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Snippet of Hockey Central: Coaching Legend Scotty Bowman on the NHL's Best Teams

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Jeff, Justin and Anthony are joined by hockey icon Scotty Bowman to talk about coaching at a young age, an NHL rule that he would like to change, and much more.
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we mentioned the legend himself here. He is the greatest coach of all time in the NHL, The one and only scotty bowman who joins us on hockey. Central scotty. How are you today? Doing? Well, I'm still down in the so heading north in about a week. Oh, nice outside. Listen, it's it's always great to hear your voice and who knows what the conversation is going to go here. Um, but I do want to open up by talking about stan your son. We had him on the program not too long ago and we talked plenty about the Blackhawks and you know, uh you know, heading up the United States olympic program for for men's hockey. I'm curious from your point of view, was there a moment in his life or sort of an error or something you can point to where scotty moment said, you know what? I can see my son running an organization one day. I'm not uh no, I didn't think of that. You know, he went to Notre Dame and he, it was a computer finance major and he worked for a company called Arthur Andersen out of school, you got the job at school And it was a bit of travel, I guess it was around the end of, he graduated 95, so probably a couple of years later he worked for him for three years and and then he, he asked me once, he said he'd like to get a job in hockey. So I said no you don't want to be, you know, I was thinking of being a like a scout because my brother was a scout and I used to try to discourage him but he, Jack became a, you know, he ended up before he passed away, he was head scout of Buffalo butt. No, I I just told him, I I said, you know, the best thing you could do is to is to write to as many teams as you can and which he did. And uh at one time he was involved uh somehow gave him the name of Mike Barnett who had had been Wayne Gretzky's uh you know, he looked after waiting for a long time and uh he nearly got a job. Mike Barnett was putting together a company with Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Michael Jordan is going to be like a memorabilia company and they were going to headquarters in Chicago. So I think he interviewed with Mike, but it never all of loose ends couldn't be tied together. So he wrote a letter to everybody and he he didn't hear from anybody for about six months. But bob pulford of Chicago, saw his resume and and and uh Mike smith was the general manager and he got kind of lucky because stan was big and computers and and uh their finance and Mike was the same type of you know academic person. So he put he put him in touch with Mike smith and and he got started with with Mike and Mike took a you know a good interest in him and he was he was more like it was before the salary cap era but he kind of did most of the business part, so that's how he started. But I I didn't think it was a good idea. When I was in Detroit though I did have a lot of conversations with Mike Ellis and he's always asking about your family members. He was a wonderful man and Mike Mike mentioned, I said you know stan went to Notre dame and he said well why don't you bring him over here? Why don't we get why don't we get started? And I said, no, a guy like that's gotta start on his own. So that's the story of stan really, that, but you got to break from Chicago and uh mike smith, and then later dale talent and uh dale dale promoted him. He was only like an intern originally, but when dale took over, uh I think that was maybe at the beginning of the salary cap or just around that time doing uh scotty, Thanks for joining us. I wanted to get your thoughts on the job that Jeremy, Colton is doing right now with the Blackhawks and I'm not sure if you guys know this, but uh, you got your first coaching job around the same age that Jeremy did in the National Hockey League with the ST louis blues. Uh so how is it as a young coach? And what challenges do you see it from your perspective and being a young coach in the league? Well, you know, he's they're trying to regroup and he does play young players, which we know when they, when you're trying to build a team and uh, he had a lot of problems with the old and the new because obviously when you take over a team like that, especially, you know, Joel Quenneville with such an experienced and successful coach and that's a pretty, pretty big shoes to fill. I was, I was lucky. I I started on a new team and I started as assistant coach. My plan was to be there the second year and I actually when they turned it, when they asked me to do it after the 1st 16 games, I was, I wasn't too anxious to start over start at that time, but it worked out okay. But no, you know, it's a different era now. He's, I think he's big into the new, the new kind of coaches with analytics and I mean, you know, with the, with the ipads on the bench and there it's a totally different concept. Uh so I I really, you know, I see a lot of things that uh, I would do maybe, and he doesn't do and things like that, but you know, they don't, he's got a young team, he's trying to he's trying to put the pieces together and it's, you know, you're always compared to what happened before and uh and the team is, it's in, it's in a tough bind right now and I'm looking ahead even next year, like, you know, when they go back to the, to the divisions that we had prior to this year, I mean when you look at what's happening next year, Winnipeg Minnesota colorado Arizona, They're coming in, they're all in the same division and you still got Nashville, I mean, they're pretty, you know, they're coming on again and ST louis is not going to go away. I mean there they're having a bit of a down time now because they had a lot of injury problems and loss of some big defenseman, but so, you know, it's, it's a tough row to hoe for a coach to come in and rebuild the team. But they seem to have patients in Chicago and uh, they have some young players, but they don't have the support. And that's why I think they made the trade, as I know yesterday, they do have some room, they've been trying to accumulate money going forward, which isn't easy when you're trying to rebuild a team, you know, Anthony, it's not easy. And uh, especially your defense corps, that's that's the secret for the, to me that's the secret of the NHL now, from the time I used to coach to now, although defenseman were always so important, but now the hybrid defenseman, how are you going to get them if you don't draft them? Um, can you trade for them? I don't, I don't know if you can get the ones and twos in a deal. That's that's pretty tough to do, you know, so they have to be patient and uh he does play young players and that's to his credit. But uh, like coaches, I always was told when I started, uh, don't matter what, how good you are, what what you've done or where you're going your jobs in the standings and that's the tough part. The standings are going to be a big, big challenge, you know,
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