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Snippet of Hot Takes Deep Dives: Top 3 Favorite Britney Spears Songs

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3 is “Circus”; which solidified her career. 2 is the timeless “I’m a Slave 4 U” produced by Pharell and the MTV VMAs performance. 1 is fan favorite “Breathe On Me”. These songs are reminders of the time and place we were when they were released. Our relationship with them changes as we appreciate Spears’ legacy.
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Okay. Number three. Circus office circus Again. This is a song that I've loved since the day I heard it. And my favorite memory of this era and of this time have you ever seen Sandra Bernhardt live? Didn't I see her with You know that was Judy Gold? Yeah. I mean, this all tracks did. We never did. I never take you to see Sandy like I don't think so. She sings throughout her shows and the encore that she always does. She always does a cover of a song that's like, very pop of the moment. Like two years ago. She sang a million reasons, Joanne, and she was literally dressed as Joanne Pink cow book. Pink cowboy hat. You get it? So the year that circus came out, she performed circus. I remember this at Joe's Pub and she came out with the whip. Awesome. It was to this day, I cannot hear circus without seeing picturing Sandra Bernhardt performing circus like the cover of it and how I lost my shit because it was like, my favorite song. Like then I know. And just just seeing this performed by, like, this serious semi series like artists Sandy. It was just It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. And one of the most memorable cover at performances like comedic performances I've ever seen. And I'm going to tie this to the Housewives, Shout out to Jeju Beach. Okay, keep going, because I mean I can go deep with housewives back in like 12,011 g. I was in a girl group. The YouTube video is out there They performed. There's there's a music video that starts out with Gina and her friends getting going into her bedroom. You know, JIA is my favorite Judy G idea. No. So then they're in the room, and then they start fantasizing and then performing. And then the video ends with Melania coming in. And like, they find out that Melania like, spilled the tea about them being performers. You have to watch it, but had to be there, a shout out to your favorite to teach a child that is hilarious. Okay, My number three from Baby one more time. Crazy, But the stop remix Don't you dare. Don't you dare give me that album cut! That is trash stop remix is the one question me now the his new So this is to me. Okay, so let's go back in time because it was like my era. This is the best we had, baby. One more time. Which, by the way, can we just briefly talk about that song? It's not on my list, but obviously, you know what always gets me about that song that I can't even imagine. It was originally supposed to be recorded by TLC. Really? Yes. And I can't even. I mean, I'm sure it wouldn't have sounded the same, but I can't even imagine t It's not hip hop at all. No, I mean, maybe they could, but even the lyrics that's so weird. And then they passed on and they gave it to Britney. But so career wise, we had baby one more time, then sometimes to me. When this single, the stop remix, came out. That is when Britney solidified her pop sound. That is when, like it marked her lane, you know, and like the album version versus the single version night and day. I mean, just even like that stop command in the middle of a song. It's fantastic. And again like the first three seconds. Stay at all. Like when you hear the first three seconds. You know that she is here to slay in snatch wigs. She's not stopping until the song is done. Love it. I considered putting crazy on my list. It didn't make it. I absolutely love it. It's just like quintessential classic. Absolutely love. Okay, things. It's getting real now. Number two. This is a single. It's like, basically, if I'm like putting a single and it means that I feel so strongly about it would voluntarily like, Listen to I'm a slave for you Off of Britney, it is timeless. It is Janet. It is produced by Pharrell, which is so 3002, like Neptune's, right, Neptune's Yeah, Farrell, Chad Hugo. The the M T V V M. A performance beyond is obviously, you know, we don't even need to say anything about it. Iconic one of the most absolute memorable, most memorable performances on MTV period. Snake emoji. Yes, it still makes me feel a certain way. Hearing the song now, of course, baby, one more time is timeless, but this is like, more sophisticated, timeless to me because it has that urban Janet Sound. So for that reason, it's my number two Number two slave for you God. So we have to. And this is like a legit match because the other ones, like it was like seven and six or whatever this is like It's our both our number two. So here's what I have to say about this. To me, the verses aren't that great. It is all about the chorus and the beats. Oh, I like the verses. But to me, some lyrics like What's practical is logical. What the hell, Who cares? I'm like that was written on a napkin on a flight from L. A. To Vegas, So I love that. I don't know what it means, but I love what I mean. It's like they're just, like, just go with that. But the B and there's one of those songs were like again when this is playing in the club, and if you're you know, grinding with somebody and making out, it's like the It's like the perfect song for that, there's no better song. The beat is just so hypnotic, but you know, I got to tell you something about slave for you. My experience when it first, it took me a while to love it. Me too. When I first came out, I was like, Oh, because it sounded so different. Yeah, but actually, as time has gone on, I've appreciated even more. And it sounds very similar to the rest of the Neptunes stuff that this is their best song that they ever I mean, of course, there worked with Justin stands on its own and sounds nothing like slave for you. But in the in the oeuvre of, like, slave for you copies, This is the best. Like the original. Like nothing can touch this. All right, here we go. Here we go. This was on your list. It's my number one. I didn't even have to think about it. My my top 12 and three. When we were doing our lists, they I immediately did those three because they like they will never change. They have been my top three Britney songs. And then I had to work my way backwards without even thinking about it. I know this in my soul. Wow. My number one speak your truth. Favorite Britney song of all time is breathe on me off in the zone. Wow, How funny that it's number 10 for me, but it's both on our list. Wow, tell me more again. I think I really like that. It's not a single because it wasn't like overplayed to death. I like that there's not a video for it, like you could just get sick of it or have it tainted in some way, Or have it sometimes overshadow the actual song. I love that. It's like a fan favorite. It's like if you're really a fan, you know, breathe on me. And it just it's the song that I immediately loved again. Breathe on Me. An early morning were the two songs that I immediately loved off of in the Zone, and it was later that, like, I can't I mean, I love I love in the Zone again. It's like one of my top three albums of hers, but it took time for the other songs like I've got that boom Boom to like for me to love those Now I love literally every song off of in the Zone, but you can play while you're getting ready to go out at night or, if you're getting ready to just go to dinner with friends or when you're hooking up when you're hooking up. It's great at a party. If you're having a House party, put that on. It's just a great un offensive groove, and she sounds really good. She does on the track. Great great vocal production.