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Britney Spears’ Birth Chart And The Astrology Of Her Breakdown

Last Played: July 08, 2021
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Spears is a Sagittarius Sun, Libra rising, and Aquarius moon. She’s a deep person who cares about freedom. In 2007 her perfections were finances and mental health. 2007 also happens to be the year her father, Jamie Spears, petitioned to be a temporary conservator. Themes for the following year were restrictions, money, family, and home.
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we all know Britney. Yeah, Britney Jean Spears. Um, should we dig into her birth chart, she's We get to the big three. She's labor rising, accommodating Sweet, uh, sad son, which is concerned with freedom and learning, and Aquarius woman, which is concerned with, like, total freedom and sort of reacting to the collective. So her story, especially because we cover this, uh, this was actually our first episode, um, of our first season that we cover this. So like, since then, a few things have changed, but I know there's been a few more updates, but something that learning about Britney Spears and birth chart that was like, so interesting was that, like, you know, you kind of look at her and you think At least I always thought she was just, like, kind of a ditz. But like her birthday are kind of shows that she is this, like, kind of like a deep person and especially the fact that she's so concerned with freedom makes like what's happening to her all the more sad. Um, because she's basically like a prisoner due to this conservatorship, right? And I don't know if you if everyone is familiar with what the hashtag free Britney movement is all about. But it has to do with her father having a conservatorship over her. And what a conservatorship is is that that someone that's appointed to take care of an incapacitated persons and I'm doing air quotes over incapacitated, um, but a conservative someone that's appointed to take care of it, incapacitated persons affairs or finances and basically have full legal responsibility over their life. And this is normally done in situations where a person is deemed significantly disabled, mentally or physically, like this often often happens, um, with the elderly, people that can't take care of their estates or affairs, or they have dementia or something like super super serious. But, you know, Britney has been like doing shows in Vegas and working and doing TV shows and like all this kind of thing, So it's very shocking to hear what a conservative conservatorship actually means. And that's why a lot of Britney stands are, like, kind of freaking out about it. Yeah, and so I kind of understand why she has one. We have to go back to 2000 and seven, which 2007 was a super rough year, for she was in the middle of a divorce and the custody battle and the paparazzi. This was like their heyday, so they were harassing her all the time. So all of the stress builds up, and it leads to her very well documented super public breakdown. Right? The head shaving into obviously like that was just the most epic thing that could have happened in the early two thousands. Um, but what Dana likes to do is like when we see, like, a big scandal erupt. Um, we sort of look at that person's perfections and perfections like, tell you what planets and houses in your chart are going to sort of be like activated that year. So that's where you'll see areas of your life that are affected the most. And by what planets? So, Dana, do you want to just go into the 2007 perfections for Brittany? Yeah, Okay. 2000 and seven. She had a second house year. So second house is personal finances and personal values. And the Time Lord was Mars, and that's because Mars rules for second house. And so that was like power and control. And then her NATO Mars in the 12th House, which is a house of mental health and sort of the ether. So again, also, like people realizing things about you before you realize that about yourself or kind of where people might condemn you fairly or unfairly. Yeah. So this year, for her is all about money, power and control and her mental health, which winds up pretty well because, like the activity in her 12th House shows this year, Britney gets hospitalized due to her mental state and her behavior. And after this happens, her dad, Jamie, petitions the court to be a temporary conservator. Yeah, and basically, like we said, What? What the You know, conservator Ship means, um, but like that year, she, like, dropped a new video, A new album. She went on like a whole worldwide tour. So people are like, if she's not incapacitated, like, why would she even be working? Which is just crazy. So, um, I don't know. And then so you know, like I guess to like, fast forward the the like. Her dad essentially like, asks the court to be the conservator, and they end up granting it. And this was like all the way back in 2000 and eight. So this has been, like, 12 years of, like, restriction, um, of her person, her business, her finances, her daily life, which kind of lines up, Dana, I think with her, like perfections, um of that following year, talking about like all the It's basically, um, you know, the theme of expanding restrictions and so I don't know what what sort of like planets When you when you see that, like planets, what do you when you think of expanding restrictions like, What do you see? Well, that's like expanding restrictions is Jupiter in Capricorn, which we're dealing with right now because it's Capricorn, Israel, by Saturn, which is the restriction planet. And so her 2008 perfections. And so just for like for perfections, they go from birthday to birthday. It's not like January 1. It's not a calendar year, Um, and so her cousin a perfection. She's 27. She had the third house here, which is everyday immediate environment, and her third house is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter. So Jupiter's the time Lord and her natal Jupiter's in the second house, so this brings us back around to her personal values and finances. And transiting Jupiter in Capricorn is under 4000 homes. So these are all the themes that are going on. And so that's just the expansion of restriction, because Jupiter was transiting Capricorn again. That here. So then, you know, there's all these themes of her everyday environment, this restriction money again, her family in her home. So at this time, her dad goes back to court again. And this time he asked for a permanent conservative ship. And he claims at this point that the reason why is that she has early onset dementia, which is just insane because she was 26. Not a thing, I think. I mean, we're not doctors. It sounds like that sounds like something I I feel like I have early onset, but still can have your own goddamn life. Yeah, you know, I'm getting by. I can't remember anything. Um, that's just smoking weed. That's my own fault. Yeah, exactly. So I guess so. Like, today she's 38. She can't do anything without her, like dad's permission. And, like, I don't know Sarah. What was that like burger incident that happened like she incident or the drive thru incident. Oh, yeah, she went with her boyfriend to get a burger because, I mean, why not? But because she didn't ask permission, which is something that she legally has to do. She got thrown. What? I think they sent her to a mental like asylum for a little bit. And then she got him back in court. That is so sick. Also, that's like what people used to do back in the day to women when they didn't, like, sleep with their husbands or they didn't, like, do whatever. So, yeah, so I just feel like there are bigger things that play here that's like, super abusive and weird. I also heard that she couldn't vote like her father had to vote for her, which is so weird, especially as their families in the South. So but like, it just was like so it was like it was, I don't know, it just feels more abusive than anything, which I guess explains like free Britney Thing. But it's just I don't know, there's bigger things at play. I'm a Scorpio. So I'm like, Let's get deep with it. Let's get deep. Uh huh, Yeah, yeah, Well, like that's one of the things like her. Him having a permanent conservative ship means like she can't drive or vote or Mary or get pregnant or leave the home without getting his permission. Or else she just gets like, you know, there's like a punishment of some sort. So that's kind of like what happened here. She went to get a burger, she got in trouble for it and she ended up back in court. But, like, kind of the good thing that came out of it when she was like, You know, like I want my life back like my dad is a psycho like Let's figure this out So it's sort of like set off the like free Britney movement because people start coming forward to talk about the worries of about this conservatorship her like in house photographer Andrew Gallery. I don't know if you guys saw that viral tiktok that he did, where he, like, read this letter, saying Britney gave to him um like saying that she has been silenced and she is fully capable of functioning on her own. But she's trapped like her mom is like on Instagram liking all these like free Britney posts all the time. And, like Britney Spears, Instagram is like is a little worrisome. I don't know if you guys have seen it, but it's like it's just like, really sad. But like people like her, like O G fans are marketing like Britney, like we're black and you're next post if you need help, and then the next post will be like wearing black. And she never wears black like people are going a little bit deep on this conspiracy, but it's still, like you said, an extremely problematic situation.
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