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Snippet of High Rollers: Aerois | # 25 - Into the Fire

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Clouds gather over Brightflame Abbey as the party plans their next move. Their mission: to break into the Brightflame Abbey. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and the party briefly considers just leaving town altogether. When this fails to fluster the DM, they regroup and replan. Then they receive a good-news-bad-news sandwich which prompts them into action.
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Welcome back to Ero is here with the high rollers. Dean, the crew. Ah, little recap on what happened last time, shall we? In the dark under crypt of the Temple of Cholera, the party dealt with the aftermath of the battle with the Guardian called Breeze, who had attempted to sacrifice a member of the ash bringing cult to extend the life of the party's friends. Tracker Quil dreamt of meeting with his godhead spur but during it was witness to a strange vision of the city burning around him with creatures of shadow and ash and a great blazing doorway with a woman wrapped in chains at its center. The party short out the field warden of Caylee's rest, Malika Dawn blessed and explain the various events that have been taking place. The field one then asked the party to investigate bright Flame abbey, which has closed its gates off from the city for a three day period of religious morning which exempts them from Savona in law. During the night, Lucius sent his companion Night Frost a magical relic called Returner to search the abbey for signs of missing faith leaders that Malik has asked you to locate and recover. Night Frost found them imprisoned beneath the abbey as well as sensing a powerful source of magic. Returning to Lucius, the party slept and awoke to strange dark clouds. Clouds gathered overhead and nearby animals becoming agitated and frightened on. That is where we begin today. You've all had a long rest. Um, I have one small addendum toe add to what night frost would have told you in the night. And is that when When the ABA test your a lier went down beneath the altar into the tunnels, it was locked by two keys that to other members of the church, had a dwarf on a dragon born. And they each took a key with themselves. Frightened Born. You haven't yet. Mm. Those keys were split in the half given to other dragons. No, they're hidden like helmet shield. A sword crest on. You have thio complex. Yeah. Maybe next year we'll do something way decided Marcus. A party. We have decided that given all of this, we're going to leave town. Okay. Go far that we saw just outside. There's no spar outside. The shrine of the some pool would be the nearest far when that is approximately three or four days. Travel for e mean, What would you like to dio? You think you can fluster me by saying we're gonna leave town? You can't e have my iPad here ready to g o wherever the world. So Nope. Eso we spent age or you're talking about how we're getting into the place. And now there's dark clouds. They don't look at all natural. Like how quick? Well, we don't because you're not E do you wanna make a nature check? But I didn't get any sense that there was a There is a storm brewing. I usually know when there's a storm brewing any new nature, so that that is a conversation you can have in character if you're doing the nature. Okay, Storms, not Bruin Tom. Well, let me just do a name to check real quick acceptance. My heart. 17. 17. You definitely get a sense looking at it. There is no way these clouds would have gathered so quickly and the coloration You should be seeing signs of rain. There should be signs of storms or thunder, none of which appears. Also, the animals being frightened in such mass numbers generally only happens with very extreme magic. Some something has changed. Nearby, Magically in e wonder where from? Just coming Purge is coming. Where were you at the moment? You are currently inthe e dream Lily Tavern. That was That was what it was called. No, that's what it was called. Mark couldn't remember the name off comments. Let him know. Thank you. Thank you. Comment the dream. Really tavern. I believe it's called, which is a very up market tavern in North Street. Please do mark off another 10 gold because you only only stayed one night. Would that be great? Front 50 great tangled fur with okay to each because you had, like, three rooms. I think Andi night Frost came back to me. Yes, you came back in the night and the new slaps, and then you've woken up. E just slept on that news, so I think you were long rest thinks you only need four hours. So you were long resting over because that was when he was scouting out the abbey. And then maybe like just before dawn, he came back and has because he was communicating the whole time. But he's come back now unharmed because you didn't push him on into the abbey. I'd like to think in actuality, I sent him off and he came back and I was like, Well, e just going too deep there for e? Absolutely. Your choice. I mean, it would have four hours. Probably would have been about the time he took him to scout it out. No, it'll be when everybody else wakes up. All those I've been pacing. Okay, well, everybody up. Wake up time. We're all here. Time Is it early in the morning? I don't know. Yeah. Depends on you guys. E leave this to you. So nervous there with the group. But she's bed hair. Really tired. It's always bad. No, morning personal. It's more bad hair than normal. It was bad. Hair is just normal hair. It never gets fixed. She's not with dreadlocks. Just break. So at some point, she does have to imagine when she when she when she beats it, just washes shut braids back in it, okay? Or if it's looking a bit scraggly, she'll just breathe in those braids. Come out you're gonna have like, the curly ist e could give you good news or bad news and whatever order you'd like, it's too good. News points in one bad. That's pretty good. Oh, in that case, we go. Good news. Bad news. Good news. Sandwich it like a good plan. Okay, First good point of news is I know of a secret place in the abbey. Okay? With bad news. Kind of linked. Really bad stuff is potentially happening down there. It's really powerful force of magic and energy. It's down underneath the abbey, Something evil. Is that something they related? Because Claridge the animals You didn't know you lose, you know, Frost sensitive. But you told him to come straight back. No, I feel sensitive. And I told him to come back. Right. Okay. What's the final good news? In my trance, I managed to clear my Sinuses, and I had a really nice trance, but that's okay. Maybe he started on that good news. Yeah, I felt like that was No. The bad news is lingering in my mind, because that was That was bad. Relevant news. Yeah, but if I told you that I found a secret place and then link to the that's where we found the thing, it would have been out of water. You know what I mean?