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Snippet of History Hyenas with Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas: 186 - Bernie Madoff is Wild!

From Audio: 186 - Bernie Madoff is WILD!

station description Comedians Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano go WILD for history and nature. Listen ... read more
History Hyenas with Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas
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Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas break down the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history, brought to us by Bernie Madoff. The History Hyenas explain Bernie Madoff's deadly charm and include the story of the man who caught his scheme.
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Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas break down the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history, brought to us by Bernie Madoff. The History Hyenas explain Bernie Madoff's deadly charm and include the story of the man who caught his scheme. The Hyenas also tell us about Bernie Madoff's sentencing and how Chris knows the judge who put him away.
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he went to the Security and Exchange Commission and he did the math because the guy was a genius hookup. He ran the numbers. He said. It's impossible. It's impossible while the market is down For him to be giving this type of return, which is what made him so sought after the thing, the thing, the crime he was doing what is what made him so sought after the returns he was giving the multitude of people from these huge whales he had. So that's why these people deserve what they got because, like when you take a step back, you're going like, how come there's one guy who was able to give everyone these returns when nobody can? There was so blinded by they don't fucking pig greed for money and just the possibility of the boom that they didn't see it. But Harry Mark Couples went multiple times starting in, what, 2005? No, even before the 2000 and 1 2001, 5 4000. And I think even in the nineties, so he kept going to the sec tongue, I say, I'm telling you, this is the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. The S a C didn't listen. Nobody investigated. Administrations didn't listen. Congress didn't listen. Boom until the crash Because he was operating under that cover of the boom where everyone was just going. It's gonna keep going. It's gonna keep going. Money. It's greed. Okay, Okay, okay. It's just a fucking coke. Better. And then when it crashed, he was exposed because everyone saw the economy crashing like Okay, Bernie. Hey, Bernie. Yeah? Thank you for coming. Bernie. Hi. How you doing this? Show me. Listen, Bernie, your son I had I had a really great time with you. Coming to see my son play baseball. I've never had a investor who's made me the amount of money you've made me and also a friend. I consider you a friend. But right now, Bernie, right now burning the markets, looking bit, I'm a little scared. Okay? Because I got grandchildren. And I want them to have be able to own their own country one day. So can you give me my 80 million back? And then with the market recovers, I'll come back to you. And he said, Well, I slow me. Uh, here's the thing. There's there's insects on my windows that I got to pick up the baby. Yeah, E will have your buddy. It's on the windows. Yeah, it's just Yeah, fucking That's what happened. Pretty much there. There was no money to be given out with. Madoffs operations collapsed in December of 2000 and eight amid the global economic crisis. He reportedly Banco Senate are Oh, yeah, Banco Santander Santander Santander Bank. Um, because you're going to get you when you go to get your house. Are you going to Banco Popular? 100%. That's the only place I could get pre approved. Yeah, I got, um And so So he admittedly, in 2000, popular Or as you're known by your baby's mama. Yeah, that's what it is. It's a joke. It's a joke. You have to cut that out. He dimension to this scam. He reportedly admitted the scam to members of his family in 2000 and eight, and then once he told his family, things start to get bad. In March 2009, he pleaded guilty to fraud, money laundering and other crimes. And then, you know, he got, like, 150,000 years in prison or something like that. But he really was. Just made an example of it 150 years in prison, and he asked. He asked Thio pay like, I think, $150 billion. Something like that in restitution, Something ridiculous that he'll never pay. He's gonna die in jail, and really, I mean, he was the biggest guy to ever dio o Denny Chin. In 2000 and June 2009, federal Judge Denny Chin gave made off the maximum sense of 100 50 years in prison. I actually know Judge Denny Chin because we went to the Hamptons together. His family and my family would stay very close by each other. Danny changes from Queens. Are you seriously swear to God? Yeah. He's from Queens. And what did you go to the Hamptons, huh? You went to the Hamptons? Yeah. I want to have this this summer. Oh, after, after you became a star. Yeah, because before that, you didn't even know the Hamptons was a spot before that. I used to I used to go out to Montauk and work on the fishing boats out there. You did tomato. I used to I was going you. Could you Could you tell the difference between Montag and Sheepshead Bay? Or were you? Like? This is And this is in his classes, Sheepshead Bay, Because they can't goto. I can't get clams on a plastic. One of them had based your the only one who differences. One of them have been