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Snippet of How To Do Everything: Tiny Catapults, The Tug Of War, and Seth: The Human Glacier

Last Played: February 05, 2021
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It's difficult to encapsulate this NPR podcast into a description. In this episode at least, we are informed how to move like a glacier, write a cartoon musical and lose friends. Exciting right? Check out more episodes from How To Do Everything to learn literally anything and everything.
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really need a pops, you know, a luge relay. Uh, do we really need team figure skating? I don't think so. And so these decisions are made frankly, on what's gonna Well, a lot of them are made on what's gonna be telegenic. What's going to get a lot of an audience? People love to watch figure skating. How can we have a new figure skating event? We already have all the foreign normal disciplines. Men's, women's, Paris and I stance. Oh, Wolf, create a new one team you mentioned lose relay. Yeah. How does that work? Uh, they go down across, uh, across the finish line. And as soon as they cross the finish line, the next person can start. They don't touch each other like in a like there's no baton. No, there's no. But I think it would be more exciting if they had to climb back up the slope. Thio, pass it off. I mean, I would like that. I would like or perhaps two on the course at the same time. You know, I've always thought, you know, they should have combat figure skating, but I don't think it's gonna yes, biathlon figure skating. Yeah, There you go. Are there Are there any sports David that have been on the cusp of making it into the games but have just never gotten there? Well, yes. I mean, if you were going Thio, it's interesting if you were going to just add a sport to the Olympics based on how widely practiced it is around the world, the two sports you would add would be karate and squash. Um, I was at the Olympic meeting down in Buenos Aires, where they the three sports made their presentation wrestling to be reinstated, a squash and baseball softball. And frankly, the squash presentation was excellent. They made a very, very good pitch. But the old guard of the Olympics, we're only gonna pick one of the three. Are there any sports David that have fallen fallen out of favor with the IOC over the, you know, over 100 years existence of the Olympics. Uh, that you'd like to see a return or that David would surprise us. I would definitely like to see tug of war come back. Uh, tug of war was in the Olympics, Um, up through 1920. And then, uh uh, it was eliminated and because there were too many controversies, Believe it or not, yes, about equipment equipped. It's a room, you know? Yeah, but it's kind of boots you wear and all this, and I just feel it's a great sport. They should have. You know, if they don't want too many athletes, then you have to have already qualified in different sports and the shot put or weightlifter and then have it coed, I think would be great. I think people would love it, would make good TV. Well, this is great. David, Thank you so much for talking about this with us. Okay? Sure way. Haven't heard from Seth in a while. Let's, uh, let's listen in and see how it's going out there. Make sure he's still alive. Mm. Faint sounds of Frank Sinatra's voice. Hello, sir. I'm moving at the pace of a glacier. Do you want to talk about that? You know what? I work here. What? What? I'm moving at the pace of the fastest glacier ever recorded. How does that make you feel A little nervous? Yeah, a little nervous. I'll take it. All right. 10 minute marker. Nice. Taking a little step forward. I've moved mawr than my shoe length so far more than the entire length of my shoe that I'm wearing Moved at least that far so far. Um, I've moved. We heard from Helen. She says she listens to our show while resisting the urge to throw her phone into the river. All right, Helen, these next 15 seconds are for you. You can be Oh, okay. What? They're going thio.
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