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Snippet of Homo Sapiens: Stephen Fry

Last Played: February 23, 2021
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Alan Cumming and Chris Sweeney launch their fourth season with an absolute legend: Mr. Stephen Fry! Listen to their chats about slinking around the London Gay Clubs in the 90’s, examining ones mind and mental health in the LGBTQ+ community.
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it was not in any state of excitement my sexual awakening with the Littlewoods catalogs because we owe male underwear. Yes, of course. And then the loom. My dad ended up. He was a photographer and he ended up doing like underwear for Littlewoods catalog Freemans catalog. But he would duel the lingerie eso he did a bit of the men's stuff, but which I would obviously seek out in his study. But he would do the women's stuff. Never like must be amazing or Dad taking pictures of naked women s so cool. Speaking of the top eso I want I mean going back to you. I'm loving this sort of journey through you kind of feeling self conscious about yourself and surely there are places you could Well, you got that little pub in goodness, you just didn't feel comfortable in that environment where it was served. So body conscious was more about. It's about body consciousness, about people getting laid, people, you know, hooking up on going home. And I was terrified that it scared me. I mean, I've had the odd encounter. When I was young, it was a teenager. So the usual places and those release Carry, and I thought it could be found out at any moment. But what? There wasn't Waas the Internet or anything like that, but because of my passion for reading. And partly, I think growing up in the middle of the Norfolk countryside and my parents having a tiny television, it was mostly kept, you know, in a corner and really turned on for, you know, the Royal Wedding or the Moon Landing or the funeral Churchill, whatever it might be. So his books, books, books, books and there I, you know, I discovered Oscar Wilde when I was pretty young on Loved his language so much that I, God a biography. And then I was stunned to discover feel this chime in my head when I read about what happened to him, that that's me. So I started to discover this whole world of writers and artists who have bean that way or wh Jordan would put so e don't know whether that's why Graham called his company so at one point, remember, e television still think it's good, So So maybe it is or musical was another one s. I read about all these writers, including the account. There was a no code story, which I have to share with you because I just love it. Um, Kenneth more not an actor. Much remember these days, but stories of the British cinema in the forties fifties and sixties best remember playing Douglas Bader, perhaps, and Genevieve and movies like that. Hey was in a pipe smoking, tweedy sort of chap. But when he was very young actor, he was introduced to Noel Coward, who was, of course, the master of the absolute ran British theater and liked what he saw and said, Tell me, Kenneth, isn't it on it? He said, Yes, but tell me, do you take it up the ass? E said, Well, no, it seems to be a very well. We didn't quarrel about E. David. You know, guarding is that there was a and actors went to lunch them and and and she was so in awe of him and and at the end of judgment, my dear, you haven't complimented me with a single time in this entire launching. Andi was almost to carry, I thought, you know, I am in all I am of you. It's just such an honor to work with you. And I just thought you would realize that anyone my dear, everybody needs job Eso right? Isn't that good? I wanted to ask you to mention we're going to university. Did you go to university with the intention to be performer, or is it just one of those? I was infinitely more sound and pompous and peculiar, Really. I mean, partly because I had such a an active childhood had been imprisoned and I was actually on probation by the time I arrived at university. And I didn't tell the university then, to be fair, they didn't ask. That's not normal question that a Cambridge Don says Before we let you in, have you been imprisoned by you on probation? I told them after my first year, when my probation ended, I said, Teoh, one of my tutors. I said I might. I'm gonna tell you, Dr Holland E. Said. My probation is the E u scholar, aren't you? You're not here on probation. I said No, I'm literally on probation. E told him anyone? God, he was very, very astonished. But because of that, I came with a view to I thought I'd sown my wild oats, you know. Was it churches? Who said the young man said, Well, that's an Oldman gross age on I thought I would grow tweed in a corner of the college somewhere on Teach. Shakespeare was my absolute passion, really more of a from an economic point of view. I love reading about sex, love writing about six, even people who adored in the sisters a subject hated writing about sex because it's very difficult sometimes. But I found a way in, or at least what I thought was a wonderful way of writing about checks. And I enjoyed. And I read all the plays and read them again and write notes on them, and it was absolutely obsessed on Bond. It was really in my second term, Emma Thompson mentioned before, but she she suggested I auditioned for something and I said, Oh, but
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