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Snippet of Homo Sapiens: Tan France

From Audio: 95. Tan France
Last Played: February 18, 2021
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In this season of Homo Sapiens, Alan and Chris are highlighting queer Trailblazers, starting first with Tan France! This is a delightful and hilarious trio to listen to, Tan has everyone in stitches over his antics in his youth.
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kind of like me and my friends used to call it when we'd go off to, like, gay clubs. We call it a gay safari. Like was it to sort of go and be somewhere else 100%? Because nobody would have known me in New York? No. Obviously, nobody did know me in New York and so I could experience life like I could never do so in my own hometown on once I experience that, That actually was the the thing that gave me the confidence boost to move to Manchester because I had watched queer as folk Within that year or two, I hear of the gay village that I didn't always the thing before. Then on DSO once I had a taste of what gay life was like in New York, I thought, I need to get out of my small town. I've got to move to Manchester at least live some kind of happy gala. Where did you stay when you went? It was a bunch of gay friends that you went to New York with? No, there were three girls I convinced. Yeah, I convinced him to come to this club with me so as a brown as a Pakistani kid, you you develop facial hair on DMA war adult traits earlier than most white kids on. So I could pass somebody in my twenties easily with my beard and my mustache. And so and I had my gray hair already at that point. And so I we got into the club no issue whatsoever. And it was a club called Craven. Alan, I don't know if you crave craves great but yes, where you can have been there got quite craven crave e remember wearing what I think? I just e think it's still going. It's in the mid time somewhere. It wasn't Midtown, but I don't know where. But I think I just early this year I had to come back to New York to I have to get an award. If you must ask I d. J the after party. And I think the after party was a crave Well, then you will know that in the basement they have go go dancers on. I was 16. I had never seen anything like this before, who are completely naked? Oh gosh. It was the most shocking experience. I not the night. I was there recently. It was shocking experience of my life. I lived that way. How funny. So they you went the girl? Did the girls get into the clubs with you? They couldn't. You just what they saw. They saw what I was seeing on. They left within a couple of minutes like we can't see this any longer. Like terrifying. Did you used to do that thing? Which I used to do when I was like that with my straight friends. I always go to this club and they were like, It's okay. I'm not really sure what it is that you get in your life. Basically, there's not one straight person that you are, you know what? I several times this has happened to me that when I'm in a gay club with people who aren't gay, they love it because, yeah, there's a man. Your friend is straight like there's always gay guys, girlfriends with them, right on DSO. There's always always straight men score in gay bars in my experience, because there's a there's a there's a limited number of them and there's lots of girls. Yeah, my female friends in Manchester used to come to the gave us has been knowing that they would me que Yeah. Yeah. I always found my straight male friends Got hit on and I didn't You've been in here five minutes. I've been I've been going around in circles in this place for four years. You know, Chris, the funny thing is that you say is it is a past tense that happens to you. It is funny what you're saying, you know, because we're laughing about, you know, all the things you're having to do and say and stuff. But there is, like, a poignant center to that, which is that every time you lied is because you had to because there was no one before you represented. So I could tell my mom I'm gay. Is a white Chris? Yeah, on there, like Okay, well, you're like Uncle Robert, but I was always really jealous of that. Is that the one who who? Lionel Blair came to his funeral? I know that the Uncle Robert isn't actually gay. There is no one e your godfather. Then Allen Allen's just outed Uncle Robert E. Remember where you heard it first? What they think it's about a societal thing with all these people I had ahead of me. Eso I think that it is incredible what you're doing now. It's your being that person for loads of other people. And also you said a wonderful thing about when people do come out and they're young, queer and Muslim. Let people ask questions, Don't leave home. Don't run away. Yeah, that's great. Ah, lot of people get angry about that. Actually, I don't get a lot of hate anymore. Thank gosh. But I don't read my teams anymore. My assistant will let them for me because it honestly does protect your mental health. If you're not looking at that shit can get real nasty. Um, but I had a lot of people who were annoyed that I was saying, Don't don't leave your family home. Don't don't disown your family. Just because they're not accepting straight away. I do say it's gonna be hard at first. We've had many, many years to understand who we are. This may be completely new for them. Don't let them disrespect you Have I have always made it very clear. I'm not suggesting that we allow them to disrespect us on. That's a conversation I had with my family was You get to ask whatever questions you want. Just do not disrespect me. So you're about to be curious, and I will try and offer you answers. But if it leads to such respect But it's a huge time of change for everybody. You know, change is difficult for everyone and you've got you by the time you come to the point.
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