dancers. Clamber on one of them did it. You gotta understand, Chris. Danny Chen's these guys. The fuck he gave Bernie Madoff 150 years like he was handing out candy. Yeah, it's crazy. And he's a great guy. He's a really nice Tell me about Danny this crazy. You know somebody who's involved, you know, that's that's what you do that you are, man. Yeah, how you are. We do a whole fucking episode. You don't bother to mention the fact that you know that Johnny made up away because I've been friends with you for years and you never mention to the fact that you're a complete sociopath. That one step, and then the other one slip. You never told me that you had fucking dinner with Cal Ripken Jr. Like you had, General. Yeah. And then you told me you went to fucking Kevin Spacey to you. And then you waited years to tell me that Bernie Williams, your Bernie Williams favorite comedian. You just don't care about anything normal people care about. You just wanna fucking gamble with your life. E went to fucking dinner with Cal Ripken Jr. I would be bragging about it every single day. You didn't tell you? Told me like it was a matter of fact. So you knew the judge who put him away. I knew Danny Chicken put him. He knows your name? Uh, maybe. Yeah, I think so. I know his family. I'm very close friends with his family. That's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. Can we call him up way? How great would it be if we had Bernie made like and now Bernie Madoff to give his side of the story way? Guys, I don't approve. I don't approve of this podcast. He had a He had a New York accent. There's actually a good video of him pulling up where he's bullshitting. It's great. Can you pull up? Just him Talking about deregulating how he went to the SEC and he said, I'm telling you, you got to deregulate and they tell me? No, but then they do it. I mean, the guy is charismatic. You could tell. I mean, what I'm basically trying to say to you is anyone Charismatic is associate Bath. Will Smith. Bill Clinton? Yeah. I don't know. I'm trying to call Chris how I know him. Because him Dylan, I mean, just what it is. Let me just get approval that we could say. I mean, it's all public info I wouldn't have you can, you know, I'm calling. I called Christie to pick up. The reason why I know him is is Chris and Jill, You know, like Otis, Otis and Jill, whose house we go to all the time in Montag. It's Jill Wise. A little troublemakers. Little trouble. Real trouble. But it's Jill's uncle. Denny Chin is Jill's uncle. So can we get him? Can we get him on an episode way? Talk to the judge you put away Bernie Madoff called and asked Chris. Yeah, we could zoom him in. We could do a bonus with him. Let me ask. Hold on. Let me call Joe. Yeah, just just look for a Bernie Madoff interview. No sec, not FCC. If you give your money to a kid who sounds like Bernie Madoff, like just a New York scumbag? Or who is the other guy who Leonardo DiCaprio played and who chat at my, uh, my friend on Wall Street? Actually, I forgot the guy's name, but he was great wolf of Wall Street guy Jordan, Jordan Peterson, whatever his name is, George is the other guy. But first, Jordan Jordan douchebag. If you if you get a call from a guy going Hey, how you doing? My name is Jordan. Yeah, I got money for you guys. Then it's Jordan Jerry built for It's really Jordan Belfort. If you give the money to a guy that sounds like that, who says I'm gonna I'm gonna invest you. I'm gonna invest you heavy on the island that it's your loss. So why did Jordan Bell for it? Not get all this time in prison. But Bernie Madoff did they pretty much the same crime or not nearly as much money he was doing. He was, uh what he was doing was not what he with stockbrokers do this what he did. So stockbrokers would do that. We went to the same school American university. Wow, You want to the same school wolf of Wall Street Wolf for Wall Street? He's from the Bronx. So, yeah, I mean, the kids from the Bronx. So if he calls his, he's the wolf of Wall Street and you're the lamb of Colonial Road s. So if a guy sounds like that, don't give him any money. But so what he did was he would he would call you up. He's your broker. He goes, Hey, Kristie, I gotta I gotta Let's move by this. You're going okay? You're just trust in him and he's moving your money a bunch of times and sometimes without your permission just to make his commission got it. So and then when you call up, he's like, yeah, yeah, but But you get protected from things like that when you go to a big company like, uh, like a Charles Schwab, or like a What's the other big one? You get protected Yes, by those big companies, because those companies are so big that they they're regulated by the SEC and so that they don't want to risk their reading. But you can make more money sometimes with these other guys if they keep flipping you, But you're gonna, you know, you lose money. I mean, if the market crashes and stuff like that, you lose all your money, even with those companies. Well, then you get bailed out by the banks because mainly those companies doing those Fortune 500 companies in the big ones that lost those companies, you have no fucking country. Well, yeah, exactly. So when those companies steal from you the taxpayers which they dio which happened in 2000 and eight, the guys who work for their that that's what they were doing, but so they went bankrupt or whatever and spent all your money. But then the government bailed them out. The government gave everyone back their money, bailed them out of all their losses, and that's what it is.
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