh my gosh, yeah, I love I Love John's, the Italian Italian spot on 12th John's on 12th in this village. That's a that's like my go to Italian restaurant. I arrived family in town on then some places, unfortunately closed down like I used to love going to Union Square coffee Shop that just closed down like a year and a half. I know if you ever got to go there, the restaurant where AOC usedto work. What? Yeah, you said I used to know her when I would go in there, you would talk and hang out. And when she told me she was running for office, I was like, Go for it. You know, that is why she and she ended up winning. But that was the restaurant she worked at, and it was It's so good. I used to love going there and, uh, yeah, and that was in the Union Square. But that is like such a cool like Onley in New York kind of story. You have no idea. I could tell you the whole story, but I guess like it, really? I went in over and over again and we would We just kind of became friends because she was into comedy. We talk about comedy. She almost came into the open mic that I used to run. She had a blogged about politics. I was comedic, and I took a look at it. We talked about that. We talked about Bernie Sanders, all this stuff, and then she told me one day she was gonna run for office and I was like, Yeah, go for it. I come in and check in on TV like 500 Twitter followers now, This is great. I was like, Yeah, I keep going. And then she stopped coming in because she's so busy. And then she won. I was like, Oh, well on, you know, I texted her to say congratulations. And, you know, I didn't hear back, obviously issues, but, you know, off being, you know, like the face of the progressive. Yeah, she's doing her thing. That is why. Okay, that's so cool. Okay, so this podcast is pretty
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