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Snippet of Hockey Central: Is Vancouver's Season Over Before it Starts?

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Jeff and Justin are joined by Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy to give an update on the Canucks’ COVID-19 situation and gives his take on how this affect’s the remainder of their season and the trade deadline plans.
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by a Vancouver Canucks reporter and host of our Vancouver Canucks. Broadcast Dan Murphy. We knew all about Adam Gaudette and then Travis Hamonic, and we understand Dan. There is now multiple positives, and it's not just players but its staff as well. What's the latest? And as you join us from Vancouver, Well, I know Rick Dhaliwal tweeted multiple cases, and I believe Director was out there a little while ago. I've talked to a few people and can confirm that it looks like it could be upwards of, uh, double digits with players and staff when it's all said and done just from, uh, they would have had the results in last night after five, obviously, because they have to submit their list. And last night on the list was just hamming it. Got it and a coach, um, so they would have got the results after that. So I doubt they'll confirm until about five tonight when they have to release another list. But I'm assuming players will go back in for testing today. They'll last for that to be expedient again so they can get the results. Uh, but obviously, uh, not, uh, not the news are looking for, Um, you hope guys are healthy and safe. But if you look at the timeline here, it's It's, uh it's a little strange because, um, they would have been tested on Monday. It was a day off on Tuesday morning. Got tested positive. He was the only one. Uh, they test again. Uh, he was pulled off the ice when they found out he had tested positive. They didn't have the results yet. The rest of skate goes on the, you know, the test results from that day come back on Wednesday morning again. Only God, Dad has tested positive. So they have a morning skate. Uh, they test they do the test again and ask for those to be expedient ID so they can get them before the game against the flames at five o'clock. They haven't got the results yet, so the COVID list goes out. It's still just got at shortly after, though the results come in. And that's when hammock and a coach were added. So at that point, you're wondering, what could it have been contained? Uh, but really got it for two days was the only positive case, but he was on the ice briefly on Tuesday morning. Um, you know, with the rest of the players before he's pulled off and you have to wonder if that's when the spread kind of happened. Um uh, but again, you know, uh, for a full day after that, ham in it tested positive. Negative. Uh, and then it wasn't until Wednesday night they found out he was positive. So, um, certainly not a good time line, but they followed all the rules according to the NHL protocols. But I guess when you hear this abundance of caution, uh, maybe, You know, Wednesday morning skate didn't have to take place. Um, even though they still had no more positive tests, Uh, they could have waited until before the game. But I have to assume that, you know, the spread likely happened on Tuesday. Okay, Justin, I'm sorry. Yeah, I was on mute there. Sorry, fellas. Um, Dana. So do you think they should have just not skated Wednesday? You know, as you mentioned, the abundance of caution. Not trying to find blame here, but like this does feel like it was within the realm of containing yes. Yeah. And and I was I was thinking that, too, but I like I don't know when they got the results from Tuesday's testing on Wednesday. Uh, but if they got it before the skate and it was still just, um God, it, then I think they probably thought they were safe to go ahead. Uh, now So what happens with everyone else for that? Sorry, Dan, what happens with everyone else then? Now, like all those does the entire team have to quarantine for two weeks or just tested positive if the tests. If these tests are taking a couple days before guys returning positives, you have to wonder if it's going to continue to keep happening. Um, I know that after the game was canceled on Wednesday, they told everybody to go self isolate. Some coaches went to hotels. Uh, so they were away from their family. Um, so all guys were doing that now. So if it is, if it gets confirmed, and there's, you know, uh, 10 cases like eight players and and two staff, uh, that's gotta mean at least another two weeks off of this team that just had a, you know, a week, uh, for a bye week.