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Snippet of How To Start A Podcast (Part 6/9)

Last Played: November 22, 2021
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The first impression your podcast makes is important. Your main goal with your cover art should be to stand out, be easy to read, easy to understand. Listen and learn how to create your best image.
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So today we're talking about podcast cover art and other just details that are required in order to submit your podcast to iTunes and other directories. So, um, Gallo quote never judge podcast by its cover art. So you know the classic saying Never never judge a book by its cover. Well, that's just the podcast version and well, well, that would be great if that was, if that was true, it's not. First impression is really, really important one. And you you want to make it positive and make it a good one. So you you really have to kind of try toe, say a lot in a little bit of space. So podcast cover art is similar to a book cover, and you really your main goal should be to stand out among all the other, um, cover art. The people see kind of all all lined up in a grid, and you want it to be easy to read at different sizes. So keep in mind that while you need to design it to be actually pretty large in size in pixels, it'll actually be really small. Once it's viewed on a phone or or on Ah, on a grid or something. So just make sure to look at it a different sizes when you create, and then you want it to be easy, easy to understand. So you want people to know what your shows about quickly so that they'll want to click and learn more, which is one of the other goals. And my, you know, the show you're listening to now is called set sail, which has nothing to do with podcasting and probably, um, doesn't doesn't meet that easy to understand portion. But that's okay. I like toe like thio. Mix things up, um, so you can actually create this yourself with, you know, if you use Photoshop or illustrator or you can use a program like Can Va, which is free, and or you can hire someone to do it for you and I have. Ah, I'll link these up in the episode comments as well, Or if you get this by email, I'll have some links in there, too. But, um, there's a couple a couple places, a couple awesome articles on kind of what to think about when you're designing cover art and just ways to make it stand out um Well, actually, hop over here, and I'm gonna go through just, uh, just a couple of them. So first you need to make sure it works in iTunes. So, like you mentioned, it needs to be a minimum of 1400 by 1400 pixels and a maximum of 3000 by 3000. And I recommend going with the higher size because Apple has actually increased their minimum sizes over time so this could could change in the future as well. Um, I need to be 72 d p i or dots per inch in J peg or PNG format and in the RGB color space. So, you know, if you create it, if you go on, can vote and created this whole, this will happen automatically a song as you just choose the right, um d p I and pixels when you export it. But just Cem Cem requirements and apple will actually come back. When you go to validate, you're your feet. When you submit it, they'll tell you if any of this is wrong and it's it's usually pretty, pretty easy fix. The next thing here is that your podcast artwork should visually communicate the subject of the podcast. So a couple questions ask are what is the goal of your podcast? You know, if you're doing it for a hobby, then you know, talk about on this on this article that I linked up. They have a bunch of Star Wars podcasts and so, you know, use some visual elements that make that clear, whether it's the font or ah, stormtrooper or something like that. And then another thing is, I'm launching a podcast to promote my business or church so they use a couple examples of Nike, and obviously the Nike logo is in there, and you know it will be clear who is producing it. Who's a part of it, you know, just at a glance, and then the other one they have here is my podcast is about me, and so you include a large picture of yourself. So in previous lessons, I've mentioned the Tim Ferriss show, and you know, if it's if it's your name, you probably want to include a picture of yourself that just kind of makes sense. And then you wanna like I said earlier, designed for a variety of sizes, so make sure to look at it a large small and, you know, actually get a small as 125 by 125 pixels and or even or even smaller. So just make sure to shrink it down really small. Make sure it's easy toe easy to read. And some of the small, small details don't get Don't get hidden when you shrink it down and don't use too many words is another tip. So there's just not a lot of room for it, especially when I get small. And, yeah, most people just include a name. Or maybe maybe, um who the host is something like that. So just just no more than five words is, ah, rule of thumb here. But, you know, do do it works to work for you. An experiment there, another tip, and this actually applies to just a lot of graphics and in general, but don't use more than two fonts. It just makes it look cluttered and unprofessional. So, um, yeah, don't don't try to try to get overly fancy with that. Don't use gimmicky fonts as well. And then another one. That's that's pretty common, and that is not recommended is don't use microphones or headsets in your podcast Cover. Art unless you're show is actually about podcasting. So you know it. If you look at a book cover, you don't see little pictures of books on on the cover. So it just just kind of think of it like that. Um, there's no need. People know there. They're looking at a podcast when they're when they're searching for it. Or, you know, if they're you know, even if you're sharing it on social media, you can you can indicate it's a It's a podcast in other ways. So it's just overdone, and it looks it kind of looks cheap in my mind. Um, another one here is just be consistent. So make you know if you have Ah, you already have a brand or website or something. Maybe try to use the same colors or same fonts there. Um, use your logo. If that makes sense as well. So and then, Um, yeah, The last tip here is make it future proof. So that just means use the use the max size, Um, nothing. Nothing too major. There. Make sure make sure it looks good. Make sure you're not um, breaking any any copyrights? Don't steal any images to create your cover art stuff like that. So that's Ah, couple of cover art tips, and you'll get a lot of check these out in more detail in the that comments or notes for this episode, there'll be a couple of links, and you can you can go check those out, and then we're gonna move on to some other details that you'll need to consider. So they are podcast title description. Thea Artist name three podcast categories and also have a link to, ah, list of all the categories you can choose from. So it make sure to check that out, and then you also want to say whether you're show is explicit. So whether you use curse words most the time or not, and actually, one thing with that is you can actually choose whether each episode is explicit. So the main podcast setting just applies to your overall show. So if on average your show is clean, then you will not check the explicit box and vice versa. And if you're show is clean, but you have one, maybe one interview or someone curses a lot, or something, then you could mark that episode is explicit, but you don't have to worry about marking your whole show that way. Um, another one is that Apple has been cracking down and even and removing shows where the podcast title or artist's name includes words that try to manipulate their search feature. So I just wanna make you make you aware that it's something to be worried about. But don't try to include a bunch of other popular podcast titles or keywords that that aren't really relevant to your show. So just just something dio keep mind. People have been trying to abuse that, um and yeah, just just don't do that. So, uh, title, that's that's an obvious one. I mean, it kind of ties in with your maybe your domain name as well. Description tells people. This is where you have a little bit more room, and you could describe what you talk about who you are even, um, you maybe even include ah u R l or something. A swell on an artist's name should really just be your name without a whole lot of extraneous details, because that's another place where people were trying to abuse, abused the space and include keywords of other people they had interviewed or something like that. You don't You don't want to do that. So just a bunch of a bunch of things toe figure out. And, um, that's what I mentioned. So Can Va was the free option that you know you can create your own cover up with or, if you want on Awesome service is 99 designs, and you will submit a proposal and you have a It's crowd sourced. So you have a bunch of people basically submit their their designs to you, and you can choose a couple that you like and continue to work with them and kind of narrow down, narrow down your podcast cover art that way. So I'll have a link a link to that, too. It's really easy to use on, and you know it might. It might cost a couple 100 bucks, but it's you know, something you'll have had for a long term. It'll be really, really high quality, and, um, you get great professional designers that way, so yet make sure to check out. Check out that link as well, if that's something that you have the budget for, or sounds sounds interesting to you,
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