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Snippet of Hot Hollywood - The Hottest Entertainment News From Us Weekly: Tiger Woods' Terrifying Car Accident

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Us Weekly editors discuss Tiger Woods’ life-threatening car accident. From what happened, reactions, his condition, and more, listen in now to get all the details.
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All right. Well, let us break into some of the news. We're going to start off with a story that is literally gripping the nation. I've seen it on every single news channel like outlet from CNN to us Weekly and everything in between. Tiger Woods. I don't even have a funny quip for this because it's mainly just sad. Sarah, tell us about this tragic accident that Tiger was in. Yes, news broke on Tuesday that Tiger Woods was hospitalized after he was in a car accident in California. He was in town for a golf tournament that he hosts. And there were these videos of him playing golf with, like Dwyane Wade and David Spade and all these people like days before. And he was 7 a.m. in the morning, and Tiger got into this crazy car accident by himself. It was a single car accident. He was extracted from the wreck, um, by firefighters and paramedics, Jaws of life. But there's conflicting reports about the jaws of life, like some. The sheriff's department said that, but then at the police department said he was just extracted by the firefighter so kind of confusing. Um, and he suffered multiple leg injuries and was undergoing surgery. Which, um from everything we know what I believe was successful. But we don't really know what the wrong term effects of this are going to be for Tiger. Obviously, he had back surgery again. Like a month ago. We had a million injuries during his career, and he kind of was on the rebound after winning the Masters a few years ago. Um, the Los Angeles County sheriff also said the first contact is with the center median. From then he crossed into the opposing lane of traffic, hit the carpet, the tree. And there were several rollovers during that process. The photos and video, we're, like, very upsetting and shocking. Yeah, they work. When? What were your thoughts? Were you scared for Tiger? Do you want him back to play golf? Were you like, um, do you really want to know? Trav, I really do. I scared now, though. Well, here's the thing. My first thought I am, um you know, I don't know if I should be sorry to admit this. No, my my first thought The first, the second I heard the news. The thought that flew into my head was. Karma has everyone's address. That's right. I think bad about not because he was really severely injured. And I don't wish anybody to be in pain or be injured. However, you know, even though Tiger has had his, like, amazing come back and, you know, make a culpa, he has changed. I mean, what he did to many, many, many women should never go forgotten. Well, damn hot BT recovery, tiger. Do you? I do. I do. I don't want him to be in pain. I don't want anybody to be hurt, But it is interesting to me the way the universe works because, you know, sometimes when people think they're invincible, the universe has a funny way of showing them that they are not. My first instinct was that he was on drugs from the painkillers from his back surgery. Like with a D u I a few years ago, But then they ruled out. Apparently it was purely an accident. Um, they don't. He's not being charged for any crimes. They have not said that he seemed impaired or anything. He could identify himself. Um, yeah, he was He was quite lucid at the beginning. which is great, you know, Right When the officer found him, just it was kind of an amazing story, actually. The officer who found him, who had no idea, you know, the first guy on the scene, the first thing that you know, emergency responding officers ask someone, is what's your name? Your lucid. And he said, Tiger, I mean, the guy, like, didn't even he was like, Oh, my God, this is Tiger Woods.